She Said, She Said: We’re So Lost, 5×07   

We’re a little divided on this week’s episode of Lost, “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham.” Neither of us disliked it but Jody wasn’t nearly as impressed with it as I was…

Locke has returned on LOST 5x07.Just Jody: So, perhaps it was all the hype, but I didn’t think that was the greatest episode of the season. Not that I disliked it or anything, but it wasn’t nearly as much fun as last week.

Rae: Haha. I actually really liked it. But I didn’t hear any of the hype so maybe I was lucky in that sense? Locke is NOT my favorite character but he wasn’t quite his usual self in this episode so maybe that helped? And the hour flew by for me which is how I can tell that I like an episode.

Just Jody: My biggest reaction? There was a surprising lack of spiders in that death scene! ;)

Rae: Heh. I did tell the room that you’d be disappointed about that!

Just Jody: Well, that and WTF is with Ben? I’m starting to think that he’s neither good or evil… just plain crazy. What was clear is that he is NOT a fan of Eloise Hawking!! Now of course I want to know their history.

Rae: Hmmm, well I still think Ben wants to be special and that’s part of his problem. I wasn’t sure if he isn’t a fan of Eloise or if he just didn’t know her name and how to find her and needed that info before he killed Locke.

Just Jody: Everything that happened last night does support the theory that they cannot commit suicide after leaving the island, but muddies the rules about them being killed by someone else. Widmore definitely told Ben that he couldn’t kill him, and no one was able to kill Michael, but perhaps that only applies to people who left of their own accord and not those who spun the wheel? (I wish we knew how Widmore left the island.) And I’m still wondering about how much stubble Locke grew in those couple of days he was dead, but Ben’s choking certainly did seem to be final.

Rae: Ah, I forgot about the not being able to commit suicide! I wondered about the being killed by someone else myself. Matthew Abbadon certainly appeared to be dead and his agelessness makes me suspect he has the same kind of ties to the island that Richard does.

Wait, Widmore told BEN he couldn’t kill him? Or he said that Ben couldn’t kill HIM? Because Ben, Locke, and Widmore all left via the wheel so whatever applies to one of them should apply to all three of them.

Just Jody: Heh. To avoid confusion, here’s the exchange between Ben and Widmore:

WIDMORE: Have you come here to kill me, Benjamin?
BEN: We both know I can’t do that.

But, how do you know Widmore left by the wheel? He didn’t say that did he? I thought he just said Ben tricked him…

Rae: I went and re-watched and you’re right, he just says, “I was afraid Benjamin might fool you into leaving the island, as he did with me.” I assumed he meant that he turned the wheel because he knew it was the exit. Was his camera there when Ben showed up? Because perhaps that’s how he found the exit, instead of exiting there himself. That does change things and I see why you were thinking that just Ben and Locke are exceptions to the being able to die off the island. (Except I still don’t get why Matthew Abbadon was able to die. I find it hard to believe he’s not in some way tied to the island since he never seems to age or, at the very least, travels through time.)

Locke certainly appears to be dead after Ben is done with him on LOST.But, back to Locke, I do think he’s dead in that last scene. The stubble is probably just a goof on the makeup department’s side. And I think Ben actually thought Locke was dead for good that scene. I suspect he needed to find Eloise so that he could find a way back to the island but I don’t think he was anticipating what she’d tell him… that he needed to get the others to agree to go back because they have to re-create the circumstances of the original flight. I think it’s the same way Widmore hasn’t been able to return. Although it’s possible he felt like he had to stay off the island so that he could help steer things in the right direction, like making sure Desmond goes to the island when he does instead of staying with Penny, etc.

Just Jody: Originally, I assumed the stubble was goof as well but they made a point of showing it in the previouslies, and there was a lot of it so that got me wondering again.

Rae: Ahh, I didn’t notice that.

On the topic of Widmore, I’m curious about his comment about leading the Others for three decades. I was trying to figure out how that worked… was he the one leading the others while Dharma was building their stuff on the island? That must have meant he became the leader (or WAS the leader) soon after the scene we saw in the past. Since he was 17 at that time, I still get the feeling that he may not have aged until he left the island. But it’s hard to tell that because I can’t rely on the ages of the people they’ve cast. (For example, the actor who plays Jack’s grandfather is only a few years older than the guy who plays Christian.) That does seem to mesh with Penny’s age. Obviously he had her not long after he was tricked into leaving the island.

Just Jody: And now we know why they had the boats from the other island… the plane did crash there. We also know that Lapidus didn’t time-flash with the others. The 2 big questions there is what happened to Sun & Sayid? (I assume they’re on the main island somewhere as well?) And who did Lapidus run off with? My guess is on the flight attendant.

Rae: Yay for us figuring that one out! The plane seemed mostly intact and we know Frank is good at landing in a crisis so I’m guessing he got it down on the runway we saw being built. (Which makes me wonder if Ben and The Others knew something about the future??) Frank and “the woman” only took one of the boats and we saw at least two of them at the old beach camp so I’m guessing some of this group also goes over to the main Island and it’s at that point that we saw the Sawyer and them flash to in our previous episode. Which tracks because Caesar has a gun now and could therefore be shooting at them with it.

Just Jody: Oh yes, I figure that they built that runway specifically for the returning O6ers. Otherwise WHY would they bother? According to what we’ve been told, the island is always moving and can’t be found. So there wouldn’t really be a need for a runway.

Rae: Well, I guess there could be if they thought they had a way to use a runway. I mean, they had a submarine too and, by that same logic, why would they have that? But, if they know, how did they know and how MUCH do they know?

Anyway, back to the woman who went with Frank, don’t you think the federal agent would have recognized the flight attendant though? It seems weird that she wouldn’t just say that since she was referring to Frank as the pilot. I still think it might be Sun. Partly because the federal agent also didn’t seem overly concerned about Sayid disappearing either. I could be wrong about that but I think the inability to recreate the circumstances exactly is what caused the time flash right as the plane was getting ready to go down. And I don’t get why Locke wouldn’t have disappeared in the flash if all of our O6 did. If all of the people who were on the original flight disappeared, why wouldn’t he?

But, if I’m right, what determined WHO went? Why Kate, Jack, and Hurley and not any of the others? Or could some of them flash to another time? That doesn’t seem to make sense to me at all, storytelling-wise, because then we’d have three timelines going and I don’t think these writers want to go that far.

Locke goes to visit Walt on LOST.Just Jody: I think my favourite part of the hour was seeing Walt again! I miss Walt. I really hope we get him back as a regular. Do you think his ‘dreams’ are really visions of the future a la Desmond?

Rae: Well, we know Walt goes to see Hurley after Locke comes to see him so obviously he keeps thinking about what he finds out. And neither Locke nor Hurley told Walt about Michael. I suspect that means we will see him again. I just don’t know that it means he’ll be back as a regular. Did Walt ever meet Desmond? At this point, those two are the only ones (besides Widmore) who have a connection off the Island. Just wondering if they’ll end up together somehow. I liked seeing him as well but that was one thing that was spoiled for me this week. Someone did, “WALLLLLTTT” on Twitter last week and I don’t even know if it was from a preview or what but it was enough to give away his presence in this week’s episode for me. Annoying! Anyway, I liked seeing as well and I remain hopeful that we will at least see him again. And I do think his dreams are visions of the future. After all, he was doing that on the island too and I think he does have some deeper ties to the island.

So, overall I dug the episode. I don’t have lots of deep thinky thoughts about it beyond wondering what’s going on with the crash and who is there and who isn’t. That and not being sure Widmore OR Ben is “good.” I suspect Widmore is the one more concerned about the island and Ben just wants to be special… but I don’t think that makes either one of them particularly trustworthy. Ben may be more likely to tell you the truth but only because that’s his preferred method for manipulating people. In the end though, I think we’re just as clueless as Locke as to who is really the one we should be listening to…

Just Jody: You know, I still think Widmore is the bad one. He was clearly lying to Locke about what the freighter was doing there. Think of how many of the survivors they killed in Othertown… basically anyone who wasn’t a regular was murdered for no reason. And then murdering Alex – that was pretty harsh. And I’m sure Ben knew Locke would be alive once he returned to the island, so perhaps he also knew that they had to have a dead body on the plane in order for them to get back, and if that’s the case, he really was helping by killing Locke. Of course, as you know… I’m almost always wrong!

Rae: You’re point about Othertown makes sense. Doesn’t really jive with Widmore saying they were his people. Why are you so sure Ben knew Locke would be alive again? Wait. That’s probably not the right question. I can believe he knew that too. I just don’t think he had any intention of returning Locke to the island. At the end of this episode, he definitely seemed to be saying goodbye to Locke and it didn’t sound like he thought he’d see him again alive.

And, ha, if you’re almost always wrong so am I!!

Just Jody: Ah, sorry to be confusing… It was all survivors of Flight 815 that were murdered at Othertown. By that time Ben had sent all his ‘people’ to the temple, so they weren’t around for that. Remember when Claire went boom? It’s not that I didn’t believe they were Widmore’s people, it’s that I don’t believe he only sent the freighter there to capture Ben.

And my last thought: Was Flight 815 the same sort of set-up as Flight 316? Could there have been an unknown group of people trying to get BACK to the island when that plane crashed as well? Both Libby and Cindy come to mind as people that seemed to have ties to the island. And now will the survivors of Flight 316 basically repeat what the 815′ers have gone through? Or was it all designed to get the 815 survivors there both times?

Rae: I certainly think it’s possible Widmore was lying and that’s he’s not exactly good. But he does seem to be doing everything to truly protect the island. In other words, they both claim to be working towards the same cause so obviously there’s got to be more to everything. Maybe we should be wondering if the island is really worth this kind of devotion from people.

I had that same thought about Flight 815. Especially when I decided Christian is alive on the island. But even our survivors seem to have ties to the island so I’m not sure Libby and Cindy and their ties mean any more than anyone else’s. What’s so special about our 815 survivors though, if it was all designed to get them there both times? I mean, obviously some people can find the island without “recreating the circumstances” so have those other times just been pure luck on the part of the people finding the island or have they all always had some connection to the island that let them get through the window?

And now we’ve officially moved into questions that are going to make my head hurt so let’s open the comments for others’ thoughts about this episode…

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