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Look at us go, getting this ways Lost talk out the day after the episode! Not an indication of our enjoyment of “This Place is Death” in any way. We’re just trying to be more timely for y’all. Don’t forget to leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

The Smoke Monster is back on LOST.Rae: It should be noted that I do not care for the Smoke Monster. Never have, never will. Also, for all the effects they do on this show, the effects on that damn “monster” are the absolute worse.

That being said, I kinda loved this episode.

Poor Charlotte, she should have listened to the scary man. Daniel should have known better though. He has repeatedly told people that they can’t change the past so he should have known telling Charlotte not to come back to the island wouldn’t work.

What do you want to bet that Charlotte’s last memory there? When she says, “I’m not allowed to have chocolate before dinner.” I think it’s going to turn out to be when she met Daniel as a child and he told her to not to come back to the island.

So, any theories on Charlotte? I was fond of the idea that she’s tied to Annie in some way but, since she really was on the island as a child, I’m not so sure. She had to been a child who was brought to the island so my brief thought that she could be Annie’s daughter doesn’t seem to work. Unless Annie got pregnant, was sent off the island to have the child, and came back again to raise Charlotte there. But how would Charlotte’s father have known to send her and her mother off the island?

Then again clearly Mr. Candle knew to send Myles off the island too.

Just Jody: Yep. LOVED it! It’s kind of funny how backed up my PVR is getting with all my other shows… between re-watches and DVDs Lost is almost all I watch anymore. You’d think I’d have a better idea of what’s going then eh?

Brad feels the same way about the smoke monster. I have no problem with it though. As with everything else that seems un-explainable on this show, they’ve proven themselves enough times that I’m sure we’ll get a satisfying resolution to the smoke monster as well. What I did find interesting about Smokey is that it can either possess or impersonate humans. Because after that guy got his arm ripped off, it was pretty clear that wasn’t actually him yelling for help. For one the cries were in English, and no one translates screams of pain, and two that guy would have been screaming WAY more than that – they just ripped off his arm! And the really big question – if Jin was the one who stopped Rousseau going down the hole with them, what stopped her the first time when Jin wasn’t there??

Comparing Annie and Charlotte from LOST.I’ve never really been a big fan of Charlotte, so I wasn’t all that upset to see her go. I still would really like a back-story ep on her though. To answer all those questions… who are her parents, when did she leave the island & how? But no, I don’t see how she could be Annie’s daughter, I guess it does work that she could possibly be Annie, but even then she seems too young. Ben & Annie were the same age (roughly) and Charlotte is clearly younger than Ben. She does look enough like Annie to be her as well, but since KB was actually supposed to play Charlotte I don’t know that that means so much either? It is worth noting that on DVD commentary for The Man Behind the Curtain (which is the ep. Annie appears in) CC & DL say that Annie & Alex are the 2 most important women in Ben’s life, and that Annie is a character that is going to play a “huge part” in upcoming storylines.

I also thought it was pretty interesting that those who are in the proper time don’t even notice the island flashing. Rousseau clearly couldn’t see the bright light or hear the bad noise. And this reminds me of one of the issues I had – how is it possible that Jin ended up with Sawyer & co. after that flash? Wouldn’t they have had to be there before the flash as well? Are the writers just doing this to get them together, OR does this tie in with your issue with them all ending up in the same place in Jughead? Like maybe the island is bring those who are out of place together? And is the fact that Jin doesn’t have a nosebleed yet because he was in the water all that time and therefore “off” the island? And he was off the island a few other times as well… in the raft with Michael and Sawyer, and in the sailboat with Sun and Sayid.

Speaking of Jin… how awesome was the reunion with him and Sawyer? That whole scene was so wrought with conflicting emotions, I thought I was going to burst!

Rae: Well, my issue with the smoke monster has less to do with the possible explanation that’s coming… it’s that I hate how it looks. It’s funny how I can go along with just about everything else on this island but the smoke monster pulls me out EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

I’m glad they seemed to confirm that it’s a security system, though, I always felt that way. And it still has a mechanical sound so I still think it could be something that was built verses an actual “monster.”

I don’t really care about Charlotte herself. I’m more concerned about how she relates to what’s going on. I’m gonna stop thinking about how she could fit with Annie though because I don’t think we’ll know until we get more info from the show.

Well, we already knew that people in the proper didn’t notice anything, didn’t we? Like how Richard didn’t understand why Ben started to freak out? And Claire and Kate didn’t react to anything going on, etc. And now we know that they just disappear based on what Rousseau yelled at Jin when he found her on the beach again.

As for Jin finding Sawyer and them, he was running through the jungle at that point. I even said to the people I was watching with, “Shouldn’t he be running into the others soon?” Based on the fact that the last time we saw Sawyer and them, they had found that wreckage on the beach. Clearly they weren’t in the exact same spot as Jin and them when they landed on the beach but they weren’t that far away if later Rousseau has all the stuff from the wreckage at her camp. So I didn’t really think it was odd that they found each other. It seemed like just a matter of time since Jin flashes with the rest of them. I dunno why he doesn’t have a nosebleed yet. The repeat episode, with the enhanced notes, said he’d been flashing out in the water on his piece of driftwood. And we saw our group flash when they were in the boat so clearly being in the water doesn’t count as being “off” the island. Maybe his being unconscious is what’s taking it longer to affect him? Like his brain wasn’t having to cope with the flashes while he was out?

Sawyer and Jin embrace when they see each other again on LOST.LOVED the reunion with Sawyer!! And then the heartache when Jin asked about Sun and Sawyer’s face fell. Awww!!

There were several bits that I found hilarious this time. Sawyer’s “you had to say something” to Juliet when she worries that they’ll get to the Orchid before it was built. Or the Frenchman saying, “Next he’ll be telling us there’s a submarine.” HEH.

But let’s go back to the folks off the island… after re-watching last week’s episode and the previouslies, I think it’s clear Ben is apologizing to Jack. I don’t think he’s sorry about what he did to Kate, he’s just sorry he was manipulating Jack on that end. Thought it was funny when he slammed on the breaks when Jack said he’d kill him if Sun didn’t. What makes me laugh about it is how Ben can’t see that it doesn’t matter if he’s trying to help them, it’s his manipulation that continues to drive them all crazy.

And, hey, what was your take on the scene when Desmond shows up at the church? When he told Ben he was there to see Daniel Faraday’s mother, I could swear Ben was actually surprised by that information. Not sure if he’s surprised that’s why Desmond would be there or by the actual knowledge that Eloise is Daniel’s mother but I lean towards the latter. Because I also felt like he seemed a little angry at her when he was talking to her inside the church.

Just Jody: So, the O6 – when Sun was on the phone telling Ji Yeon that she met a new playmate for her, I was freaking out because I thought it she was going to shoot Kate and steal Aaron. So I was VERY happy to hear her make sure Kate was safely out of the way when she went after Ben. I still can’t figure out why Ben told Kate that it was really him who hired the lawyers though. I was like “Dude, you just ensured she’s not coming with you.” And I still can’t figure out how they’ll ever convince her now. And I’m also still very concerned about Sun going back without Ji Yeon. Although the playmate comment reminded me of my imaginary future scenario of Aaron, Charlie & Ji Yeon playing on the beach.

I don’t think they believe Ben when he says he’s helping them. I actually do believe him, but I get the impression they think he’s lying about that too. I did love that whole scene though!

How much does Ben know on LOST?Most people here seem to think that Ben’s shock was about finding out that Hawking was Daniel’s mother too. Personally I think he was shocked at just the fact that Desmond was there and knew who Eloise was. Because I’m betting Ben has NO idea about Daniel’s message to Des (I mean how could he?) and therefore there’s no logical way in Ben’s mind that Desmond can know all this, or for him to be wanting to help the O6. He’s supposed to be off with Penny never wanting to see the island again. Also, I can’t imagine that Ben wouldn’t know who all these Others’ kids are? Especially when you consider the fact that he knew EVERYTHING about all the passengers on flight 815, and the men on the boat. He always does his research. What really confuses me though is why don’t they consider Desmond one of the ones that needs to get back to the island? He was there longer than any of the O6ers.

Rae: Ha! This is why we’re mind twins. I had the exact same thought about Sun. That one line had a very creepy, movie-of-the-week mother kidnaps baby feel to it.

Well, I think Ben either plans to use Kate knowing it was him to bend her to his will. Or he’s counting on the others convincing her. Sun kind of interrupted that scene so I don’t think we got to see his manipulation of Kate play out completely.

Yeah, I’m not sure if they’ll be able to get Ji Yeon. BUT! The airline is an asian airline so maybe they’ll be able to go to Korea first? Because I actually think Ji Yeon might count as someone who has to go back.

Forget not being sure why Desmond isn’t one of those who has to go back… what about Walt? Or is Walt left out of it because he was already gone? But didn’t Walt tell Hurley last season that Locke came to see him?

I’m not sure I completely believe Ben. As in, I think he’s probably helping both them AND himself. But he’s just lied to them so much and manipulated them so much that I totally get why they don’t believe a damn word he says at this point.

And, I agree that Ben does seem to know everything about these people but that’s exactly why I thought he was surprised by Desmond’s comment and why I thought he seemed angry in the scene with Eloise. But I guess only time will tell on that.

I know I had more to say but I’m forgetting it right. Maybe about Rousseau? I enjoyed watching that play out but then I always love it when continuity kicks in like that.

Do you have anything else you want to talk about?

Just Jody: Well… I only had that thought because of all your insistence that Sun was really after Kate! I actually said “Crap. Rae was right about Sun.” If you hadn’t of been so sure about that I don’t think it would have even crossed my mind!

So during our lunch discussion, something interesting came up. What if smokey is the one reanimating the dead bodies? Like maybe it can possess them once they’re dead? We came to this when considering that the guy who lost his arm was likely not the one who was actually screaming, and then Rousseau’s people were possessed somehow, and we also saw Yemi (who was dead upon arrival), up and walking around on the island after Echo had found his body missing from the plane in the episode that Echo was killed by the smoke monster (The Cost of Living). Just speculation, but an interesting theory.

And one last question – where are Rose, Bernard, Vincent, and the rest of the survivors who ran from the flaming arrows in the premiere?

Rae: Ahh, sorry!

I read some speculation to the same effect over at Alan Sepinwall’s blog (I know, I know, I bring his blog up every week but it’s one of the few blogs I read on the show). I suppose it’s possible but I’m not fond of the idea. But I can admit that’s mostly because I don’t like the idea of Smokey really having that kind of role.

I don’t know where they are. Well, I think we’re only talking about Rose, Bernard, and Vincent here. I think the rest of the survivors who weren’t killed by the flaming arrows were killed by the river. And, yes, that’s mostly based on knowing that DL and CC said that they no longer had any use for those extra survivors and were going to get rid of them. I cling to the hope that they wouldn’t kill Rose and Bernard off-screen so I’m sure they’ll turn up again. And Sawyer will probably be all, “Where were YOU?!”

Christian reminds Lock that HE was supposed to move the island on LOST.Just Jody: One more Q!

Do you think Ben knew that he wasn’t the one who was supposed to turn the wheel?

Rae: Hmmm, good question. I’m not sure. I think Ben knows he’s not as “special” to the island as he wants others to think. And I think he knows that Locke is (special to the island). So, he very well might have. Or he may have known that Locke should be the one to turn the wheel but not necessarily that him turning instead would cause what it did?

Or maybe he did know and it was his way of manipulating them yet again.

Just Jody: I couldn’t decide either. My one thought was that Ben didn’t have faith in Locke being able to get the O6 back to the island and he wanted to be able to do all the manipulating. But I have nothing to back that up other than Ben’s a manipulative guy. It does seem odd that he would volunteer to be booted from the island if he didn’t have to be though.

Rae: Right. That’s why I tend to think maybe he just knew Locke was supposed to do it but didn’t like that Locke was chosen and decided to do it himself instead? Or maybe was truly in denial about how it had to be Locke.

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