CHUCK Thoughts: “See, I knew you could be heartwarmed.”   

Morgan in his elf outfit? HILARIOUS!

Morgan dresses as an elf in CHUCK VS SANTA CLAUS.

I also really loved that Casey and Chuck are among the only Buy More employees not wearing some kind of costume. Although, admittedly, it would have been a hoot to see Casey as an elf. But we know damn well that Casey would never let himself be bulled into that and it made sense that in the one episode where none of our core three have to be dressed as anyone else, almost everyone else is in “disguise.”

It seemed weird they waited until Christmas Eve to set up their Santa Village but I suppose there’s nothing to say the store hasn’t been decorated and the Santa Village was just an extra marketing push on Big Mike’s part. It’s such a small nitpick that I don’t really care.

How can I get my hands on one of those Christmas Buy More pins the elves were wearing? I *so* want one. Also, can someone please tell me what footage they were using for the car chase?

When Ellie and Awesome showed up at store, I knew we were having a “hurricane” episode (ok, that’s not what it’s called but I always think of the Dawson’s Creek hurricane episode as an example of these episodes, the budget-savers that force everyone to stay in one location for the duration of the episode). I’m impressed they managed to make this one of my favorite episodes. These Chuck writers are pretty damn talented.

There were certainly lots of laughs in the episode. Anna demanding that everyone pay up when Ned crashes into Buy More, everyone pointing to Chuck when Ned wants to know who’s in charge, Casey’s disappointment at not being able to use his new gun, the Die Hard shout-outs, Casey’s horror having his toe shot off after having survived so many battles unscathed, and Chuck’s reaction to Ned letting Sarah go. Hahaha. The list goes on and on and on.

Chuck says goodbye to Ellie on CHUCK.But what I really loved where the more touching moments of the episode. Chuck arranging it so everyone gets to call their loved ones and then calling Sarah because he knows she doesn’t have anyone to call (and giving her his Mom’s charm bracelet) and then Chuck’s goodbye to Ellie. I’m not going to lie. Both of them made me cry. It’s a well established fact that I’m a sap but I still love it when a show can move me to tears.

Now, I can’t say I was surprised by Lt. Mauser being a FULCRUM agent. Or maybe I was surprised by him being FULCRUM but, as soon as Casey and Sarah left the store, I knew Chuck was going to flash on something. And if I’d been paying attention to my own nitpicks, I would have clued into the fact that Mauser knowing to call Nathan “Ned” during that first phone call was probably a hint they were working together. Instead I just assumed it was a goof on the writers’ part.

HOWEVER, the twist worked nicely to change the entire tone of the episode. For once in a very long time, I actually worried about Chuck and what was going to happen to him. We’re about to go into a long hiatus so I wouldn’t have been surprised if Chuck had been whisked off in that truck and we left to wonder if FULCRUM had finally succeeded in getting their hands on the Intersect.

That said, I thought having Chuck watching Sarah take Mauser down in cold blood was a much better way to go. I know some people don’t get why that’s a big deal, after all we already know she’s killed in the past. There’s a big difference, though, in knowing someone’s killed someone and watching them do it. There’s an even bigger difference in knowing someone’s killed in self-defense and watching them shoot someone point-blank in the head, especially when that someone appears to be surrendering and helpless at that moment. And, honestly, I don’t think it’s something that’s resolved by explaining why she did it. In a way, it makes it worse. Because who wants someone else killing in cold blood for them? Take it from me, that’s not romantic.

Even worse? The lie rolls off her tongue so easily in the very next scene. And Chuck knows.Sarah shoots FULCRUM agent Mauser on CHUCK.

“What do you do when you see your girlfriend do something so horrific it gets permanently burned into your brain?”

For me, this is a much better obstacle for these two characters. It’s hard to buy that they can’t try to have a relationship when they so clearly feel something for each other. The fact that they’re from two different worlds is hard to buy when they’re both living in the same world at the moment. But this was a harsh reminder of just how different Sarah’s world is from Chuck’s and it’s something tangible I can understand being an issue.

Bonus points for all the parallelism in the episode.

Awesome wanting his life to be more dangerous as we get to see just how dangerous Chuck’s life has become. Imagine how Ellie would be if she knew what were really going on with Chuck?! Morgan and the mis-understanding about Lester and Anna’s kiss. And, yet, even knowing the truth behind what happened wouldn’t erase what Morgan and Chuck saw.

The only concern I have now is how the writers will address the idea of FULCRUM wanting to know what’s going happening at Buy More. If it’s true that they wouldn’t have left Mauser rotting in a jail cell, they probably won’t take too kindly to his death either. I hope they don’t plan to let the issue drop. Especially since they’re the ones who opened the door on this complication…

So, what’d you think? Did you love it as much as I did or do you think I’m letting myself be blinded by my love?

3 Responses to “CHUCK Thoughts: “See, I knew you could be heartwarmed.””

  1. 1
    Just Jody says:

    I loved it times infinity!

    I laughed so hard at Morgan in the elf suit that we had to rewind the whole beginning and watch again so we could hear what they were saying. SO many other great laughs (Lester’s face as he called the smutline, Chuck yelling NO at Sarah leaving, Lester getting flipped…) and sweet moments and then WHAM! they hit you with the tragic Chuck/Sarah issues. Absolute TV Brilliance.

    I wish every episode of Chuck came out on DVD immediately after it aired so I’d always have the complete collection to watch over & over.

  2. 2
    Rae says:

    Heh. Morgan.

    I feel the same. I have ‘em all saved on my DVR but I’m eventually going to have to delete them.

  3. 3
    Harper47 says:

    I adored this episode. It was so well done. I echo every word you say about the beginning and then the change in tone and the obstacle of the shooting/lie. And you didn’t even mention Die Hard in your review!

    This really was a perfect Christmas episode for this show. Very well done.