TV Advent 2008: Day 22, A Kinkade/Winchester Christmas   

RTVW TV Advent Calendar #22Today’s item comes to us via the Dean & Sam LJ community and [info]maichan808. It’s a flash animation of Sam & Dean in a Kinkade painting with an extra little surprise if you stick around for a few seconds. Enjoy the falling snow and wait for the end of the audio. Ahhh, I do love me those Winchester boys. Click on the painting below to be to view the flash animation.

Click to view a Kinkade-style Supernatural greeting.

3 Responses to “TV Advent 2008: Day 22, A Kinkade/Winchester Christmas”

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    Ducky says:

    Aahahahahahahaahahahah genius

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    Harper47 says:


  3. 3
    Spadada says:

    It’s beautiful!