She Said, She Said: We’re So Lost, 5×01 & 5×02   

Let’s be honest, it’s more fun to talk about Lost with someone else. Which is why we’ve pulled our She Said, She Said feature back out to talk about our favorite island. Check out what Jody and I had to say about “Because You Left” (5×01) and “The Lie” (5×02) and join in the discussion yourself!

Jack before Ben finds him on the new season of LOST on ABC.Rae: I know this is a silly question to ask but…. Did you watch Lost last night?

Just Jody: Hee. Of course I did. Although I did start it late and was almost nodding off by the end. Is it time to talk about it now??


Just Jody: OK, so I only half loved it. I know! I’ll give you a minute to get over that shock.

Rae: WHAT?!

Just Jody: I LOVED all of the off-island present day stuff. Loved it. Was completely absorbed with all of it. Then on the flip-side, I didn’t really care for any of the on-island time loopy stuff. All I kept thinking was “Oh god. This is S2 Veronica Mars What the heck happened with the bus? type of confusing.” Not to mention that most of  the time flipping seemed… pointless?

AND they better not be serious that the island will keep skipping time until everyone is back, because unless they’re getting back on the island next week, I don’t think I can take that.

Rae: Just kidding, you’re allowed not to love things. Will it make you happy to hear that Mo didn’t really like the time stuff either. And Maggie complained about how she has a hard enough time keeping up with things without the added confusion.

That said, I kinda dug it. But I can’t over think it because I’m not sure how well it holds up. I will say that Mo asked whether that means the people on the island have been doing the skipping record thing for three years since that’s the timeframe the people off the island are working on… And I don’t think that’s going to be the case. I’m going to guess this is going to be a case of the time on the island being wonky, as we already know. I’m pretty sure there’s no way they’re going to keep up the constant changing of time throughout the entire season. Not sure I’ll buy the explanation they manage to come up with for it since they did advance the rest of the world so far into the future but I’m willing to wait and see. Also, they only have 70 hours to get everyone back to the island so unless they plan to only have each episode cover a few hours at a time, I’m guessing The Six will be back on the island within a few episodes.

Just Jody: OK, I agree with this. I think on the island it’s only been a day or two despite the fact that it’s been 3 years in the RW. Although, I don’t think I really expect the O6 to get back to the island until the end of this season. A season for their journey to get back, and then we’ll get the last season that explains what happens when they’re all back.

Rae: Really? I guess that timing makes sense but I’d say that’s a long time to have them getting back to the island. Especially with a deadline of 70 hours. Either way, I think it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. It will be interesting too, to see how the time difference is explained… if it is.

But let’s talk about the stuff you loved first!

Just Jody: Well, I loved Kate’s story… Of course Kate was going to run. I was like Buddy… you better just stay right outside her house, because she’s going to be gone before the end of the day. Although, I’m not so sure the lawyer guys are really on the up-and-up, so I’m glad she got away. And now they have a reason for Kate to want to go back to the island… clearly she can’t do much in the real world if she’s on the run again.

Rae: I had seen an extended preview that showed that whole first scene with Kate and so I already knew what was going on with her. I come down on the other side of the fence, though. I feel like she was stupid to run immediately. Well that and I feel like it was done purposely to make her run, otherwise I think the lawyers would have had someone outside the door. All I could think about was how even if they had gone to the police to make her do a blood test, it still would take at least a day or two for the results to come back. So, if she didn’t have this need to run every time she feels cornered, she could have waited to see if they were going to be able to force her to do the test AND then run if it’s becoming a real concern. Instead she takes flight immediately. It felt like it was done purposely. And, since I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason she’d be willing to go back to the island, I’m immediately suspicious of Ben or Widmore being behind the lawyers showing up. Ben feels more right to me but Widmore, with his money and influence, seems like he’d have the pull too. And, uh, if it’s Widmore I think I’m also a little suspicious of Sun as well.

Just Jody: Oh, I didn’t mean that I loved that she ran, I just loved her story. I have no feelings at all about her running, except that it fits. It’s what Kate would do. Whether or not it was the best idea is another issue. But then Kate never really has been the one with the good ideas, so again it fits. I do agree that it seems like the lawyer’s are working for someone who is trying to force Kate’s hand – that’s what I meant about them not being on the up & up – I don’t believe they have a “client” they’re protecting. More like they’re thugs for a boss they’re protecting. My original bet was on Widmore because it seemed like his style, but Ben didn’t seem too worried about Kate not joining them on the return trip to the island so maybe that’s because he already had his plan to convince her set in motion.

Rae: I didn’t really think you meant that. I was just stating my issue with it. And not an issue with the writing, more of a “I want to shake you, Kate” type of issue. It TOTALLY fits her character and what she’d do but that doesn’t mean that I can’t shake my head over it. If she’d just take a moment to think, she wouldn’t keep getting herself into these impossible situations. Nor would someone be able to manipulate her so easily. Yeah, see, those are exactly the reasons I wasn’t sure who is behind the lawyers either. Both guys could work, which I’m sure was the intention.

Just Jody: Could there possibly be a third party who is suspicious about what happened on the island? Like maybe someone tipped off Claire’s mom? She would care about the paternity of the baby, and I’d think Widmore would already know about Claire and Aaron so would he need a paternity test? He clearly knows that the plane didn’t really sink to the bottom of the ocean, and he told his commando guys to kill the survivors so he knew who they all were too.

Rae: Maybe. I’ve seen the Claire’s mom thing thrown out elsewhere but I dunno. I mean, I guess Widmore could have pushed her that direction but that still leads to him, not her.

Just Jody:I also love Sun on a mission! She was so meek when the series first started, this new empowered Sun is great.And I loved the moments with Sun & Kate in the hotel room, I was all teary when she took her hand and told her she didn’t blame her. And I’m really happy they addressed that. I wondered at the time it happened if Sun would blame Kate for not keeping her promise.

Rae: While I enjoyed the Sun and Kate moments too, I’m hoping that Sun was telling the truth about not blaming Kate for what happened. Hell, if she blames anyone, it should be Jack because he’s the one who pulled Kate to the helicopter. (Not that I think she should blame him either, mind you.) Of course, I did have a moment there when Sun showed Kate the picture of her baby and all I could think was… It’s three years later, shouldn’t that baby be a little older. (Much like my first thought on seeing Aaron was, that’s not the same Aaron from last year! But naturally it’s not. It’s just that this new Aaron’s hair is not nearly as blonde as the last Aaron’s.)

Just Jody: It seems like Sun is pretty set on blaming her father and Ben for the death of her husband, (did you watch the finale last week? She told her dad he’s to blame, and told Widmore that she wants to kill Ben) so I’m inclined to believe what she said to Kate. Especially when you stop to think about the fact that she’s right – they probably would have all died if she hadn’t of gone back before finding Jin – because you know Jack would not have let the helicopter leave without her. And that’s a good point about Sun’s baby, she should have been much older. And has Kate really has not seen her yet? Seems like they would have touched base in the past 3 years.

Rae: I didn’t re-watch the finale but I remember it. And I know that she definitely blames Ben too but I wasn’t so sure about her sincerity in that scene is all. I don’t want to distrust her but I’m just not completely convinced yet. YES! Exactly, have they really not been in any contact over the past 3 years? I mean, weren’t they all at a party at Hurley’s not too long ago? (Was Sun at that?) I’m sure the picture of the baby wasn’t intention and I’m just being nitpicky but I had to mention it because it bugged me.

Just Jody: I think Hurley’s party was actually pretty soon after they got back, and I don’t think Sun was there. And I guess it was just her and Hurley at Jin’s grave that day too. Maybe they really haven’t seen each other? My mistake!

And all the Hurley and Sayid stuff was such a great mash up of hilarity and then utter shock. They are like comedy gold together. “I need a cool code name.” Or maybe it’s just all Hurley as Sayid was passed out most of the time?

Rae: Hurley and Sayid were great. And, yeah, mostly Hurley although I think Sayid is always a good straight guy to Hurley’s comedy. And even if he wasn’t awake for it, he never says much anyway so I think it still worked the same way. Mostly I kept thinking about Sayid would be dying if he were actually even semi-conscious for all of that!

I’m torn on the Ana-Lucia part though. It amused me in the moment but I’ve never been a huge fan of the ‘seeing dead people’ storylines and the way it keeps happening makes me wonder if there’ll ever be an explanation for them that I’ll like.

Just Jody: But, what I loved the most? Ben got Jack-I-Love back! Who knew it would be Ben that saved Jack? Never would have guessed that. But boy do I love me a no-beard Dr. Sheppard with a mission!

Rae: Heh, there was actually cheering in my living room when Jack was shaving his beard. I’m still a little concerned over Jack with Ben but I like that it’s clear he doesn’t really trust him. He’s just clearly feeling like he has no choice and that he has to go along with Ben to figure out a way back to the island. I can dig that kind of relationship between them. Especially since we know Ben is not being completely forthcoming with Jack either.

But back to the island…

Just Jody: Yes, the crazy island!  First, why would the camp disappear but not the people, or that shirt that Sawyer picked up off the beach? (Also, why would they ever give him a shirt in the first place??) And why doesn’t Juliet disappear and end up back with the other’s when they’re in that time frame? And why is Locke an unaccounted member of their crew but not Claire? She did only leave a day ago in their time.

Rae: I don’t know why they didn’t list Claire as one of the unaccounted. Even Myles would know that she’s missing. But maybe Sawyer thinks something happened to her? Because it was with him that she walked off and left Aaron? I dunno.

Just Jody: It’s weird, because really everyone should know she was missing. They all know who got off the island and who didn’t. And I think she was left out just because they’re not using her this season and that’s what bugs me about it. That was the one place they should have accounted for her, and explained that she was gone. It’s fine for a character to disappear, but I hate when they just act like they didn’t exist.

Rae: Is she really out of the picture for this season? I don’t think I knew that. It didn’t bother me too much because the people who are left are not people who cared about Claire except for Sawyer, but I do think he isn’t sure what happened to her anyway because of the way she disappeared at night so she’s not high in his mind right now. I do think he would have remembered her enough to at least have made some comment about her. Truly, though, it doesn’t make sense for Daniel to have even asked the question since he’d spent time with them at the beach so it’s not like he had no idea who was in their group. (And we know that they know them anyway.) But, you’re right, just because we can’t see a character on screen shouldn’t mean that the other characters forget that person.

Just Jody: Yep. She’s out for the season. CC & DL mentioned that her story had nowhere to go right now, and I read an interview with Emile about what she was going to do in her year off from the show, so she’s definitely gone, but should not be forgotten! Especially since she will be back.

Then there’s the wacky time-skipping? First Daniel was all panicked about them getting to some sort of built structure before the next time flash and they were all in real trouble, and then they go through 2 more time flashes, and… nothing happens to them. Then they get to the hatch, and… nothing happens and they all go back to the beach? What was the point of any of that? I realize they needed Daniel to talk to Desmond, but that was kind of a stupid set-up just to make that happen?

Rae: Well, the first time Daniel wanted to hurry up and get to the hatch was because he wanted to figure out “when” they were at that moment before they flashed again. I can’t tell if he had some idea of how to change things or if it was just so he could keep track of the time frames? But that’s why he wanted to hurry up and get to something that had been there previously so he could figure out whether they’d gone forward or back in time before they moved again. I don’t think anything in particular is going to happen to them each time, it’s just going to keep doing that and it could, at times, put them in danger because they can’t be sure what’s going to be around them at any particular moment. Does that sorta make sense? And I’m thinking Charlotte’s being affected differently because she’s been on the island before… in fact, now I sorta wonder if what’s happening to her will happen to them all eventually but it’s accelerated in her case because she’s been on the island before when this happened? I dunno, that’s a stretch but I know she has a history with the island and I figure her history with it will come into play this season.

Just Jody: OK, I see what you’re saying, but really… aren’t the chances pretty high that any built structure they found wouldn’t actually be any different in any of the time periods they flashed too? That only works because it’s a hatch they blew up in the recent past. Otherwise it would look exactly the same no matter when they were, and there’s no real way for Daniel to know that this structure they’re going to has undergone such significant changes. So, I don’t know if the theory that he wanted to compare time periods fits exactly.

Rae: Yes and no. He could have wanted to see if any structure was there at all? It is true that it doesn’t give them an exact time. All you’d know is that it was AFTER the hatch was blown up but at what point after? I wonder if they will ever go into the future VS the past? Does the island have a future beyond when it was moved? Hmmm.

Just Jody: So, on my re-watch last night I realized that I was off on this. Sawyer did actually explain to Daniel that the hatch had been exploded, and Daniel said that was perfect. And it wasn’t explained, but now that I see it again, it’s clear he wanted to go there specifically to see the time differences. I don’t think the island could have a future ahead of where the survivors are now? Of course I didn’t think the island would disappear, so what do I know?

I do agree about Charlotte. I’m still of the belief that she was a child on the island, and that’s what I thought too when she got the nosebleed… maybe she’s supposed to be a little girl right now, and it’s messing up her system. Or something along those lines.

Rae: I think she was a child on the island too and I still think she may have been moved through time herself. Or, I suppose, it could again just be that time moves differently on and off the island. Wonder if we’ll find out if she has a constant? (I’ll bet ya Ben is her constant – which will be kind of funny since he tried to kill her at first.)

The part that confuses me, though, is why The Others weren’t affected by what is happening? And, if they’re not, where the heck are they? I mean, the island did disappear right? From the outside perspective it’s not like it stayed there and just the people on it shifted to a new time. The whole island disappeared and that’s what I don’t quite get with the stuff not going with them. I’d totally get it if we’re just talking about the people and for some reasons The Others had done something previously to stop themselves from time shifting… Of course, if that’s true, like you said why wouldn’t Juliet be the same way? And, see now, maybe I’m once again depending on their being a logical explanation. Either way, I want to know why The Others aren’t there too. And what does that mean for the Cabin and Claire?

Just Jody: I think the others are affected or Richard & Ethan wouldn’t have just disappeared on Locke when the time changed. But that brings me back to the question of why wasn’t Juliet likewise affected?? In the previouslies, they did make a point of showing Jack telling Juliet that she really was one of them because she wanted to get off the island more than anything else, so maybe it’s only those who choose to stay on the island that fall into the other category?

Rae: Hmmm, ok, good point. But they aren’t affected the same way obviously or they would have appeared again with John. This part of the whole thing gets confusing to me. I could keep making wild guesses but I know it’ll just drive me crazy and I should wait to see how it plays out.

Just Jody: I think the Others are going back to where they were at the time that island flips too. Locke and the other survivors weren’t on the island at that time, so they just stay wherever they were at the time. I noticed on the re-watch that not just Richard, but ALL the Others disappeared on John when the time flipped the first time, so it is affecting them all.

But you brought up another issue I have with the time change thing… WHY would the island disappear at ALL if they were really only moving back and forth in time? Technically, it should just stay there and the things on it should change. Unless – and this is the only thing I could come up with – the island was actually in different places in each of those time periods. Like it moves both in time and in space? But that doesn’t really seem to be what they’re saying happens. Where’s Hiro when you need him?

Rae: See. EXACTLY. It is possible that it’s in different places. I mean, Daniel did say he’d have to figure out new coordinates for them to get off the island again. I’m guessing they’d have to do that every time they flash. So maybe this will explain for the time difference between the places? Weird. Again, gonna have to see how it plays out I guess. PS: Well, if the island does move Hiro wouldn’t be much help! You could end up in the water when he tries to take you there! Although I guess he concentrates on the place AND time so I guess it would work. I wonder if he can tell if a place has moved over time?

Ok, that’s getting me sidetracked… but before I move on let me address your question about the shirt. I think the other guy was actually holding the shirt or had the shirt with him maybe? I don’t think it’s like the one lone piece of the camp that didn’t disappear. I got the distinct impression that the guy had it at some point there and that’s why it wasn’t disappearing. I don’t know why they couldn’t leave him shirtless though! Silly show.

Just Jody: OK, then… that’s a bit of a fanwank, but I’ll let it go and accept your answer!

Rae: One thing I really liked about the whole thing was how Myles explain how they can’t change what happened in the past. I don’t think he’s right about interacting with people but what he said goes along with what Desmond found out when he kept trying to save Charlie or change things he knew were going to happen. Even if you try to change things, the Universe seems to self-correct and make sure it happens anyway. You know me, I like continuity and that worked with what we knew so I was happy about that.

Just Jody: Yes, I liked that too. And I was glad they stressed it because otherwise it leads to a whole bunch of what if’s that would make things too messy. Just like Juliet said, why wouldn’t they go back and warn them about the exploding boat, etc. etc. My first thought was that we could get Jin back… of course when you consider the great big spoiler CC & DL let slip during the recap hour, that’s probably not an issue anyway.

Rae: I missed the spoiler… but they’ve been so good at being vague about whether he’s alive or not, saying that he appears this season but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Did they confirm it either way in the recap show?

Just Jody: Yes, they did. I don’t think they really meant to, but CC said that Sun is having a hard time in her journey right now because she is believing that her husband has died and is living with that grief. Or something along those lines, but it seemed pretty clear he’s still alive. Also, if you freeze frame the boat explosion from the season finale, it really looks like someone swam away from the boat. Jin knew it was going to explode so it makes sense he would have tried to get off the boat.

Rae: Ahh, ok. I think I did see that actually but I thought they were being vague in the sense of only referring to what Sun thinks rather than what they may or may not know. But using the world “believe” is kind of telling.

I’m ashamed to admit that I had to look up Ms. Hawking. I was pretty sure we had met her before but I know her from other shows and none of us could remember when we would have seen her on the show before… even Mo who was just watching season 3 last week! Haha. Maybe she fell asleep during that episode! Anyway, I knew we must know who she is… but I’d like to know if she’s going to turn out to be Daniel’s mom or not. If so, how the heck did Ben get to Oxford so quickly? If she’s not, I’m going to assume she’s in LA but with the accent and just the feel of her whole scene, I suspect she’s the one Desmond needs to see.

Just Jody: You should really not be ashamed, because I still barely have any idea what anybody is talking about with this Ms. Hawking. I don’t remember her at ALL, and wouldn’t have even had a clue I was supposed to if it wasn’t for the comments I read today. This was the part I had to rewind three times because I kept falling asleep though, so it’s not surprising I didn’t remember anything.

Rae: HAHA, but I do! Feel ashamed that is… I just re-watched the whole series! I certainly wouldn’t have remembered if I hadn’t. Of course, I didn’t see that exact episode so I don’t feel all that ashamed about it.

Ok, here are some other thoughts I had…

The opening scene and it being the Orientation dude. Totally meant to fake us out and think it was Jin, mean showrunners, but I still liked it.

Just Jody: Ha! I was not at all faked out by that… Candle’s head just does not look like Jin’s. I did think that maybe they wanted us to think it was Jin, but it was clear they were in an Other house, and Jin never was in one, and the town is now destroyed so I knew it couldn’t be him.

Rae: I actually didn’t think it was him and as soon as we saw the house, I knew it was an Other house. I just liked that they were purposely not showing us who it was for that reason.

What about Daniel being there during the building of The Orchid? The question i… did he travel back to that time or is that scene going to coincide with when he and the others are flashed to that time? I assume it’ll probably be a little while before we see how that plays out.

Just Jody: I don’t think he travelled back in time. I think it’s one of the times they all flashed to during the time skip that they’re in. Although I did wonder a little if he was actually one of the ones on the island back then, making him a returnee just like Charlotte. They did have that scene last year where they were playing the weird game of memory on the beach that didn’t make sense, so maybe he was there before?

Rae: Hmmm, maybe? It makes sense to me, though, that it’ll be one of the times they flashed to that moment and that’ll be revealed to us later. I thought when they were playing the weird game of memory it was to test his memory at that time because he was having trouble? But maybe I need to re-watch that part to see how it played out.

Just Jody: No, you’re right. Daniel clearly looks like he’s trying to hide from the other Darhma workers in the Orchid station, and he also has the same hair/beard as he does now, so I don’t think he was actually in the 70′s at all. Also, considering that he knows Ben started the time issue by doing something in the Orchid station, it makes sense that he would try and go there to see what was up.

Rae: Ethan shooting Locke. Oh, yeah, still have my healthy dislike of Locke.

Just Jody: I don’t like Ethan! So I wasn’t so happy with that. Not that I love Locke, but Ethan strung Charlie from a tree and tried to take Aaron multiple times! He’s a bad, bad man. I was wondering if the shot was going to paralyze Locke again though.

Rae: Haha, well I didn’t mean that I like Ethan. But I don’t like Locke either. I had the same thought about the shot! Especially since theoretically the island is “broken” at the moment so maybe its healing powers were screwy. (I actually wondered this when Rose and Bernard were going crazy looking for each other too.)

Just Jody: I was wondering about the fact that Rose & Bernard were on different parts of the island for the first 2 seasons. Would they be separated again if they went back to that time?

Rae: Uh, well I was operating under the assumption that if they went back to that time they’d just be seeing themselves as they were at that time. Like Locke seeing the Ethan from that time on the island. So, no, I don’t think they’ll be seperated.

Which reminds me, I like the flashing in and out of things we know happened on the island but never got to see happen, like the plane crashing. I could put up with more of the flashing through time if it means getting to find out a little more about the different things that we know happened on the island. Could they use this to explain the four-toed statue? Hmmm?

Just Jody: I’m hoping this is going to help explain Adam & Eve that they found in the caves way back when.

Rae: Ooh! Good one!

How about Richard’s, “It points north, John.” Heh. I need to go back and re-watch the episode where Richard comes to see Locke as a boy. I’m pretty sure the compass is the thing Locke was supposed to pick from the objects on the table but I’m not sure I understand the significance of him not picking it and why Richard would want him to recognize it at that point.

Just Jody: First – Yes! That was pretty funny. And Second – Damn! That’s brilliant! I didn’t even think about the compass being from that episode. Good catch. All this talk has made me really, really want the S4 DVDs so I can go back and check on this. Might be time to use my Amazon b-day GC.

Rae: I only thought of it because Mona and Greg had been discussing that scene with Locke before the premiere started and how Mona didn’t get that whole thing. So it was fresh in my mind when Richard gave him that compass and I remembered it being one of the items on the table.

Locke had to die to get The Six to come back to the island but will them bringing his body back mean there’ll be a way he can be revived? Besides the fact that dead people who end up on the island seem to be alive and well. Jack’s father anyone? Interesting if you think about it… dying on the island doesn’t stop you from appearing to other people who were on the island with you but maybe those who have died elsewhere and then are brought to the island can be brought back to life somehow? Again, totally just bs-ing here but there does seem to be something about death and the island that isn’t quite final.

Just Jody: OH! During my lunch-time Lost pow-wow with co-workers, we came up with a great theory as to why Locke has to die to get back to the island! I’m of the belief that Widmore was on the island before Ben, and he turned the big wheel and got booted, never to return. Which would explain why he is looking for, but can’t find/get back to the island. Then Ben does the same thing, and he can’t get back either. I bet that because Locke has destroyed all their other means of transportation, that turning the big wheel is now the ONLY way to get off the island. For whatever reason, the O6 needs to get back to stop the problems they’re experiencing, which means that someone needs to get off the island to get them. So, Locke turns the big wheel and gets kicked off the island never to return. UNLESS he’s dead. Which could even explain why the plane crashed there in the first place… What if Jack’s Dad had turned the big wheel in his past as well? Could the fact that his dead body was on the plane be what drew it to the airspace over the island in the first place? Could it be that the only way back to the island for someone who was booted is to die? That doesn’t explain why Anna-Lucia, Charlie or Libby can be seen after their death, but it could explain Christian.

Rae: I agree that Widmore was definitely on the island prior to Ben. I’m not sure how I get why they’re allowed to return after they’re dead? Or why they’d be drawn there. But if the connection is Christian, it DOES make sense. But why would Ben need Locke in that instance? I mean, I guess the theory is that Jack would be more likely to return Locke I guess but couldn’t Ben get back in teh same way? By being dead? I think the key might be WHERE they die. The people that can be seen after their death all died on the island with the exception of Jack’s dad. But he’s only been seen by Jack and Claire, right? AND, if coming back to the island means he’d be alive again, then maybe they are actually seeing him and not a dead person like the others. I dunno, I’m talking myself in circles. I’m gonna have to think on this some more. It does explain why Widmore didn’t immediately head out to the freighter once they figured out how to get on the island. Maybe he’s well aware that he has to be dead to get back now that he’s off? But does that mean turning the wheel doesn’t have the same result every time? I need to think about this idea some more…

Just Jody: I don’t think Ben did need Locke. I think Locke needed Ben. Or else who was going to recruit the O6 after Locke died? Ben seemed sure he was leaving the island for good when he turned the wheel, and he did tell Jack that Locke had already come to see him when they were in the funeral parlor with Locke’s body.

Rae: Completely unrelated to that, I saw someone elsewhere guess that maybe the whispering people kept hearing was actually our current group being moved through time on the island. Again, not sure how that would work but it sure sounds cool if nothing else.

Just Jody: Don’t know if I can buy that theory. The whispering always happens right before the others ambush someone, so I think that’s them making a game plan. Like “Psst! I’m in place now. Bob are you in your tree?”

Rae: True. I’m sure it’s something more like that but I liked the idea. It is kind of weird to think of them flashing in and out of those past scenes now. Wonder if they’ll be able to play with that in some way.

If The Six have to go back, I assume that means everyone who left at the same time has to go back, right? I guess Desmond seems to be well on his path to returning to the island but what about Frank?

Just Jody: I don’t think Frank counts because he was never really “on” the island… he just stopped by picked people up and then left. Unless his time chained to the copter was enough? What I’m wondering about is Walt! If they all have to go back – even the dead guy – then shouldn’t Walt have to go back too? Also, speaking of Walt… Vincent! I was so surprised to see him. But nice that he’s back.

Rae: It’s funny, I didn’t remember Vincent not being around but that was the first thing Mo pointed out in that scene! She’s like, “There’s the dog. Where has he been this whole time?!”

Good point about Frank, he probably doesn’t count. But it does seem like Walt should be brought back too. Unless that’s different because Ben let him go earlier? I mean clearly it can’t depend on everyone still being kept there since Ben has let people leave. Not that I really get why they have to go back anyway. I mean, I think there’s something about them that’s the key at the moment but I’m not quite getting what that would be.

If it’s true that nothing shifts with them, how are the people on the island ever going to eat? Theoretically even if they eat the boar Myles used his powers to find, it should only satisfy them until the next time they flash. Same goes for any water they drink, etc. At first I thought it was smart to go back to the beach because it meant they might flash on a time when their stuff would be there but then not only would they potentially be flashing into a time when they already exist but they couldn’t really do much with the stuff they find on the beach at that point since it’ll disappear again once they flash. I guess that’s why they did need a way to explain Sawyer getting a shirt, even if it was lame. But I’m mostly concerned about them never truly being able to eat or sleep. Not that they can’t sleep but it’d be dangerous if they could flash at any time… I wonder the flashes are on any kind of schedule. Kinda like pushing the button every 108 minutes… whoa, wait a minute… Could those two things be related???

OK, I think we’ve talked this one out quite a bit for now. Let’s post and see if anyone else has more to add!

2 Responses to “She Said, She Said: We’re So Lost, 5×01 & 5×02”

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    Stella says:

    1. I think season five is using the 24 construct and will unfold over the allotted 70 hours. With flashbacks, etc. I think it will take the entire season to get the six back on the island.

    2. I don’t think Sun blames Ben for Jin’s death. How would she know about what happened in the Orchid with Keamy? I think the “other” person she blames (other than her evil father) is Widmore. She is using the “kill Benjamin Linus” thing to get close to Widmore so she can exact her revenge on him.

    3. I also don’t think Jin is dead based on what Cuse/Lindelof said about her “believing” Jin is dead.

    4. RE: the time shifts – Daniel explained that it was like a record skipping (which was highlighted with Dr. Chang aka Marvin Candle playing the vinyl album at the beginning of the episode). The island’s move caused the record (time) to “skip.”

    5. Daniel being in the Orchid is an indication that he time travels there–either by choice or because that’s where one of the “skips” lands him. I’m betting it’s by choice.

    6. RE: Frogurt’s shirt – At the beginning of the episode he was wearing it over his sweater. He must have taken it off 1. because it was too warm, 2. because it revealed better the “red shirt” underneath and 3. because Sawyer needed a shirt eventually.

    It gets cold on that island at night!

    7. I think Locke either isn’t dead or will be revived back on the island. Jack’s question to Ben “He’s dead isn’t he? went unanswered and Ben finding a safe and cool (meat locker) storage means that he’s trying to keep the body in good condition for some reason. Someone hypothesized that maybe Locke took some of that spider venom that did in Nikki and Paulo. Also might explain the 70 hour time deadline…

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    Rae says:

    1. Hmmm, interesting. It does make sense, I suppose, since we have no idea what’s been going on back at the island since the six left.

    2. Ooooh, good point!

    3. I’ve never really believed Jin was dead either… but that makes me doubt myself because I never seem to be right about these things.

    4. Well I get that it’s a like a record skipping but I guess what I want clarification on was the fact that the island moved first and THEN the record started skipping, so to speak.

    6. OH! I didn’t catch that. I did notice that some of the people on the boat had bags with them, which makes sense since they were headed to the freighter with the idea that they were going to be rescued and would take a few things with them. I just assumed it must have been something he had taken with him. Him having two things on makes a lot of sense though.

    7. OH, damn, I forgot about the spider venom. Dang those episodes I didn’t watch with Mona during the marathon! That really does make sense. If his death was what was going to spur everyone on, they just need to believe he’s dead.