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It’s a grey and dreary day here in Ottawa, and it seems like a perfect day for a TV pick me up! And what better TV pick-me up is there than fondly reminiscing over favorite Happy TV Moments? I know that you’ll likely all have different Happy TV Moments than I do, but hopefully some these will give you a smile too. And if that’s not the case, please share your Happy TV Moments with us in the comments below. Let’s bring a smile to all the TV lovers today!!

Alright, here are my top 5 (onscreen*) Happy TV Moments:

1. Buffy gets back up in Chosen

Buffy in ChosenI went into the series finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with great trepidation… we all know Joss likes to go for the heart, and I was terrified that he would end the BtVS series by killing Buffy. So when The First stabbed Buffy and she fell, I was absolutely heartbroken. But never one to stay down, my girl Buffy climbed back up and fought to save the world again. The joy I felt when she got back up and started swinging the scythe cannot be described.

2. The Lost series premiere

I don’t have a specific moment that shone from this episode, rather an entire two hours that captivated me in a way that TV had not done in a long time. I was hooked right from the initial shot of Jack lying in the jungle, as they panned out and we were left wondering who is this man, and where is he?? It was like watching magic happen.

3. Rachel comes back at the end of Friends

Rachel comes back on FriendsAfter spending 10 years with the 6 people who became Friends to the world, it was hard to imagine that Ross & Rachel wouldn’t end up together – especially after having a child together, but even harder to think that these “Friends” would no longer be together. The thought of them all going their separate ways after all they’d shared left me so very sad. But then Rachel came back, her and Ross were going to be together, the six of them went out for coffee, and everything was as it should be. In my world and theirs.

4. Angel & Buffy make out in End of Days

I’m a Bangel through and through. I love Spike, but there was never anyone for Buffy other than Angel in my eyes. So when Angel shows up, saves Buffy from Caleb, and then they fall into each others arms, I was one happy camper. I’m quite sure there was clapping and squealing. Of course they couldn’t be together then, but his “Sometimes is something.” and “I ain’t getting any older.” As he walked away was enough to keep this Bangel’s heart warm for all these years.

5. Wes’s speech in the Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip pilot

Wes gives his speech on Studio 60When Wes interrupted the sketch to launch a diatribe listing all the things that are wrong with TV today, I actually got goosebumps! It was like he was broadcasting what all of us who truly love good television were thinking. It was all I could do to not stand up and applaud. I don’t know if I’ve ever had such a strong reaction to scripted dialogue. And it still makes me giddy whenever I see it.

So, did you find a smile in there? If not, please tell us which TV moments make you happy!

*I specify the onscreen part because I also have Happy TV Moments that happened off screen. But that’s a post for another time.

8 Responses to “Top 5 Happy TV Moments”

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    Caraleigh says:

    Let’s see, I think my very first happy TV moment was when David and Maddie had sex on Moonlighting. Iwas probably in 8th or 9th grade and remember calling my friend Dana and being all giggley about it.

    The last 5 minutes and “big reveal” of Lost’s season 3 finale still ranks as one of my biggest “holy crap” moments. That gave me excitement and happiness all summer.

    When Spike gets his soul at the end of S6 of Buffy, I was so happy. I thought there was actually a chance for them after that. Meh.

    I’m sure there’s a Ross and Rachel moment in here somewhere, but my brain’s not working at the moment (screaming 5-year-old, here).

    I’ll think of a hundred other things later, too.

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    Just Jody says:

    You know, I actually don’t remember that happening on Moonlighting… I remember the show, but not much of what happened.

    Yes, that was the moment that Lost came back to the awesomeness of season 1.

    I did consider the big Ross/Rachel kiss at the coffee shop in S2, but decided her return was bigger.

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    Stella says:

    I’ll chime in with the Season Three finale of LOST–although my moment was Hurley crashing through the jungle in the van and saving the day.

    I still get tears in my eyes remembering the pilot/premiere episode of Hill Street Blues–when Det. LaRue ends up at an AA meeting and stands up and says, “I’m John and I’m an alcoholic” and there’s a chorus of “Hi John!” and a lone voice saying “Hi J.D.” and he looks up and it’s his captain, Frank Furillo–also an alcoholic.

    The episode of Frasier where little Freddy comes to visit and Frasier has frantically gone out and bought all these brainiac gifts only to find out that all Freddy wants for Christmas is a Supersonic Robogeek (can’t remember the actual name of the toy). Frasier is distraught that Freddy’s Christmas will be ruined, but Martin makes him open the gift he bought him: a Supersonic Robogeek.

    The final episode of My So-Called Life where Angela realizes that Jordan’s poetics were actually Brian’s.

    SNL: The first time I ever saw “Mr. Bill.” How twisted and sick and gut-bustingly hysterical!

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    CarlosPC says:

    These are two happy memories of TV for me:

    The entire first season of All Creatures Great and Small.
    The discovery of science brought by Carl Sagan’s Cosmos.

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    [...] Looking for happy thoughts to hold of the grey and dreary days of winter, Jody came up with a list of her Top 5 Happy TV Moments like Buffy not letting The First keep her down in “Chosen” or the series premiere of Lost. (RTVW) [...]

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    [...] Looking for happy thoughts to hold of the grey and dreary days of winter, Jody came up with a list of her Top 5 Happy TV Moments like Buffy not letting The First keep her down in “Chosen” or the series premiere of Lost. (RTVW) [...]

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    Logan says:

    I think the Rachel/Ross kiss when they get back together is better than the one in the coffee shop (when she sees the prom video and realises what he went through for her).

    All the Muppets episodes made me happy. :)