Early Look: Chuck vs. the Dream Job   

What will happen now that Chuck and Sarah have found his dad? Find out tonight on CHUCK at 8PM on NBC.Much love to my peeps over at WB. They always manage to cheer me up when I’m having a bad day… like surprising me with an advance copy of tonight’s new episode of Chuck, “Chuck vs. The Dream Job.”

Look. Y’all know I love Chuck. It’s a well established fact. So, yes, I lean towards hyperbole when describing my reactions to it. But I hope you won’t dismiss me when I say tonight’s episode is top-notch. I wouldn’t say it’s a game changer but I’m positive some of what we (and Chuck) learn tonight will definitely contribute to a game changing episode down the line. There some huge reveals though and I apologize for being so vague but I don’t want to talk about anything in the episode for fear of giving something away.

Hard to describe why you enjoyed something if you can’t say why, no? I will say that the episode moved me to tears. Not too surprising since, as hinted at during the previous episode, Chuck and Ellie are finally reunited with their father. Plus, Chuck’s mission of the week hits close to home when he gets to be… himself. No, really, he has to interview for a job at a huge software company and has to use his own resume to land the gig.

Some highlights… Zachary Levi once again gets the chance to show off how good he is at physical comedy; Casey in a nerd costume and loving it; Jeff, Lester, and Morgan inadvertantly put the mission at risk… again; and the Chuck and Sarah relationship finally stays firmly on the back burner.

If you’d like a more detailed look at the episode, check out Jace’s review over at Televisionary. Or you can check out a sneak peek below (fair warning, it’s pretty spoilery):

Watch Chuck, tonight @ 8PM on NBC.

Oh, and we’ve decided to join our friends over at GMMR in making this Chuck week. All week long we’ll posting the reasons we think you should be watching!

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