Friday Fun: TV Secret Santas   

Figure out the Santas below in our new Friday Fun.And Friday Fun returns! Sorry about falling down on the job lately. However, I think today’s item is kinda fun. In honor of the holidays, we’ve got a little Secret Santa matching game for you.

Identify the “Santa” that gave each of the characters below the gift listed. These are pretty easy so I’m only using first names to identify a character to make it a little more challenging.

  1. Veronica gets five hundred and twelve gigawatts of RAM, an eighty something or other hard drive, a, a…
  2. Eric gets a Marlin sweatshirt.
  3. Sheldon gets an autographed (dirty) napkin.
  4. Seth gets Wonder Woman.
  5. Joey gets a drum set.
  6. Lily gets an Easy-Bake Oven.
  7. April gets a rock polisher.
  8. Dean gets an amulet.
  9. Sarah gets a charm bracelet for good luck.
  10. Pam gets a teapot with a message inside.

There are lots of holiday episodes out there so, if you’ve got a good Secret Santa for us, expand this list by sharing it in the comments below!

2 Responses to “Friday Fun: TV Secret Santas”

  1. 1
    afrocurl says:

    1. Daddy Mars
    4. Summer
    8. Sam

  2. 2

    1. Mac
    3. Penny
    6. Marshall
    9. Chuck