Slow TV Week = Slow TV Blog Week   

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday and I’ve yet to make a real post about TV this week. I can only blame it on the overall lack of new TV. Here’s a quick rundown, spoiler free, of what I’ve watched recently and my feelings about each.

Maggie Lawson poses as Juliet on the set of PSYCH.Psych: Some funny stuff in this episode back but it wasn’t as good as the previous two. Loved Lassie’s, “Chief, you’re not going to let him do the thing where he only uses courtroom jargon, are you?” I like it when shows show us that life happens even when we’re not watching. Besides that, my favorite parts were Shawn’s numerous attempts to combine terms to come up with combination of “arsonist” and “murderer.” In other news, fans should check out the new Walgreens sponsored Psych gallery. Lots of never-before-released photos from the show including the adorable photo I used here of Maggie as Juliet. Plus, if you didn’t follow along with the Countdown Calendar leading up to the new episodes, you can now click your way through the days for some sneak peeks at upcoming episodes.

The L Word: Not much to say about this one. My feelings on this season, as expressed last week, still stand. Well, that and my hatred for Jenny is making it harder and harder to get through episodes.

United States of Tara: I’ve now seen through the third episode and I’m a little more inclined to watch than I was before. I do like Tara’s third personality the best and the son is definitely my favorite character. That said, I still get really uncomfortable watching this show. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to enjoy like others do.

The Last Templar: Ok, it’s not fair to include this as I still have the second half to watch. As of right now, it’s enjoyable enough to watch in the background. Plus, Scott Foley.

Fringe: Grams! Actually, I really liked this episode and I think the show has finally found it’s groove. It’s doing a good job giving me a reason to care about Olivia and, overall, finally giving people other than Walter a chance to show their personalities. I’ll have to re-watch to do any commentary on this one given that I was exhausted when I watched it. So, more later… maybe.

And that’s about it since I already covered The Closer and Trust Me earlier. I’ve got almost the entire season of Leverage piled up on the DVR but I’ve put off watching them so I can try and watch them in the order rather than how TNT’s been airing them. Of course, I could have started that this week given how light of a TV week it’s been.

Tonight, of course, is the third episode of Lost and I’m just happy it’s finally here. If I have to hear another one of my friends tell me how get it is, I may strangle someone! Now I can find out for myself. Followed by a new episode of Damages which should finally catch me up with everyone else. Oh, and a Super Bowl themed episode of Top Chef. Maybe it can give me some ideas for things to feed my parents, whose visit is the only reason I’ll be tuning in to the Super Bowl this Sunday. Then there’s a bunch of repeats on Thursday which will make it much easier to watch the new episodes of Supernatural, Burn Notice, and America’s Best Dance Crew. (Private Practice is new too, I’m just unsure where I stand with that show right now AND it’s taping elsewhere to make room for ABDC.) And, of course, I’ll be watching the new Psych on Friday. Even they’re getting into the Super Bowl thing with a football-centric plot.

What are you watching this week? Did I miss something there? I’m sure I did, I always do.

Anyway, the folks at the Supernatural offices have been on my mind this week so I leave you with this video, one of my favorite fanvids of the boys:

5 Responses to “Slow TV Week = Slow TV Blog Week”

  1. 1
    Stella says:

    I watched The Last Templar–sort of. I thought it was embarrassingly wretched. Just awful.

  2. 2
    ColoradoKila says:

    Wow – Melissa’s SPN video “rocks”!
    Sigh, Kim…

  3. 3
    Rae says:

    Fair enough, Stella… like I said, I’ve been watching it in the background. I think they could have cut it down to two hours and made a much better movie. I did actually laugh out loud when they got Scott Foley shirtless for no other reason than to have him be shirtless. Not that I was complaining!

  4. 4
    Rae says:

    Jill: It does, doesn’t it? I don’t have many Supernatural videos that I love but can’t stop coming back to this one.

  5. 5
    Stella says:

    Hey, a shirtless hottie is always a good thing! And that mess needed all the help it could get…