Contest Winners, New TVx3 Episode, & TV Blog Coalition   

First up, I’ve got the winners to two of our recent giveaways! We ended up with 192 entrees on our Monk/Psych Prize Pack giveaway so that means I got to pick out two winners… Congratulations to Shannon and Sue!!

And congratulations to Joanna as well! She’s the lucky winner of our Room-A-Day Giveaway Prize Pack giveaway. Alas, I can’t makeover Joanna’s family room for her but I hope having her very own copy of Thom Filicia’s book, Thom Filicia Style: Inspired Ideas for Creating Rooms You’ll Love! will help. And don’t forget that everyone still has the chance to enter the Room-A-Day Giveaway sweepstakes at, or via the tear pads to be found in participating retail stores near you.

Also, I haven’t forgotten those of you from my Christmas post either. Will be contacting you this week for addresses where I can send your TV bookmarks! Sorry for the delay on that one.

TV Times Three Podcast LogoNext up, be sure to check out the newest episode of TV Times Three. It’s a super-sized edition which would explain why it took me a little longer to edit but it’s worth it… if only to hear Jason and Amrie picking on me. Which they do. A lot. We also talk a bit about hype and how it affects our viewing of new episodes both in positive and negative ways. We’ve been ignoring TV news for the last few episodes so we actually spent some time going over the headlines that interested us lately. And, of course, we talked about TV. Like Battlestar Galactica, Psych, The Closer, Trust Me, Fringe, Lost, and Burn Notice.

TV Blog CoalitionAnd, finally, let’s take a look at what some of my TV Blog Coalition buddies were talking about last week:

  • With tons of pilots in the works for next Fall, Buzz wondered if you could tell the real ones from the fakes. (BuzzSugar)
  • Since Ed was one of the best shows in recent memory, it is hard not to trust Tom Cavanagh in Trust Me. (Scooter McGavin’s 9th Green)
  • Vance discusses Degrassi:TNG, Lie To Me, Bones, Scrubs and Lost this week. (Tapeworthy)
  • This week, Jace took an early look at next week’s episode of NBC’s Chuck, presented in box-busting 3D. (Televisionary)
  • Who’s the next to die on Battlestar Galactica? Dan made a graph to help try to figure it out. (TiFaux)
  • This week, the TV Addicted posted our exclusive interview with Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse mastermind Joss Whedon. (The TV Addict)
  • Heather gave some thought as to the identity of the FBI mole in 24 – and came up with some surprising answers… (TV Spy)

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