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tbbtWhen I posted my State of the Programming post a few weeks back, one savvy reader commented that it was like Twitter TV. Well Patty, I thought it was so fitting that I’m going to run with it. (Thanks!)

Here we have the quick and dirty on what I’m watching now.

The Big Bang Theory: OMG!! Do you resemble a shiny Sheldon? Hilarious. This episode had me rolling with laughter.

How I Met Your Mother: It’s just not the same without Lily.

Chuck: That finale was pure genius. Easily the best ep. of the series. If there’s not another season my heart will be broken.

Heroes: I tried to catch up. I just can’t do it. Love the Quinto but am so over Sylar there are no words.

Castle: A procedural that I look forward to every week is a rare thing. Fillion cracks me up.

90210: OK, now I remember why I watch this. Kelley. And Kelley & Donna. Love my girls. Those new kids can go though.

Better Off Ted: For the first time I didn’t find this funny. The whole thing was too ridiculous.

sawyer-singsLost: That was the worst recap episode ever. But I’m over the moon for the big 100th tonight!!!

The UNusuals: I really like this. They consistently make me laugh. And I heart Amber T.

Grey’s Anatomy: Finally an enjoyable ep. And can I say that the final dress Meredith had on was absolutely stunning.

Supernatural: They’re still hot and sexy, but the Jump the Shark ep. was extremely predictable.

30 Rock: Liz Lemon’s snarks about product placement get me every time. “It’s not product placement, I’m just cold!” Ha.

Dollhouse: This week’s ep. was kind of a letdown after the amazing Spy in the House of Love 2 weeks back.

9 Responses to “Twitter TV”

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    Rae says:

    I’m behind on Dollhouse so I can’t comment but I had to tell you that TBBT this week was the one we saw at Paley. It was great, wasn’t it? I loved it!

  2. 2
    Just Jody says:

    Aw. Would have been great to watch BBT with a crowd of fans! Both B and I were LOL for most of it. HIMYM was a letdown after that.

  3. 3
    Anita says:

    I also love Castle and I agree that my favorite relationship is Castle and his daughter. I love their dynamic! I don’t think I’d ever want Castle and Kate to start dating, but I do enjoy her interacting with the family as well. I think I’d love them to kind of end up BFF.

  4. 4
    Harper47 says:

    I agree with you re Chuck and Castle. I’ve enjoyed Chuck so much this season. It really has grown and deepened as a series. I wasn’t overwhelmed by Supernatural’s jump the shark. I saw what they were doing with the episode but it just didn’t resonate as deeply with me and just felt unnecessary. Like they could have shown the parallels between Sam and John in a different less “soap operaish” way.

    That was a pretty gown Meredith was wearing.

    I’ve been over Heroes for a long time and don’t even miss it. They really killed the show for me in season 2.

  5. 5
    Patty says:

    Go Me!

    While we don’t watch all the same shows I really do listen to what all my favorite bloggers say. I watch more TV than ever now! I wouldn’t watch BBT if it wasn’t for Kath and Dan raving. I can’t remember who gave Castle a good early review but I gave it a chance (and love it!) and I might not have after so many failed Monday night shows if not for that review.

    I more often than not will give a show at least one viewing before writing it off. I love The Unusuals but Parks and Recreation and Southland left me blah.

    Keep up the Twitter TV cause it’s fun!

  6. 6
    Just Jody says:

    Anita – Castle’s daughter has really grown on me. Wasn’t too sure about her at first, but I love their laser tag games and fencing matches. I agree that I wouldn’t wan to see him start dating Beckett, but really liked that she sat down with the family at the end of last week’s ep.

    Harper – Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who was underwhelmed with Jump the Shark.

    I stuck with Heroes for most of the 3rd season, but it has just gotten so ridiculous that even I can’t stomach it anymore. I wanted to see what Fuller could bring back to it, but every time I try and watch one of the eps I have saved (from weeks back) I end getting annoyed and deleting it unwatched.

  7. 7
    Just Jody says:

    Yes! go Patty! ;)

    I too was convinced the the bloggers to give BBT a chance. I found the laugh track very grating – to the point where it took away from the show. But after all the raving about how funny it was, I gave it another chance, and now BBT is my go to laugher every week.

    Can’t stand Park & Rec. and Southland is just a little too serious for me. As you can see, I like my procedurals SILLY!


  8. 8

    I definitely agree with the post comments on Chuck, Lost, The Unusuals, and 30 Rock.

    Sad to say but the only reason I don’t watch BBT religiously is because of the overplayed laugh tracks.

    I have stood with Heroes all this time but I really was disappointed by the season finale.

  9. 9
    Just Jody says:

    The grating laugh track kept me away from TBBT for quite a while too. They eventually won me over with their ability to repeatedly make me LOL though.