is Giving Us a Week of Thanksgiving   

I love holiday programming and I don’t just mean holiday specials. I love it when TV shows do holiday specific episodes. And I love that continues to offer holiday themed programming for TV lovers just like me.

This week they’re all decked out in Fall colors and they’ve got a buffet full of Thanksgiving episodes you can heap on your plate. I’m not kidding. You can literally watch all nine Thanksgiving episodes of Friends one right after another. I don’t know if any other show has ever done Thanksgiving quite as well as Friends. One of my favorites being when Brad Pitt guest stars as an old friend of Ross’ from high school. I mean, it’s a little weird now that he and Jennifer are splitsville but it’s still pretty damn funny.

Scenes from Thanksgiving episodes of GILMORE GIRLS and FRIENDS can be found on

They’ve also got selections from Everwood, The OC, Gilmore Girls (aww, I miss Lore and Rory!), In Living Color, and their own A Boy Wearing Makeup. Not to mention the conclusion to the original web series Rich Girl, Poor Girl which I’ve been watching and loving.

But that’s not all!! They’ve got some extra Friends features including a trivia game about the 9 T-Day episodes. Plus over on the WBlog, they’ve been posting some of the recipes featured in the show like Rachel’s infamous trifle dessert.

Hey, wouldn’t it be kind of fun to have a Friends-themed Thanksgiving?! Hmmm. Maybe I’ll host my family’s Thanksgiving next year…

A FRIENDS Thanksgiving

PS: Don’t forget to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving tonight on ABC at 8:00pm EST!!

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