Picture of the Day: My Bloody Eyes   

Jensen Ackles sports bloody eyes as Dean Winchester on The CW show SUPERNATURAL.

Since we still won’t get a new Supernatural until March 12th (!!!), here’s a little something to give your regular Thursday Winchester fix.

Also, I’m aware there’s been a sad lack of substance around here this past week. I’m working on it. If only you could see the massive Dollhouse post I’ve been trying to get finished all week. By the time I get it posted tomorrow, people really won’t care anymore! Story of my life lately.

Here’s a quick reminder… NEW tonight: Ugly Betty, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, ER, Burn Notice, and America’s Best Dance Crew

And, hey, if you’ve been curious about the new Canadian show Being Erica, you can check it out tonight at 10PM on SOAPnet. I know, I know. Like that timeslot wasn’t crowded enough!

One Response to “Picture of the Day: My Bloody Eyes”

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    Just Jody says:

    Holy! No new SN until March 12? Sheesh. That’s so long.

    Also, everyone should check out Being Erica. It’s a cute show! I have nothing Thursdays @ 10… I wish they’d air it here then too.