Video of the Day: The Beginning of The End   

With ER coming to an end this week, I know it’s inevitable that everyone’s talking about it. However, unlike most of the people making comments, I actually have been watching it for the past several years so I do want to give it a couple of shout-outs this week.

As we entered this season, Pratt, Abby, and Neela were the last characters keeping me watching. Comment all you want about not liking any of the new cast but I was as attached to these three as any of the doctors that preceded them. (LIE. Carter has and will always be my favorite. That he has continually popped over the past few years helped keep me around too.) Well, throughout this season they’ve all left and even though I’m surprised by just how much I’ve come to care for Archie Morris, Gregory Pratt’s death in the season premiere truly marked the beginning of the end of ER for me.

Gah. That scene doesn’t choke me up as much as the final scene of the episode when they gather in the bar and swap Pratt stories. Still. I hate that he died. It sucks that of all the doctors who we’ll get to see again on Thursday Pratt is not one of them.

The ER finale event starts this Thursday at 8/7c on NBC with a 1-hour retrospective followed by the 2-hour series finale at 9/8c.

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    Stella says:

    I’m with you–John Carter is my fav E.R. character!