Here’s Hoping You Didn’t Get Any Chumash Diseases   

Happy Thanksgiving!Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a great day, even if you weren’t one of us celebrating Thanksgiving. And, hey, I have leftover chocolate cream pie at my place… first come, first serve!

I’m grateful for so much that it’d be impossible to list it all and not miss something. I love my family and I’m glad that we all made it through the year fairly unscathed (figuratively and literally). My friends, both online and off, are what get me through the days so I can never express enough gratitude for them for being there and for not murdering me when I get too annoying. And all of you, whether you fall into those first two categories or not, I’m ever so grateful that you’re here reading and enjoying the blog. Without you, I’d never have had the fun opportunities this blog has given me over the past few years and they have opened my eyes to new passions. So, thank you, for hanging around here… especially during those times when the blog takes a backseat to everything else in life (case in point, the past month and a half).

OK, ok, enough with the heavy stuff… I’m also thankful to my TV and all the joys it gives me. Like:

  • The Residents of Buy Moria: Oh, Chuck Bartowski, how I love thee. Chuck makes every Monday a little bright and easier to endure. I’m not sure what I’ll do without the show to keep me company during January (like the holiday letdown isn’t enough, now I have to deal with no Bartowski too???). Maybe I’ll just spend those days downloading all of the music the show has made me love, like the song from the scene between Chuck and Sarah at the end of “Chuck Versus the Break-Up.”

  • Getting the Winchesters Back… And better than ever. This season has been outstanding and I’m loving it. So I’m grateful to have the Winchesters back. BUT! More importantly, I’m thankful that we’ve gotten their bare backs as well! Seriously? Sam and Dean backage? Hottest. Nakedness. Ever. Don’t believe me? See below:

  • The Filthy Rich: This one’s pretty simple. I just want to thank the CW for bringing Megan Smith into my life. I could give or take almost all of the rest of the cast of Privileged but I adore Joanna Garcia as Megan. I love tuning in to see what she’s up to every week and I’m grateful that we’ve gotten the chance to get to know this lovely and quirky woman. Here’s hoping we get to know her a lot better in many more seasons!
  • Ebony & Ivory: Oh Shawn and Gus… how did I ever survive without you?

  • Dr. Horrible: Ok, this one’s bit of a cheat. Technically my TV didn’t give me this one… unless you count TV existing and therefore needing writers and those writers coming together on the issues and coming up with cool things they can do online. If you’re counting that then my TV totally gave me the awesomeness that is Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Six months later and I still can’t get the songs out of my head. I even put the DVD on my Christmas list and it doesn’t even exist yet! So, yeah, I’m grateful for Dr. Horrible and his desire to TAKE OVER THE WORLD. I’m still waiting for the keys to my shiny new Australia though…

    Dr. Horrible

This is late because I kept getting interrupted (for turkey, for pie, for phone calls from friends and family, etc., etc.) so I’m gonna stop there even though there’s so much more I could list. But right now I feel like curling up on my couch with piece of chocolate cream pie and a glass of milk and watching a little Buffy Thanksgiving. Nothing like a ritual sacrifice with pie, right?

So what TV joys are you thankful on this yam sham of a day?

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    Spadada says:

    Seriously, I am so with you on this list of TV thanks. The only one I would add would be Middleman–but I see you tried to stick to a tidy Top 5 list so what I would drop for it? I guess, PSYCH, as much as I love it.