TV Flashback: That’s kind of a thing with you, huh?   

Pardon this trip down memory lane. Every once in awhile I get lost in the memory of my favorite shows of TV past. This time I’m blaming it on Spads. She used an icon from this scene the other day and I had to go watch it.

Veronica confronting Duncan about the night at the party may not have made it on to my list of Top 5 VM Moments but it is one of the most powerful moments on the show. There’s just so much fucked up about the whole thing and it all feels so real. Duncan’s self-loathing as he admits that he slept with her even knowing she may very well be his sister and her horror at learning that something should have been a wonderful memory for her was instead a violation and nightmare she’s been struggling to forget ever since that night.

To this day the ret con on what happened that night pisses me off. It was done well enough and I don’t have trouble believing that Beaver could have raped her. I just hate how it undermines what’s going on between these two here. In a way, I think it lets Duncan off the hook too easily. Of course, it’s certainly implied that Veronica already let him off pretty easily both with the way she explains what happened to Logan and never exhibits any residual anger about it once she starts dating Duncan later… OK. Now I’m getting side-tracked but I suppose it’s just a good illustration of how this moment speaks to me, that I can get all worked up about it even now, years after it aired.

So here’s your TV flashback of the night, Veronica confronts Duncan in Veronica Mars, “A Trip to the Dentist:”

2 Responses to “TV Flashback: That’s kind of a thing with you, huh?”

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    Anita says:

    I still can’t watch VM by myself..I have to watch it with friends or converts, because otherwise I just think about a non-existent S4 and get depressed, even though KB, Jason, Francis and Ryan wouldn’t have had the same level of main stream exposure if they had still been on VM.

  2. 2
    Rae says:

    Aww, I don’t have that problem. I haven’t sat down and really had a VM marathon lately and feel like I need one.