Characters Unite on USA   

I know, I know, I’m gonna have to change the name of this blog to Ramblings of a USA whore soon. But, seriously, I do love them and things like this are why…

A campaign for unity and mutual respect is definitely something I can get behind. Here’s an excerpt from the press release about the campaign:

CHARACTERS UNITE will be launched on Martin Luther King Day, Monday, January 19. The on-air and on-line campaign will kick-off with aggressive call-to-action promos asking Americans, despite their individual differences, to sign an online pledge for unity and mutual respect. Those who pledge will have the chance to see their names featured on future CHARACTERS UNITE promos during USA Network broadcasts and on a rolling ticker online.

The pledge will serve as the digital centerpiece for the launch. Surrounding the pledge will be information about the program and its advisory partners, simple actions people can do in their daily lives to combat intolerance and prejudice, community features where people can share their personal stories and ideas, as well as an interactive Facebook application.

An integral element of the CHARACTERS UNITE social action plan is to establish an annual poll to take the nation’s pulse on issues and attitudes related to intolerance and prejudice. With the purpose of publishing results and leading a national discussion, USA Network will partner with a leading research company to create a national omnibus survey to probe current attitudes surrounding racial, religious, and cultural differences in the USA.

I pledged. What about you?

One Response to “Characters Unite on USA”

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    Randy Reynard says:

    We’re all the same – under the skin.

    But, I’m tired of hearing my black friends say Obama’s their “brother”, he’s not.

    It’s attitudes that cause racial friction, not skin color.