Gifts for the TV Whore: The Write Environment DVD Series   

Where the heck did 2008 go?! Christmas is a mere five weeks away and, sure, that seems like long enough right now but I guarantee you it’ll be over in the blink of an eye. And so I present an excellent gift suggestion for the TV whore (addict? lover? whatever name you’re going with) in your life…

The Write Environment

Jeffrey Berman co-founded which you may remember as the site for information about last year’s WGA Writer’s Strike. Well now he’s created The Write Environment, a series of in-depth interviews with some of most prolific writers in the television industry today including Damon Lindelof (Lost), Tim Kring (Heroes), Phil Rosenthal (Everybody Loves Raymond), Doug Ellin (Entourage), Sam Simon (The Simpsons), and Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

Do I even need to say more? They had me at “interview with Joss Whedon.” What? I’m easy, we all knew that.

But, if you need more convincing, check out JOpinionated’s preview of the Damon Lindelof, Joss Whedon, and Phil Rosenthal interviews. Yeah, how much do we hate her for getting an exclusive preview of these?!

I kid, of course, as she’s definitely convinced me to add the series to the Christmas List my mother and sister keep pressuring me to give them. As someone who’s bought more than one Joss Whedon interview on DVD and never been disappointed, I can’t wait to sit down with this whole set. As if I needed more fuel for my fascination with TV writers. Have I mentioned how much I love getting a glimpse into their brains?

Here’s a five minute preview of Joss interview:

There are a couple more previews at The Write Environment website along with The Write Store where you can order each of the DVDs separately or the complete collection. The DVDs are also available on Amazon in case you want to add them to your holiday wish list.

PS: You can get links to more reviews at The Writer Community forums.

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