TV Update: Shows I’m Not Loving & Some I Am   

Tyne Daly as Mama McDreamy on GREY'S ANATOMY.I’ve found myself being pretty hard on TV lately. For instance, I’ve completely let go for Brothers & Sisters. Deleted my series recording and everything! Ditto for Desperate Housewives. I did tape last night’s DH because the promos looked intriguing. Then people were complimentary on Twitter and I thought, what the heck, I’m going to check it out. Only I couldn’t get through ten minutes of it which just proves I was right to let go of it now that I’ve ceased to care about any of the characters on the show.

But that’s not all! People kept saying this past week’s Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice were great and both had me bored before their respective hours were up. Although, the casting of Tyne Daly as McDreamy’s mom? Inspired! When they were sitting next to each other on the bench and she kissed his head? Man, she really looked like his mother. Anyway, I’m just not into pretty much anyone’s story on GA anymore. I’m not hating it like everyone else, I’m just not engaged like I have been in the past.

Meanwhile, Ugly Betty wasn’t on and I didn’t care! What’s my TV viewing come to?!

Neela wonders how changing her decisions could change the outcome of her day on the latest ER.On the flip side, ER has been rather lackluster for me the past few episodes but I really liked this latest one. Possibly because Neela’s one of the few characters left that I actually invested in and I got a little hint of Neela/Ray mixed in as well. But mostly because I love it when shows play with their narrative and I loved the day repeating over and over again as Neela played out how things would have turned out differently had she made different choices. I especially loved that we never found exactly what did happen. At this point I’m just seeing the show through to the end but I do love it when they surprise me with something new.

Now onto the other shows I’ve watched in the last few days…

Supernatural, 4×11: “Family Remains”
Reaction to this one seems to be mixed but I loved it. Look, my favorite aspect of the show has always been the week-to-week stories. I’m a fan of horror movies so I love having a mini-horror movie to watch each week. Especially since they do it so well. That said, i can’t argue that focusing on the overall arc has made the show stronger than ever before and that’s why I liked that they worked that into the story as well. But mostly, I just loved how it continued to freak me out as I watched. That scene where the girl was getting her hand licked? MAJOR HEEBEE JEEBEES, you guys!!! I literally had to pause the DVR while I had a mini-freakout about it. Then the crawling through the walls? Oy to the vey. They were hitting so many of my phobias. So, in conclusion, I love me some Jeremy Carver penned episodes. All hail The Carver.

Psych, 3×11: “Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing”
Shawn and Gus try to give Lassie a pep talk on PSYCH.This is just one of my favorite shows at the moment. Of all the shows on my DVR, it’s one of the few I refuse to delete week after week. Totally loved Lassie having to come to the boys for help this week. Lassie and the police dog exchanging looks from their respective backseats? Hilarious. The Kenny Loggins jokes cracked me up… yeah, yeah, shows my age… whatever! It’s stupid but I loved Shawn’s whole spiel when Juliet asked how he’d feel if something happened to Gus, mostly because I’m the smart ass who replies the same way to vague statements like that. Also, Lassie’s horror at Juliet driving? Classic. One favorite jokes of the night had to be: “I have curds and wheys.” Or maybe, “Why do I ever bother to get mani/pedis?!” Although, the cupcake thing also cracked me up. (Do you see why I love this show, it all makes me laugh!) Shawn’s anger at Lassie thinking the text came from him? Funny stuff. However, I’m almost ashamed to admit I laughed at this the most, “Chief, I think you can. I think you can. I think you can.” Heh. Oh, show, I adore you.

The L Word, 6×01: “Long Night’s Journey Into Day”
Uh, yeah, so that happened. I’m not really feeling the set up to this season so far. Not that I care that Jenny’s been killed. Y’all know I feel about her. And it’s not like her death means I won’t have to deal with her all season. Just the opposite! Because I’m pretty sure every episode is going to be about setting up how each and every person present at the party during which she dies had a reason to want to kill her. Although, really, they’ve been present for all the other seasons so they’ve had reasons for wanting her dead for years already. (Yes, my Jenny hate is that strong.) I did think what Shane did was wrong but how long is it going to take Shane to figure out that Jenny’s freak out was because she had just realized she loved Shane? You know what, thank God I don’t have to suffer through that pairing! Anyway, I just dread the focus of the season being all about Jenny’s death. ESPECIALLY if the spin-off gets picked up and we’ll all know how it’s going to turn out anyway. I don’t care that they tried to vague things up by saying the person who ends up in jail in the spin-off may not actually be guilty. Whatever. It still means we know who gets arrested. Hmmmm, I suspect we’ve found the real root of my issues with the show at the moment. Well that and I’m kinda over the season always starting with Shane fucking up in a huge way and her spending the rest of the season looking for someone to “love” to help drag her back from the edge. I love Shane but enough! Let her have some real character development already. Especially since is the last season it can happen.

Toni Collette plays Tara as Buck on UNITED STATES OF TARA.United States of Tara, 1×01: “Pilot”
As awesome as I think Toni Collette is in the show, I wasn’t nearly as wowed by this as everyone else in the TV blogosphere. Doesn’t mean it won’t grow on me but, so far, I’m not loving it. I think it’s going to be of those shows that is so well done that it’s actually painful for me to watch. If I were a fictionally character, I’d totally be an empath. So, yeah, I’ll keep watching but I’m not sure I’m in it for the long haul. Sorry, TV buds.

The Big Bang Theory, 2×13: “The Friendship Algorithm”
I actually watched this one with my Dad and I don’t think I’ve ever realized just how many jokes in the show depend on you having some knowledge of the characters and the show’s basic conceit. The jokes are still mildly amusing but definitely don’t pack as much of a punch. About half of the show had me laughing at things that were very specific to the characters and my Dad quirking a puzzled eyebrow. That said, I laughed at this episode but, alas, I wouldn’t say it was a BBT classic. Which is a shame because it seems like a Sheldon quest to figure out how to make friends would be a guaranteed home run.

How I Met Your Mother, 4×13: “Three Days of Snow”
Hee, I loved the telepathic conversation so much!! SO SO MUCH!! I don’t even know why… probably NPH’s eyebrow dance to the song in his head. I also loved the guys screwing up the drink stuff and their, “Next time.” But, like The Big Bang Theory, this was a hit or miss episode for me. The Lily and Marshall story didn’t really do much for me at all until the band showed up. Loved how it all came together and Marshall recreating New Year’s Eve was incredibly sweet. I do love the couple-y moments with those two. I know I laughed at a few more things but nothing’s standing out in my mind. OH! I do have to mention that, like ER, I do praise the show for playing with the timeline and surprising us with how it all played out by revealing that it was happening over several different days. They were right, I had forgotten that Ted said up front it was a three day storm. I think it was when Lily’s flight arrived early rather than being delayed like I assumed it would that I stopped thinking about how things would play out or maybe I would have caught on that something was funky. Either way, I love that this show constantly plays with their narrative and still manage to surprise me every single time. Good on them.

Whew! That’s more TV talk than I’ve done in awhile! Thanks to Just Jody for that. Discussing Heroes with her via email last week reminded me just how much I love to talk about what I’m watching, even when I’m not loving it. Time to get back in the habit. So… what’ve you been watching lately?

PS: I know I should probably be into the Inauguration and all but really? Fringe is new tomorrow night! Woo to the freaking hoo!

10 Responses to “TV Update: Shows I’m Not Loving & Some I Am”

  1. 1
    afrocurl says:

    The Inauguration will be well over by the time Fringe is on. I got a screener the other week, and I can say it’s a nice episode to come back to. I should really talk about it somewhere soon.

  2. 2
    Anita says:

    Don’t watch most of the others, but Psych is a show where I can watch it again and again and still laugh! I think my favorite part was Shawn’s disgust that Lassie really thought the text came from him when there was not emoticons or sarcasm. I actually had a mental show crossover and could hear Veronica adding, “It’s like you don’t know me at all!”

    I enjoyed SPN, but it’s hard to meet the level set by ‘Heaven and Hell’, IMO. It probably didn’t help that I was getting this ‘Flowers in the Attic’ vibe, so I guessed the plot immediately.

  3. 3
    Michelle says:

    I feel the same way about “L Word” – I can’t stand Jenny and the fact that every episode is going to be about this manipulative witch is almost enough to get me to swear off it. But I still love the other characters enough to keep watching. Plus adding Lucy Lawless as the police officer was interesting – hopefully we’ll see her in more eps along the way.

    I loved the “US of Tara” more than I thought I would. I love the dialogue and I think Toni was brilliant in the way she made each personality definitive yet you could still see the original woman underneath. Plus the scene where the son went all medieval on the goth guy was hilarious. I’m sold enough to add it to my weekly playlist.

    Psych, 3×11 was another great ep, too. I love all the references to the 80s stuff – kinda like Dennis Miller on Ritalin.

    I cried at the end of CSI this last week. Sweet ending but still, no Grissom is sad. I’m liking Fishburne’s addition to the cast, though, and I’m hoping they bump up Lauren Lee’s character, too.

    I’m watching the new ep of “Big Love” right now, and so far, so good.

    Otherwise I’ve spent most of the week overjoyed at finding on demand and the Chiller channel added to the Brighthouse lineup. Now if only they’d add Starz on demand.

  4. 4
    Sandie says:

    First Supernatural, I was one of those people who didn’t really like it and that’s mostly because I hate horror movies, so definitely a no-no for me. Too freaky.

    As for United States of Tara, I felt the same way about the first episode, it was just ok to me, but after watching the next 3 episodes, I got into it a lot more, so don’t give up on it yet.

  5. 5
    Rae says:

    Roz: Oh, I know it’ll be over but several networks still have Inauguration celebration stuff airing. That’s what I meant… that I haven’t watched any of it yet and don’t plan to watch any of it tonight. :)

    Good to hear this is a good ep of Fringe to come back to… the clips I’ve seen have me excited.

  6. 6
    Rae says:

    Anita: Hahaha, I actually kind of expected Shawn to say that too! It was kind of the “unsaid” comment he was making.

  7. 7
    Rae says:

    Michelle: Oh, I’ll keep watching too. I forgot to list Lucy Lawless as the person investigating the murder as pretty darn good reason to put up with the episodes largely revolving around Jenny and who she has pissed off this time.

    I’ve heard from multiple people, including Sandie here, that the next 3 eps of US of Tara only gets better so I’m hoping I’ll warm to it. The real issue for me issue is that I get uncomfortable very easily and I was squirming in my seat the entire time that T was around and then almost couldn’t handle watching Buck at the recital because I was afraid he’d do something to embarass the daughter. That kind of stuff will make it hard for me to watch.

    Awww, I’ve heard from several people that the CSI ending was sad. I don’t watch regularly but I did mean to watch that episode to see how he left. Will have to look for it online.

    I’ve definitely heard good things about Big Love this season. The last person I saw who recommended it say to watch even if you’d given up on a previous season. It’s not my cup of tea but I’ll be interested to see if that quality keeps up this season.

    Wait. They’ve added Chiller?! How did I not notice this… I sense a great big ole’ time suck for me ahead!

  8. 8
    Rae says:

    Sandie! It feels like forever since I’ve talked to you.

    Ok, well I can definitely understand not loving it if you don’t like horror movies. However, I’m pretty sure they’ll be back to the arc soon enough… I figure they have to do a couple of non-arc-y episodes to make sure they don’t run out of story too quickly.

    OK, will not give up on USoT yet. I wasn’t going to, of course, but you’re not the first person to tell me to stick it out for a few more episodes. It helps that I’ve given up all my other Sunday shows at this point so my schedule is clear for L Word and USoT.

  9. 9
    Vance says:

    Yah, Tara gets better. Too much exposition in the pilot. But it’s worth sticking to it.

    I hope B&S gets better cause I’ve been bored lately. And people loved PP and GA last week? Really? I was bored to tears. I didn’t mind DH but it could/should have been better (considering the “special” ep). though am I the only one still loving Betty?

  10. 10
    Just Jody says:

    As you already know both DH & B&S made it to my dropped list as well, and although I’m not hating Grey’s, I certainly don’t love it anymore either. There’s just nothing about USofTara that appeals to me so I haven’t even tried it. *Skipping all the L-Word talk for one more week!*

    On to the shows I actually watched! TBBT is really growing on me. I actually think I laughed more at it than I did at HIMYM this week. It’s funny that you mention that about having to know the characters to get many of the jokes, because I found that to be the case with myself. Now that I ‘know’ Sheldon, i find him hilarious, but I didn’t always get it before. Yet, Brad who has just starting watching it w. me has been LOL at both the episodes he’s seen.

    HIMYM – Haha. I’d have to say the love of the telepathic conversation may have something to do w. Dr. Horrible? Because all I could think of while Barney was doing that was Dr. H vlogging. :) Loved that Marshall and Robin got buried by the plow – although Robin should have known that would happen – it’s a common occurrence in snowy places. And I actually got all weepy at the end there… as soon as the 2nd guy stood up with the trumpet(?) I knew where they were going and it was weep city. I do kinda wish they hadn’t announced the ladies pregnancies though – I find it very distracting now, and probably wouldn’t notice if they hadn’t made it public.