ABDC S3, Ep 2: Was Your Favorite Crew Fit Enough?   

I didn’t talk about the premiere of America’s Best Dance Crew last week so this week it gets an entire post devoted to it.

I honestly can’t tell you why I love this show as much as I do and yet steer clear of so many other dance shows. Except, maybe, that I like the creativity element. I don’t know of any other dance show that gives the contestants so much control over what they have to do to make it to the next week. I like that these crews get something as simple as an exercise and have to create an entire routine around it. It gives a good glimpse into the personality of these guys each week.

Ok, enough waxing poetic about the show, let’s get on to last night’s dances. Ranked in order of how I liked ‘em. (Click on the name of a crew to view their routine on MTV.)

Strikers All-Stars

Strikers All-Stars in mid-dance on the second episode of BEST DANCE CREW on MTV.

BY FAR my favorite of the night. In fact, it was the one dance I stopped and re-watched a few times before moving on to the rest of the show. Now, I do love me some step but their dance also just had an energy to it that none of the others had. Plus, how sick was it when he rolled under all six of them?! That shit can’t be easy and they executed it perfectly. LOVE IT! And, as much as I disagree with Shane about Tallie making the right choice (No, really, the show isn’t going anywhere. I appreciate Tallie’s sense of responsibility to his crew but performing at Obama’s inauguration is something he can’t ever get back. So, yeah, totally disagree with Shane ont hat issue.), at least he got to be apart of a great performance instead.

Dynamic Edition

Dynamic Edition perform on the second episode of BEST DANCE CREW on MTV.

What can I say, I love this crew. They’re definitely the underdogs this season but I love that they were not in the bottom two so at least someone else out there is voting for them. And they did great this week, especially when you know that one of the girls, Cara, fainted right before they were supposed to dance. Craziness! Did you see how high they were getting their knees up? I don’t know about you, but I know I couldn’t have done that routine right after fainting. So kudos to her and them for a great performance.

Quest Crew

Quest Crew duke it out on BEST DANCE CREW on MTV.

This crew suffered a bit from being the first crew of the night. Because now that I’ve watched the video online a few times, I definitely like it a lot more than I did lsat night. I still agree with JC though (yay, for JC being back!), there was still something not quite cohesive about the whole thing. I loved lots of what they did but they just didn’t seem as tight as they could have been. I’m willing to concede, though, that the camera angles may have been partly to blame. Sometimes there would just be one person in the camera frame and I had no sense of what the others were doing at that time. I’m not a fan of that since this is about the crew and not each individual performer. That doesn’t mean they can’t have one person doing extra tricks, just means I still want to see that the others are doing something that goes along with it. Anywho! They still end up in my top three because they put a lot into the performance and had some sick moves in there. Plus, I loved that they actually based their choreography around the “idea” of their exercise instead of just finding a way to work that exercise into a routine.

Beat Freaks

The Beat Freaks on BEST DANCE CREW on MTV.

Here’s where the crews start to blend together for me. However, I liked these girls because of how in sync they were with each other throughout the entire routine. As opposed to the Fly Khicks, I could see their choreography and coordination. There was never a moment I felt like they were moving around the stage randomly and they had me bouncing my seat a little as I watched. Plus, like JC said, I thought they did an excellent job at making something out of such a vague and random exercise move.

Team Millennia

Team Millennia dances to save themselves on BEST DANCE CREW on MTV.

I’m not a big fan of this crew and I’m not even sure why. I guess because they have yet to really impress me and I’m not convinced they deserved their second chance yet. That said, loved the theme of this dance. Granted, I like zombies and we all know this but ’twas cute that they were celebrating having made it past auditions this time. I didn’t think they worked their exercise into the routine as well as some of the other crews but, overall, I liked what they did.

Fly Khicks

Fly Khicks in the air on BEST DANCE CREW on MTV.

Their outfits were cute. And I liked their music choice. Other than that, they were seriously lacking any choreography. It honestly looked like they were just sorta bouncing around the stage with no real organization. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they knew what they were doing at any given moment but it didn’t look that way. Also, I’ll be fair and say that they definitely embraced their exercise move. However, I rated them after Team Millennia, a team I don’t particularly care for, because at least TM had a clear story to tell with their routine. These girls definitely need to step it up if they expect to last in this competition.


The Ringmasters perform on BEST DANCE CREW on MTV.

I know this crew probably deserves to be higher on my list for their skill level alone. For instance, I wouldn’t want them to be eiliminated before other crews I just rated above them for this episode. BUT. I can’t lie. I don’t “get” this crew’s main schtick. All that popping of joints and bones just grosses me out. Don’t take that the wrong way, it’s not the guys. It’s an actual physical response I have to watching them contort their bodies that way. Literally has me cringing in my seat as I watch. That makes it a little hard to enjoy their routine, ya know? Anyway, I was happy that the judges all told them they need to do more choreography and work more actual dancing into their routines. That said, what the hell was up with JC assuring us that these are nice guys? No offense, JC, but don’t assume we’re judging them on looks. Geez.


Boxcuttuhs get eliminated on BEST DANCE CREW on MTV.

And, finally, the Boxcuttuhs. I didn’t put them lst just because they were eliminted. I was less than impressed with their routine. I’m not even sure what they were trying to do with that dance. It came across like they didn’t really know what to do with their task and just threw things together and hoped it worked. And I know it’s hard to explain “the energy” of a dance but something about this one just didn’t work for me. So, all in all, I had to agree with the judge’s decision to send them home. That said, they took it very gracefully and I do love that. It’s one of the things I do enjoy about this show. The crews always seem sincerely grateful to have been given the opportunity to participate whether they win or not.

And that wraps up this week, is it next Thursday yet?

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