She Said, She Said: We’re So Lost, 5×06   

Last week we got this out quickly, should have known we wouldn’t be so lucky this week. Both of us really enjoyed this week’s episode of Lost, “316.” Check out what we have to say about it below…

Jack once again finds himself in the jungle on LOST.Rae: Let us begin, shall we?

First of all, that hour FLEW by. Second, I thought it was great. Not sure I know what’s going on at all but, I don’t care, it’s one hell of a ride at the moment.

Third, Mona and Greg have theories and I want to throw them out there before I go any further so that I don’t accidentally bring them up as if they were my own.

Mona Theory #1: Aaron is with Sun’s mother.

Mona Theory #2: Kate is pregnant.

Greg Theory: The plane didn’t actually crash this time, they just flashed to the island.

I actually really like both of Mona’s theories but am a little iffy on Greg’s. I didn’t like it at all at first but then, in that last scene, it’s specifically noted that there’s no plane around them. Then it seemed a lot more likely. Except I don’t get where the boats and the Ajira water bottle come from in the “future” period that the Non-O6 (I don’t know what to call our folks back on the island?!) flashed to a few episodes ago. Or has the future changed now? Doesn’t that violate Daniel’s rule that you can’t change things? Or can you change future events just not past ones?

As for Mona’s theories, I like the idea that Aaron is with Sun’s mother because it makes sense to me that Sun and Kate always had the alternate plan of Kate and Aaron going with Sun if Kate approaching the lawyer didn’t fix things. Plus Sun’s comment to her daughter about having a new friend for her.

And the pregnancy thing… well, I just liked it because it seemed in line with the way other things about that flight were like the previous flight. I don’t know if it’ll turn out to be true but it could be an interesting twist.

One thing that confuses me… how the heck did Kate get a plane ticket with no problem? The money obviously isn’t an issue but wouldn’t there be some kind of flag on her passport given the court ruling on her?

Oh. I forgot. The most important thing to me at the moment… Ben better not have hurt Penny or I’m gonna find a way to get into this show’s story narrative and hurt him.

Just Jody: Yes! Let us begin, because I need to talk Lost!

What a fantastic episode, I really loved it! I’d have to say that 316 goes in my top 10 list of favourite Lost eps. Right from the first moment when they panned out from Jack’s eye to the jungle, I was positively giddy! My immense love for the pilot episode probably has a lot to do with it, because they did such a fantastic job of mirroring events from the pilot.

Could Kate be pregnant on LOST?I am absolutely on board with Mona’s Theory that Kate is pregnant. That’s exactly what I thought too. Especially given all the other little things they had that were also on the first flight: the guitar, comic book, handcuffs, Marshall & convict, someone arriving late, man in a coffin. (I was kind of hoping Jack was going to be sitting in seat 42f!) I’ve also been pondering the theory that a dead person and a pregnant person could be considered some sort of trade or offering that the island needs to allow people on the island, and her being pregnant fits with this as well.

At first I was going to disagree with the theory that Aaron was with Ji Yeon, but now I’m thinking it could have possibilities. I’ve been going back and forth on 2 theories about Kate but can’t decide if either of them really works. My initial thoughts were that Kate is the one that Ben had a run in with, and that somehow in that altercation Aaron was hurt or taken. Going along with this theory and Hawking’s comment to Desmond that the island wasn’t done with him yet, Des and Penny would be the ones to bring all three kids to the island via sailboat.

Then the fact that I really think that Charlie visited Hurley and is the one who convinced him to go back to the island, has me considering that perhaps Claire visited Kate again and if she knew about the plan to get back to the island, could have somehow convinced Kate she had to go back with them but not to bring Aaron.

BUT, going with Mona’s theory that Sun’s mom has Aaron, and if your suspicions about Sun not forgiving Kate were true, then Sun could have somehow forced Kate to go back with them, and set up something with her mom to take Aaron. And even possibly to deliver the kids to the island at a later date? Sun’s comments to Ji Yeon on the phone certainly make more sense if you’re going with this theory. As well as the fact that Sun doesn’t seem to care that she left her kid behind. The only big flaw I see with this is how upset Kate was, and that she made Jack promise never to ask about what happened. This seems like something she could tell Jack and he would understand.

As for Kate getting a ticket, both Ben and Sun could have gotten her fake documents to get her on the plane, and she did seem to be keeping a low profile in the airport. But good catch – I had forgotten about her being on probation and not allowed to leave the state.

I’m going to mostly disagree with Greg’s theory. For one, both Jack and Kate ended up away from the wreckage of the plane the first time they crashed, so that doesn’t really mean anything. But really, the biggest reason is that I think that guy who gave Jack his condolences and the stewardess who was with them are both on the island now too. So if the O6 just flashed off the plane I don’t think other people would have gone with them. I realize that we’ve seen NOTHING to indicate that those 2 are actually on the island with them, I’m just going off the fact that people who interact with our main characters are usually involved in the story, and those two seem like they had enough lines to be people we’re going to see more of.

As for the boats whether they crashed or flashed, I do think they’re on the secondary island where the Hydra station is and they took the boats to the main island the same way Kate & Sawyer did in S2. Two episodes ago the survivors on the Island found an Ajira Airways water bottle during a flash into the future.Although, if they’re in the same lagoon that Kate & Sawyer found the case in, they have to be on the main island… will have to look that up. And you’re right that the water bottle would make it seem that there’s plane wreckage on the ground.

BUT in defence of Greg’s theory – it could be possible that if the plane were within the time flash ‘bubble’ that seems to surround the island, then those who were supposed to be on the island would flash with it and the other survivors and would bring whatever they were holding (water bottles, guitar cases) with them.

Now, I have a completely different theory on the whole bigger picture. What if they did all die in the flight 815 plane crash, and were all reincarnated on the island? Those who have been brought back to life are healed of all illnesses and don’t age, or possible just age EXTREMELY slowly. This would explain why Ben is aging and the other Other’s aren’t, as he came to the island alive. Anyone can go back to the real world and live out their life, BUT they can not die there (ala Michael & Widmore). Both Claire and Rousseau came to the island in the last few weeks of their pregnancies, so both of them could have given birth at any time without any complications. They both had cramps/contractions very soon after arriving on the island and then gave birth within a short amount of time. Given Juliet’s discovery that it takes about 2 months for a pregnant women to die, and the fact that Ji Yeon was fine, it would seem that there’s a small window where things can change before you must get off the island or meet your final death. I see that there’s still some holes in the theory, but I think it has some potential?

So, what do you think?

Rae: Yay! I knew I could count on you to love it when I keep reading less than nice thoughts about it elsewhere. People sure hate Jack and I think it really taints their view of everything.

Also, I love speculating what got everyone else on the plane so I have no problem with them withholding that from us right now. Especially since it’s not like back in Season 1 when we never knew if or when we’d get back to those stories. These days we know we’re going to get the answers soon.

Yes, that was my thought too. The way things were coming together on the plane is what convinced me. She’s obviously not as far along as Claire was but, still, pregnant woman! AND! Assuming the baby is Jack’s (and I have no reason not to assume this at the moment), the pregnant woman’s child has the same connection to Christian that Claire’s did. I don’t know if that makes a difference but goes along with trying the same circumstances as the first flight.

Hmmm, ok, well I didn’t think Sun would have to force Kate to do anything. Except maybe go back to the island. But I definitely don’t see Kate and Ben having a run in. Not that they couldn’t have but I think Ben was going after Penny. (I will admit I was annoyed that Jack didn’t bother even ASKING about the scratches all over Ben’s face.) But she could have remembered Claire’s warning not to take Aaron back and maybe Sun convinced her to send Aaron to join Ji Yeon while they went back to the island. Maybe even shared how she’s planning to get off the island… because I haven’t forgotten that she’s in cahoots with Widmore and I’m sure she’s probably bargained with him. She’ll help him find the island, if he helps her get off after she finds Jin again.

And that’s why I’m not so sure we’re going to get a gathering of the kids on the island. But maybe, if you’re other theory is correct, it’ll happen.

FYI: I still think it’s ridiculous to think Desmond has his sailboat in LA. There was not enough time from when he was in England for him to SAIL to LA and make it there to run into everyone else. We’ve not been shown that he sailed there so I’m holding off judgment but, if we’re supposed to believe that, I’ll complain. (Some more.)

Why do you think it’s Charlie who visited Hurley? I actually thought Sun might be a good candidate for that since she and Hurley had a close relationship initially when they got off the island. I figured if anyone could convince him to go back, it might be her. Maybe combined with all the visions he keeps having?

A marshall escorts Sayid onto the Ajira flight on LOST.I do think either Ben or Widmore (working with Sun) is responsible for Sayid being on the plane. After all, we know Sayid was WANTED and it wouldn’t take much for me to believe they sent the authorities after him to make sure he was on that plane. (And in the same circumstances that Kate was originally.) However, he was so passive in the airport that I’m sure there’s more to it than that.

Good point on Kate having fake documents though. Points even more towards her having been convinced by someone who could get her those documents and fast.

Someone else brought up a good point about why Greg’s theory doesn’t seem to work. Even if they just flashed back to the island, the plane should have gone with them. Just like the boats did when the flash happened on the water. They were in the plane and touching it so it would flash with them. HOWEVER, I do think it’s possible that when the plane crashed, they flashed. Obviously they’re not in the same time as they were on the plane so something’s a little off about the whole thing. Possibly because they weren’t able to get everything exactly the same on the plane. I also wonder about Ben being on the plane. I don’t think the presence of other people would matter but Ben specifically said he wouldn’t be able to return once he left so I wonder if that would cause problems?

I don’t think they’re on the other island because we saw the VW bus on the main island the first time. But, like I said, if not everyone is in the same “time” then maybe some of them could be on that other island? Because I do think those boats were used to get back and forth.

Oh, and to be fair to Greg, I have to say that you and I know about the other people showing up again but he doesn’t read news about the show so he wouldn’t know that. It was the white light that had him convinced the plane hadn’t crashed since it’s the same white light we see when people flash.

So, wait, in your theory… Rousseau also came to the island dead? Because if you think they all died in the crash, Claire and Rousseau wouldn’t exactly be the same (their pregnancies I mean). Or maybe I’m not quite understanding your theory. You’re saying once they’ve been reincarnated on the island they have to leave in order to die? But wasn’t Michael almost killed several times off the island but not? I need to think about it some more because, while I don’t have a problem with the idea of it, I’m not sure all the evidence supports it. Or, rather, I’m not quite getting what led you to the theory in the first place in order to have the same “ah ha” moment as you. (If that makes sense.)

What else? I know there’s bunches more to discuss but it’s all escaping me at the moment!!

Oh! Frank! I love that he’s the pilot if only because he was SUPPOSED to be the original pilot so even that kind of echoes the original flight. And the exchange between them was pretty funny.

One thing I did find annoying… having to do the whole eye opening, jumping into the water, seeing Kate sequence again at the end of the episode. If only because I wanted to see more of what was going on, I didn’t need to repeat something I’d just seen!

Also, back to the beginning, I kept waiting for that damn swinging pendulum to hit Desmond. I spent the whole scene wondering if he had to be careful while they were filming it or if the people controlling the swinging could make sure it would never hit him. Haha.

And, hey, that US Army photo we saw in the LampPost… from 9/23/54. Must have been taken by the people we knew the Others had killed in that time flash, right? It was 1954 when Locke asked Richard what year it was… It appeared to have been taken from a boat. Does that mean they only sent some of the crew to the Island and those were the ones that got killed? Like I needed more questions about the history of the Island!!

Just Jody: I like that they’re still withholding stuff! The mystery is the beauty of Lost! I’d be bummed if they just answered stuff and left us with nothing to ponder until next week.

It just seemed that Kate was pretty adamant that they were all crazy and she was NOT going back to that island with them. Whoever convinced her to go back would have had to have done something pretty drastic, and it was clear that Kate was very traumatized about whatever had happened, so that’s why I can’t buy that it was something as simple as Sun stopping by and saying “Hey, let’s go back. My mom will take the kids.” I did kind of forget Sun was in cahoots with Widmore though. I like the idea of her having arranged an out with him, as it lessens the complete shock of her just up and leaving Ji Yeon.

Do we actually know that Desmond has his boat back in LA? We didn’t see it did we?

I think it was Charlie that visited Hurley because of the guitar case and because of how freaked out Hurley was about whatever it was that changed his mind. He certainly didn’t want to tell Jack what had happened. And Hurley always trusted Charlie. Even when he was dead.

I’d think that Sayid would have to be deported to be tried for his crimes (just like Kate), so I assumed the fact that he was being escorted on a plane by a marshal was actually not out of the ordinary, and he had no idea that he was island bound on that plane until he saw everyone else. I never even really considered that someone else had set it up, but of course someone had to have arranged for him to be on that specific flight just like the first time. I’m guessing maybe Eloise could have had some involvement as well? At first I couldn’t see why Widmore would be helping them, but if he had something worked out with Sun then that would make sense. Also, did you notice the incredible resemblance between that Marshall and Ana Lucia’s mother? I’m betting there’s a connection.

Yes, they definitely did flash in time when they went down – as you said they’re back in the 70′s so they had to have. It seems like the S6 (survivor 6 for those left on the island?) are stuck in the 70′s since we’ve now seen both Jin and Myles as Dharma workers. And I noticed that all Jin’s wounds were healed so they must have been there for some time. Do you think it’s possible that they’ll stay in the 70′s and just live out their life on the island as part of Dharma?

It’d be pretty funny if they did just flash off the plane and Ben was left stuck on it since he’s not able to go back to the island.

Yes, right. Good point about the bus. They have to be on the main island. And true that Sayid, Sun and Ben could still be on the other island.

Hey! I had no idea that it was ‘news’ that the other people would show up again. I don’t read ANYTHING about Lost other than a couple of spoiler-free reviews after the ep airs, so I didn’t know that. I was just guessing.

I wasn’t counting Rousseau as alive or dead, I was just saying that the pregnancies were both far enough along that the mothers could have died and a healthy baby still could have been delivered. And haha no, I’m saying that if they leave the island to live out their lives, they have to RETURN to die. And yes, Michael did try to kill himself off island, but they inexplicably never worked and he had to go back to the island to die. He even said he was on that boat “waiting to die”. When Jack tried to commit suicide he was stopped by that car accident, and Widmore told Ben that he couldn’t be killed and that they both knew it. Plus, the fact that Ben all but confirmed that Locke isn’t really dead. Then there’s Charlotte’s last words “This place is death” coupled with the fact that she died when she returned to the island. The funny thing is that I did have a big “A HA!” moment where everything just clicked into place, and I frantically scribbled down the theory, but I did not make a note of what it was that triggered it. And now everyone keeps asking me and I’m drawing a blank. But I’m sure a rewatch will remedy that. And clearly a rewatch is necessary because…

I never at all considered that Ben could have gone after Penny, and been beaten down by Desmond. (Hence the reason I didn’t comment on that 2nd email because I didn’t know what it meant!) But that would make sense. And then it would make sense that Desmond would chase him back to the island. But honestly, I have a hard time believing they would hurt/kill Penny? She’s too beloved. People wouldn’t take it well.

Frank once again finds himself piloting the O6 on LOST.Hee. Of course the pilot was Frank! That was probably the one thing in the episode that I saw coming. But I loved seeing him too. And he had my fave line of the night: “Wait a sec. We’re not going to Guam are we?” Too funny! I assume he’ll be back on the island as well? I guess that answers our Q as to whether or not he was on the island long enough to count as someone that has to go back.

Haha! I loved Des’ dance with the pendulum! I figured that it was done on purpose (and probably took some practice!) to show that Desmond’s dance with the island is indeed not done.

Right the photo. It had to be taken by the army folks who put the Jughead bomb there. And interesting that the date 50 years +1 day before flight 815 crashed on the island. I think it’s almost a given that they only sent some of the crew to the island… the Others who were there at the time asked if they had come back for their bomb, so they knew there was more of them out there. And I don’t think they could just leave a big boat unattended out there? Yeah, let’s not think too much about that or it opens a whole new can of “do those people know about the island” worms!

Rae: I like it too and I think we’ve actually gotten quite a bit of answers lately. I don’t mind if they withhold at this point. Plus, they still have another season to fill, of course they need to pace how they dish out info.

Ok, I see your point about Kate although I took her traumatized more being separated from Aaron and having to let him go more than anything else. I’ve read it a few places at this point but her struggle with Aaron actually echoes Claire’s decision to give him up for adoption so another way they manage to re-create the first flight.

I definitely think Sun left to contact Widmore once she found out about Jin and heard what Eloise had to say. And it makes sense to me she’d bargain for a way off the island. She’d never just leave Ji Yeon.

Ben calls Jack from a Marina on LOST.No, we don’t know that Desmond has his boat back in LA. A lot of people are just assuming it. That’s what I meant by I’ll complain about it IF it does end up being there. But it does mean Ben being at a marina/dock when he called doesn’t necessarily instantly connect him to Penny. I still think that’s what he meant with his comment to Jack. It fits. And it was clearly a last minute thing and the only thing that changed was that Desmond showed up. I don’t think they would actually hurt/kill Penny — not off-screen anyway — but I don’t think that rules out Ben having gone after her. I think it just means he wasn’t successful.

The guitar case is good evidence for Charlie having visited. And I guess Charlie would have some outside knowledge about what flight Hurley needed to be on. That was the reason I was trying to tie things back to Sun, because I felt like whoever got everyone to the airport had to know about what plane they all needed to be on.

Oh, no, I wasn’t doubting that Sayid had to be deported for his crimes. I meant that he’d managed to avoid the authorities before this so I think someone deliberately ratted him out and that would have to be someone who knew he was in town and the power to have him trailed. I’m not sure how much involvement I think Eloise has, since she seemed to have delegated that task to Ben before.

I didn’t notice the resemblance between the Marshall and Ana Lucia’s mother!! It’s not the same woman though, is it? Because that’d be kind of awesome.

Yes, I’m thinking the S6 has been stuck back in the 70s with the start of Dharma ever since Locke fixed the wheel. I’m not sure about whether they’d have to live out their life as part of Dharma. Wouldn’t that change the past? But I’m a little uncertain who the time travel will happen now.

Haha, I’m guessing Ben’s not stuck on the airplane for all the other reasons we listed but it would make me laugh if he was!

Sorry for confirming it was news! The way you said it made it seem like you were so sure they appeared in more than just flashbacks/flash forwards. That’s why I assumed you knew something. I don’t actually know it for sure myself. I read something on Twitter that I connected with what you said and jumped to a conclusion. Now I’m not so sure we know that the plane crashed. (I mean, I think it did for other reasons but I don’t want to factor in the other people on the plane.)

OH, ok, I thought you meant it the other way, no wonder I wasn’t following. I still don’t quite get the pregnancy thing in terms of reincarnation. Unless it has something to do with “getting life” from the island. It does make sense they have to return to the island to die. Does this apply to Walt too? And why was Locke able to kill himself? Because that was what the island told him to do? It was “letting” him kill himself?

I don’t know if Frank has to count as someone who has to go back. I actually thought Eloise answered that when she explained they had to re-create the circumstances of the original flight as close as possible. That meant all the people who were on flight 815. Frank works for me because he was supposed to be the pilot the first time. But I do tend to think he’ll be back on the island too.

OK, going to not think too much about the photo because it’s going to make my head ache. I guess it could be why the Dharma folks knew to come to the island in the first place? Or did the original guy who figured out how to get to the island (who was THAT?) send the US Army there too?

John left Jack a suicide letter on LOST.One thing I wanted to bring up, John’s letter to Jack. First of all, all of us were yelling at Jack when he wouldn’t read it. BUT, do you think Locke meant he wished Jack had believed in him back on the island? Or do you think he may have been referring to more recent events? Like he wished Jack had believed in him so he didn’t have to kill himself? I assume it connects to the passage Ben quoted to Jack in the Church. I mean, I think Ben was talking about multiple things there but I thought he could have been showing how it takes different things for people to “believe.” Oh, it does support the idea of the island ressurecting people. That’s what the passage was about, after all.

Just Jody: No, the Marshall is definitely not AL’s mother, but I had to pause and really look at her to be sure of that. The woman with Sayid was too young, but the resemblance was uncanny.

I don’t really think the pregnancies are any part of the reincarnation. Other than like you said, if it’s a life trade kind of thing. The only reason I brought them up is the fact that Claire gave birth would indicate that she was alive, or at least aging/changing. So I was just pointing out that the baby was cooked enough to come out without any further growth. Yes, I would assume if it applied to Michael, it applies to Walt too – although Walt is “special” so you never know with him. And I don’t think Locke is really dead. If Jack & Michael both couldn’t commit suicide, then I don’t think John could have either. I suppose it’s possible that the suicide rule only applies to those who have left the island but not those who were kicked off by spinning the big wheel. And we do know that there is some sort of rule because Tom told Michael as much when Michael was trying to shoot himself in the alley.

I took John’s letter to mean he wished Jack would have listened about leaving the island in the first place. The letter also kind of counts as something from the first flight, because Sawyer was carrying that letter with him when he went to the island. Also it’s interesting that as soon as Jack read the letter, they were suddenly back on the island.

Something we haven’t mentioned – the shoes. I loved all the stuff about the shoes. How Kate told Jack he’d be better off with hiking boots, and then the scene with Jack changing Locke’s shoes mirrored the scene on the island when Kate took a dead person’s hiking boots. And after all these times seeing Christian’s white tennis shoes and wondering about them, we finally get the story from Jack. Christian did not have on his trademark white shoes when we saw him last week on LOST.But the thing that stood out for me was that when we saw Christian at the end of last week’s episode he wasn’t wearing the white shoes. So, was he actually alive back then and that’s why he was dressed differently, or was he wearing the shoes Jack had sent back with Locke?

And what about the Lamp Post? An actual Dharma station back in LA? Are there more of them around the world, or is this the one off island exception?? And again the ties to the Chronicles of Narnia. The lamp post was the marker that helped the children find the passage between the two worlds. I kinda think it’s going to end up being Daniel who comes back and creates the station… I can’t explain how that could possibly work, but the way Eloise was talking about the smart, smart man who built it, it seemed like a mother’s pride.

Rae: But how is Locke not dead? There seem to be way too many people examining and interacting with him for me to think he’s not. I do think the Island will bring him back to life. That’s why I’m not bothered by the fact that he was dead off the Island. I don’t think he’s dead for good.

Oh! I didn’t even think about Sawyer’s letter.

I did like getting the back story on the white shoes and that now Christian’s proper burial shoes were being brought to him (so to speak). And I was glad Kate made the comment about hiking boots, not only for the continuity shout out but because we had just commented that they should have dressed a little smarter if they were planning a return to the island.

I didn’t remember Christian not wearing the white shoes but we do clearly see his shoes don’t we? When he steps in front of Locke. Hmmm.

I can’t think about there being more Dharma stations around the world!!! I don’t get why this one is in LA though. Wasn’t Dharma based in Seattle? Did we find that out back in one of Juliet’s first flashback episodes? I did catch the tie to Narnia and I do think our Lamp Post serves the same purpose between the Island and our World. I suppose it could be Daniel since we know there’s other time travel stuff that’s going on… no reason he can’t be that person. Not sure how that affects the overall timeline but it works for me.

OK. I think I’ve officially reached my limit for this episode. Haha. Too. Much. To. Think. About!

Is John Locke really dead on LOST?Just Jody: We do this every week! I think they used the medusa spiders to paralyze Locke so that he looks dead. When Jack asked Ben if Locke was dead, Ben’s non answer was almost as good as a no. And I don’t think the fact that Hurley’s dad was watching Exposé was a co-incidence – I think that was meant to remind us of Niki who was buried alive, but appeared dead. Which is what I believe Locke is – paralyzed but not dead. This would also echo the first plane crash when Locke was paralyzed. And if they aren’t using the spiders for anything then that whole episode with Niki and Paulo was a throwaway, and they don’t seem to do that in Lost.

Yes, we clearly saw Christian’s shoes when he was down in the well with Locke, and they are definitely not the white tennis shoes, so that’s why I was wondering if they were back at a time when Christian was alive on the island.

Yep, that’s it for me too! If we keep going I’ll just start going around in circles!

Rae: Haha, well I knew your spider theory but there are a couple reasons I’m not so sure about it anymore. 1) We saw Locke leave the island, he didn’t have any spiders on him. Doesn’t mean he couldn’t have snuck off to get them at one point but it didn’t look like he had any place he could hide them. I guess they could get some off the island but it seems more unlikely. 2) Isn’t giving him something of Christian’s supposed to connect his dead body with Christian’s dead body from the original crash? I guess the paralyzed thing works too but I felt like the emphasis was on how he’d now be taking the place of Christian.

OH. I see what you mean about Christian now. Except he looks like he does in the future so it would have to be a time that he traveled back to on the island.

OK. No more circles for us! I think we’ve given everyone proof enough of how obsessed we are as it is!

3 Responses to “She Said, She Said: We’re So Lost, 5×06”

  1. 1
    Stella says:

    RE: Island pregnancies – It was pretty much established that women who CONCEIVED while on the island would experience the fatal complications. Both Claire and Rousseau conceived well before crashing onto the island, so they delivered without problems.

    When Juliette took Sun to do a sonogram, it established that Jin was the father (not the guy she was having an affair with in Korea) since conception occurred after they landed on the island. It also put her at risk of dying if she didn’t get off the island soon.

    How long was Kate’s probation for? The trial must have occurred fairly soon after they returned from the island and their return happens three years after they left.

  2. 2
    Rae says:

    You’re right, Stella, about the pregnancy issue. That’s why I still think the pregnancy thing is tied to people who have a “connection” to the island. No bigger connection than being concieved there.

    It wasn’t really probation. It was something like 10 years. She wasn’t allowed to leave the state for some ungodly amount of time. I remember it because she was so quick to agree to it, because she couldn’t concieve of a reason she’d want to leave and I knew that was going to bite her in the ass based on how we knew Jack was wanting them all to go back.

  3. 3
    Stella says:

    Aha! Thanks for the clarification.

    Can’t wait to read what y’all thought about the most recent episode…