Weekly Contest: Design A 300×250 Ad   

Ok, folks, the weekly contests are back! These aren’t quite as simple as the giveaways since you actually have to do a little more than comment to enter but I hope they’ll be fun and worth it.

This week’s contest is to design a 300×250 ad for your favorite show(s).

Maybe you want to encourage people to watch Pushing Daisies or you’re just really feeing the love for The Office. Here’s your chance.

Design Your Own 300x250 Ad!

Design and create a 300×250 ad and post a link to it in the comments below. Next Thursday I’ll pick the three ads I like the most. All three winners will get the chance to grab something from the RTVW Prize Bag and I’ll display their ads on the site (in the upper right hand corner under the navbar).

Happy designing!

What’s in this RTVW Prize Bag? Check out the pictures and list below.

Contents: True Blood “Real Blood is for Suckers” T-shirt (XL), True Blood Bag, Two Juno “Most Fruitful Yuki” T-shirts (L & M) , Stargate Worlds T-shirt (XL), Fringe Bag, Comic Con WB Bag (features pictures from WB.com shows like Veronica Mars, Buffy, Angel, Gilmore Girls, etc.), USA Characters Welcome canvas bag, USA water bottle, The Simpsons Movie DVD, Kyle XY Season 1 DVD, Psych Season 1 DVD, Kyle XY Soundtrack, The Closer wine bottle cooler bag, ‘I love the Internet’ pin, Fringe small notebook & Black Light keychain, Charlaine Harris’ “Dead Like Me,” Samurai Girl Book & Temporary Tattoos, The Middle Man full Comic Con 2008 pin set, Dexter pins (comes with iTunes codes for free episode download), various small wall posters (Bones, Family Guy, Fringe (various designs), & It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), and Original TV Scene-It Game (not pictured)

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