Barney’s War on Marriage   

I kinda loved last night’s Life even though I had trouble following a couple of things that happened at first. I did not, however, love last night’s The Ex List. Didn’t even really like it all that much. The thing about the show is that it’s a show I should be loving. The concept works for me. The idea of these four friends works for me. And, yet, the show does NOT work for me. Nothing’s ever fits together quite right. It’s like when you’re putting together a puzzle and there’s a piece that could go in an empty spot but it never quite sticks down the right way.

Oh well. Life is about to move to Wednesday nights leaving Friday free of any shows that have earned season passes on the DVR. I suspect that means The Ex List will quickly fall off my radar.

In other news I did the Greater Orlando Scavenger Hunt with friends today and we had a great time. I’d share pictures but this is pretty much the only one I’ve got right now since we used D’s camera the entire time. I’ll post a link to the others once I get ‘em. Alas, we did not win but we all agreed that just the hunt was reward enough. The others let me know they are definitely in for the next one. Makes me happy since it was my idea. Plus it was to help raise money for the National MS Society. A cool way to raise money for a cause close to my heart (Sis#3 has MS).

However, I am now exhausted and have no desire to format this week’s TV Blog Coalition links or edit this week’s podcast files. Instead I give you Barney’s War on Marriage…

PS: If you flew into Orlando International Airport today and were wondering who those four crazy women standing on the bench on the fourth floor and singing the National Anthem to the Terminal A security area were? Yeah. Nice to meet ya!

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