TVx3 Episode 2: Old Faces, New Places   

TVx3 Podcast, a new TV podcast found at tvtimesthree.comAnother week, another podcast episode! This time I think the audio is 1000x better. Still not perfect but I’m getting better. Sadly, not as many fun commercials this week because I was too busy to organize those. Some day soon I will have a routine down and it’ll go smoothly… right?

Anyway, you don’t care about that! The point was… go check out our new podcast episode! This week we’re talking about old faces in new places. All spurred by Joshua Jackson’s new role on Fringe and how Amrie and I both had trouble letting go of Pacey at first. We get into several other examples including Alyson Hannigan, David Boreanaz, Emily VanCamp, Hugh Laurie, Jason Dohring, etc. We try to figure out what factors affect our inability to let go of some characters versus other characters and discuss examples of the different cases among our current shows. And we finished up with a primetime wrap-up from last week touching on the return of The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother as well as our new found love for Privileged and our immediate dismissal of Knight Rider. Other shows in our talk include The Emmys, Heroes, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Prison Break, The Mentalist, House, Bones, and My Name is Earl.

Ok, here’s a link to our podcast site where you can listen to the podcast directly:

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