Picture of the Day: Wacky Walter   

Walter (John Noble) attempts to break the case open on FRINGE. ©2009 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Barbara Nitke/FOX
©2009 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Barbara Nitke/FOX

Hey, Fringe! Where ya been? It’s been so long, I hardly remember what happened last. You know what would have been awesome, Fringe? If FOX had sent out some kind of quick recap that us bloggers could put up as a reference for anyone feeling completely lost going into tonight’s new episode.

Alas, they didn’t so instead we’re must rely on my craptastic memory. Didn’t we find out about Walter’s teleportation device in the last episode? Oh! Oh! And Olivia turns out the lights WITH HER MIND. Not that she believes it. She thinks what’s his face planned it so that she’d believe she’d been shot up with some drug when she was a kid. That’s why those other dudes were giving her a spinal tap a few episodes back! To find out whether she’d had the drugs or not! Man. I’m quick. Anyway, in the end what’s his face escapes AGAIN and Olivia finds out there was a clinical trial for the drug where she lived as a kid. Oops.

Wait. I forgot about Wacky Walter and his old typewriter. First they find out about some rare document that Peter miraculously finds in a used bookstore. Later we see Walter reading it and some letter is raised a little from the others. Then Walter pulls his typewriter out of the closet and, you guessed it, the same letter is raised a little when he types something! Don’t ask me what it means though. Is Walter really crazy enough that he’d forget about writing an entire document? Seems unlikely, no? Guess we’ll have to tune in tonight to find out…

Fringe, tonight @ 9/8c on FOX.

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