“I do know the ending of the story, yes.” – Kim Manners   

Kim Manners directs Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki on the set of SUPERNATURAL.The quote in the subject line is from when I met Kim Manners two years ago on the set of Supernatural. During that visit I also got to watch as he directed a scene. It was the highlight of my trip. I was grateful to have been given the opportunity at the time but even more so now because, as you may have heard, Kim Manners passed away on Sunday night after a battle with lung cancer.

I’m sadder than I have any right to be. I never really knew the man. But I knew his work. And that? I loved. To put it in perspective, here’s the list of shows I loved that he directed over the years: Charlie’s Angels, Simon & Simon, Star Trek: The Next Generation, 21 Jump Street, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., The X Files, and Supernatural. Seeing his name in the credits has literally made me bounce in my seat and never failed to bring a smile to my face. His vision and input were a large part of why I loved The X Files back in the day and why I love Supernatural now.

I know how much he was loved on Supernatural. I saw firsthand how much of a family they are and I can’t imagine what the rest of this season will be like for them. Which is probably why finding this statement from creator and executive producer, Eric Kripke, in my inbox has me crying as I type this:

Everyone at Supernatural is walking around in a daze, shocked and absolutely devastated. Kim was a brilliant director; more than that, he was a mentor and friend. He was one of the patriarchs of the family, and we miss him desperately. He gave so much to Supernatural, and everything we do on the show, now and forever, is in memory of him.

My heart goes out to everyone there and to Kim’s friends and family. He was great director and television won’t be the same without him. I’ll miss him always. And this image, of Kim in the director’s seat, is how I’ll always remember him.

This image of Kim Manners directing an episode of SUPERNATURAL will be how I will always remember him.

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    Spadada says:

    I love you.

    (Nothing else seems like an appropriate response.)

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    Rae says:

    Was just watching the video you posted, Spads. Love you too.