No Time for TV Talk, Have Some Links Instead   

Life is happening to me right now and interfering with my blogging. Or maybe it’s because I spend all my “blogging” time decorating my blog for the holidays. Whatever. Either way, all you’re getting out of me right now is a list…

  • Kath beat me to sharing the happy news that Sonny Lee and Patrick Walsh have sold a pilot to Fox. I’m probably way too excited about this awesome news for Sonny and Pat given that I’m merely one of the many who has followed their adventures in writing online. Still, it’s nice to see them succeeding and I look forward to watching a Sonny/Pat show in the not-so-distant future.
  • Another top-notch Chuck episode last night. They are really on a roll this season. I have reactions but they consist mainly of, “I love Chuck Bartowski!!!!” So, uh, I suggest reading Alan Sepinwall’s review instead. His thoughts are so much more interesting than mine.
  • Look, new Dr. Horrible t-shirts!
  • Is it weird that MTV Music has more music videos than MTV itself? Not that I’m complaining. I love having the ability to watch any number of music videos at my fingertips. Like I needed another distraction.
  • Greg Grunberg has a Twitter account. Made catching up on Twitter fun this morning since I got to see him react to people reacting to last night’s episode of Heroes. He says the episodes get really good from here on in for the rest of season three and I really want to believe him. Also, you can get the Band From TV’s CD/DVD at Amazon.
  • If you’re watching VH1′s Scream Queens and maybe even if you’re not, you should read James Gunn’s behind the scenes blogs about it.
  • The picture Amrie used to spread the news about The Ex List getting yanked from CBS’ schedule made me laugh way too much. Cant say I’ll miss the show and, hey, now my Friday nights are open once again! Whee!

One Response to “No Time for TV Talk, Have Some Links Instead”

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    Just Jody says:

    To add to your insightful Chuck commentary… Chuck and Sarah are my new OTP. They make me swoon.

    ROTFL! @ the “This is not the hammer” T-shirts. All sorts of awesome.

    Greg G is awesome to interact with the fans like that.