TVx3 E008 (Fall TV Status Report) & E009 (TV Leftovers)   

TVx3 Podcast, a new TV podcast found at tvtimesthree.comOops! Just realized I never posted about last week’s podcast. Sorry about that folks. Gotta get back on schedule over here.

Anyway, now you have two new TVx3 episodes! Last week we went over how our Fall TV schedules have changed now that the season is in full swing. Plus we shared our thoughts on the latest episodes of Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Heroes, Fringe, Bones, Life, Grey’s Anatomy, and Supernatural.

Then, this week we chatted a bit about the lack of reruns these days and why we miss them before compiling our guest lists for Thanksgiving dinner. We’re each having our favorite TV characters over for the holiday… you’ll have decide which of our gatherings you’d prefer to attend. Amrie’s got the Piemaker making her desserts and I’ve taken over a certain mansion in West Palm just so I have enough room for all my guests. We also talked a bit about recent TV news including cancellation of Pushing Daisies and finished up with some thoughts on last week’s Desperate Housewives, Chuck, Life, Pushing Daisies, Grey’s Anatomy, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Ugly Betty.

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