Reasons to Watch Chuck #1: Chuck vs. the Shower Scene   

Like I said, we’re joining our friends over at GMMR in making this an unofficial Chuck Week in hopes that it’ll get us a few more eyeballs for the rest of the season. Which is why we’ll be doing a series of Reasons to Watch Chuck posts this week in hopes that maybe you’ll discover at least one reason you should be watching…

Chuck flashes for the first time during his shower in the pilot of CHUCK.

It seems only appropriate that our first reason should be an ode to the place Chuck experienced his very first flash. Yes, the shower. In the pilot, after Bryce Larkin downloads the Intersect into his head via email, Chuck takes a shower and is a little weirded out when he hears something on the radio that causes a memory flash of pictures and information. He shakes it off but, as the rest of us know, it’s just the beginning…

Of his flashes and our shower scenes. In this second season, we’ve gotten at least three more. Each yummier (and funnier) than the last! Check ‘em out.

Shower Scene #1 – Ellie & Awesome Shower Interruptus
You know it’s time to move out of your sister’s place when you start walking in on her and her fiancé showering together. However, I’m not complaining. I mean Devon’s nickname is Captain Awesome for a reason…

Chuck screams when he sees Ellie and Awesome in the shower together on CHUCK.
Chuck quickly covers his eyes when he catches Ellie and Awesome showering together on CHUCK.

“First of all, congratulations, Devon on the, on, what, on whatever God gave you there…”

Devon talks to Chuck through the shower door on CHUCK.
Ellie hides behind Devon when Chuck catches them in the shower on CHUCK.

Shower Scene #2 – Gym Shower Chick Fight
There are so many things that I love about this scene that I don’t even know where to start! First of all, [insert tasteless joke here about a chick fight with Nicole Riche here]. (No, seriously, Nicole Riche is actually pretty damn great in this episode. Especially when you know she did a lot of these stunts herself. Second of all, they set the fight to Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up”!!! Come on, that right there makes it instantly superior to almost every other chick fight out there. It doesn’t hurt that it was two beautiful women doing the fighting. You know how I love me tough girls who can take care of themselves.

Sarah and Heather face off in the gym shower on CHUCK.

HEATHER: “You should have been suspicious of me right off.
I mean, why would a girl like me ever fall in love with a dorky nerd like him?”
SARAH: “You’d be surprised.”

Sarah and Heather face off in the gym shower on CHUCK.
Sarah and Heather face off in the gym shower on CHUCK.

Honestly, the lighting in this scene makes me love it even more. I was bummed I couldn’t embed the video but I think the screen caps look pretty cool.

The fight between Heather and Sarah spills out into the lockerroom on CHUCK.

Shower Scene #3 – The Contamination of Chuck & Sarah
Oh, show, how you like to tease. The very first time we get to hear Sarah say, “Take your clothes off. Get in the shower now, quick. Take your pants off.” And it’s because they’ve just been sprayed in the face with gas, not because they’re about to… well, you know. That’s just wrong.

Sarah and Chuck jump in the shower together on CHUCK.

But you know my favorite part of these scene? Chuck basically has his head shoved between Sarah’s breasts as she scrubs the gas out of his hair but it’s not until he’s washing her back that the situation really hits him. LOVE IT.

Sarah and Chuck jump in the shower together on CHUCK.
Sarah and Chuck jump in the shower together on CHUCK.

Ok, ok, I couldn’t resist the screencaps on this one but I do have the video. Watch it for yourself…

Wanna see more? Watch Chuck, Monday nights @ 8PM on NBC.

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