A Bunch of Turkeys on Top Chef Tonight   

First things first, Amrie and I are such masters at being brief with our thoughts that we totally could have kept our TVx3 Reality Break to 90 seconds this week, but we just knew that all of you would prefer the 17 minute version instead… Or something like that. Yes, Amrie and I did a bonus reality version of the TVx3 podcast this week and talked all about Top Chef, Survivor, and The Amazing Race with a little Ghost Hunters thrown in for good measure. Give it a listen and let us know what you think: TVx3 Reality Break #1: Laughing at Other People‚Äôs Pain

Check out the new webisode series companion TOP CHEF: AFTER THE KNIFE on bravotv.com.In other news, apparently there’s a Top Chef sequester house. Say what?! How did I not know this? I’m a little confused as to why they even need one… is this something new for the New York season? And, if so, does that mean that one or two of the chefs being eliminated at the moment might be returning in the future? Or is it solely because they wanted to have a companion webisode series? Anyway, check out this preview for After the Knife (can I go on Top Chef just so I can get eliminated and have a nice little vacation at this place?!) in which Patrick, Lauren, and Jill get ready for the newest eliminated chef to join them.

And don’t forget tonight’s all-new episode of Top Chef during which the chefs will be cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for the Foo Fighters. Awww… I love it when they do holiday themed episodes! Here’s sneak peek at the episode:

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