Monday Night: You deserve a triumphant night full of TV.   

As Seen By Rae: Heroes, Life, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your MotherAhhh, I wasted most of my Monday night TV energy on my Chuck post but I’d be remiss if I didn’t also talk a bit about the other shows I watched last night.

Like the brand new episode of Life that I thoroughly enjoyed. I fell for Charlie Crews last season and my crush on him was back in full force last night. It helps that I also kinda have a girl crush on Detective Reese. But I think this show takes the procedural and gives it a fresh twist. Since I’m not usually a big fan of the procedural (there’s nothing wrong with them, they just don’t tend to draw me in), I like that they’ve found a way to keep me interested. I was a little confused by some things so I may have to find some time to watch the season one DVDs I bought last week.

The 8 o’clock comedy block was fun. Not anywhere near as outstanding as last week but still good for a few laughs.

Heroes continues to please me even if I’m not as into it as I was during the first season. P-C sums up what I’m feeling about the show best with, “This show used to require some thinking afterward. Now we just sort of go along for the ride, wondering what the hell they’ll do next.”

And that’s all I’ve watched so far. The rest of the Monday night shows are on the docket for my few free moments this evening. Oh, and I read the CW Source’s recap of the new One Tree Hill episode. Looks like I got out of Tree Hill just in time folks! They’ve down that hill and fast!

Ok, I’m not going to talk long about any of these. I’m just gonna throw a couple of things out there about each.

Heroes, 3×03: One of Us, One of Them
So what does “one of us, one of them” translate to? One of the members of The Company and one of … ? A villain? Or a level five power person? I’m going to go with the latter because I don’t want to think about the Haitian being a villain.

I don’t know what to think about Mama Petrelli’s claim about being Sylar’s mother. I don’t have a reason to doubt it, I suppose, but it seems way too convenient. I preferred it when he wasn’t connected to them at all. And how creepy was it hearing her refer to his ‘thirst’ for other people’s power as a need to feed?

Hi Francis, bye Francis. That was a rather sucky guest role. Part of me wonders if he was supposed to do all of those Peter scenes himself (and wasn’t good enough at imitating Peter) but I suspect not. Sucks that most of his time on the show was spent showing up in a mirror for a second here and there. Oh well.

I have no idea what’s going on with Parkman and I kinda don’t care. Also, couldn’t they have used those paintings of Matt and Molly together to explain where she’s disappeared to? I’m just saying…

I also have no idea what’s going on with Niki/Jessica Tracy. I was hoping it’d be related to whatever Future!Peter did to put Current!Peter in another body or even to split personalities. Instead it seems to just be about cloning which seems much less exciting to me. Except that it clearly indicates people have been mucking around with DNA to create these powers and that’s never good. Claire gets a lesson from her birth mother on HEROES.Also, I must admit I’m a little leery of this turn in the story. What happens the next time they have a character no one seems to like or they want to kill off? Are they just going to invent a clone for them too?

I like the woman playing Claire’s fire birth mother. I wonder how long she’s going to be around. Raise your hand if you think Claire and Elle are destined to partner up? Claire wants to learn how to protect herself and she’s going off to search down people misusing their powers. With Elle out of a job, seems like a perfect pairing to me. If only they weren’t on opposites of the country.

And, finally, a question about Future!Peter. Does changing the future not affect him? I get confused about the time travel stuff but it would seem to me that every time he changes something in the past, it would change him as well. Or does he have to go into the future again for that change to take place? I suppose it bugs me because he’s one of the few people who could be affected greatly by a change in the future. If he alters the course of events that would mean he doesn’t absorb a certain power, then shouldn’t he lose that power in the past as well? It seems tricky to me.

These questions are why I prefer to just let the show happen and concentrate more on enjoying the ride than analyzing how this big plane safely lands on those tiny wheels.

Life, 2×01: Find Your Happy Place
Aww, I didn’t want it to be the sentiments writer! Although, it’s kind of amusing when you think about it. Makes you wonder about those people writing the cards you buy…

I thought they did a great job with those opening scenes. Loved Reese’s phone ringing and us knowing exactly what she was being told without having to hear it. (Something shows rarely try to accomplish these days.) Loved the various location of the trunks and the trail of people watching as they went to look inside the trunks. It all just seemed beautifully shot. Something that’s always been true about this show, it has a cinematic feel to it that other procedurals lack.Charlie and Reese find their suspect in a box on LIFE.

The new chief (is that what he is?) is a little too much for me. However, Reese’s reaction to him almost makes up for it. Because she was giving him exactly the same looks I was. Loved it.

Oh, hey, Hannah (Jesse Schram) is Rachel! I had forgotten that so when I saw her name in the guest credits I figured she was going to be one of the dead people. I got confused when she wasn’t until he finally found her in that hideaway room. I’m assuming we get to see more of her for at least a few more episodes. How screwed up would it be to find out the guy who murdered your parents adopted you? No wonder she was freaking out when Charlie opened the door.

And that’s all I’ve got. No deep thoughts. I really like this show and I think they do a great job balancing both their story of the week and Crews’ quest to find the people who put him behind bars. It always has and still does remind of Veronica Mars in that aspect. As for my favorite moment of the night, I think it was probably in the elevator when Charlie asks Reese if she wants to know his secret and she reveals that she pretty much knows what it is but is resistant to hearing anymore. I like the push and pull between those two and that was a perfect example of it.

The Big Bang Theory, 2×02: The Codpiece Topology
Let’s just get the obvious out of the way immediately, those four dressed up in those outfits? Hysterical. Ditto to the Comic Con jokes. Those were especially amusing to me after having just seen these guys at Comic Con this year.

There was a neat theme of jealousy running throughout the episode. Both with Penny and Leonard being jealous of their respective dates but also with Sheldon being jealous of Leslie. Not that I think Sheldon would refer to it as jealousy but I do think that’s what he was experiencing. He’s never let his issues with Leslie get in the way of Leonard’s sorta romance with her in the past.

Speaking of Leslie, her trying to be a normal girl was pretty darn amusing. Penny tries to convince Sheldon to get out of the building on BIG BANG THEORY.Sara Gilbert did a great job with that. Probably because she’s never really come across as the girly type anyway so it fit that she was having to force it. Her squeaky “Call me!” after the good night kiss was pitch perfect.

My favorite scenes, however, had to be Sheldon with his laptop on the stairs. His many excuses to Penny for why he couldn’t go out by himself were hilarious. Especially with his no nonsense delivery of each. Like how could she be crazy enough to think he should go out on his own. Plus his pitiful comments to Mario every time were cracking me up.

How I Met Your Mother, 4×02: The Best Burger in New York
As much as I enjoy Jason Segel, I don’t care for HIMYM stories that are Marshall-centric. I also didn’t think the flashbacks here were as fun as they usually are on this show. Probably because they were fairly linear instead of jumping around so that we think we know something only to find out we were only seeing a portion of the story. Also, it probably didn’t help the opening monologue about old favorites being replaced telegraphed the punch line twenty minutes before we ever got it. I knew that as soon as they figured out where the burger place was, it’d be replaced by something else and the bank stuff made it obvious it was going to be something related to GNB.

I suspect the bank stuff didn’t help. Barney’s bank jokes fell a little flat given the financial state in this country at the moment. I love that the characters use the actual air dates in their dialogue but the writers can’t predict what else will be going on in the world when they write these storylines. Barney’s company Regis Philbin guest stars on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.buying out the bank fits with our economy woes but not his excitement over how great the bank is OR the happiness we should feel for Marshall to finally have a job. Because if ever there was a time that you wouldn’t want to be working for a bank…

Anyway, the episode was still pretty solid. It just wasn’t an instant HIMYM classic. Regis was only mildly funny and, honestly, if not for NPH’s reaction shots to Regis’ behavior, I probably wouldn’t have found him even mildly funny. Although, I thought the sight gag with him being strong (and crazy) enough to leave a dent in the newspaper thing when Barney revealed they hadn’t found the right burger place was pretty good. Oh, and the fact that every place Marshall tried had a different Regis picture in it.

Oh! Wait, there was one bit that I absolutely loved… when they were trying to pick a place to eat. Probably because it echoed what I do with my friends all the time. Right down to me being Barney with the not liking Chinese food. (Except I actually like Mexican but you could replace it with Vietnamese and I would have had the same answer as Barney… does that make me a bad person?) I watched that scene thinking, “This is why this is the show I’d want to live in if I could.”

What’d y’all watch? And don’t be spoiling me for the other Monday night shows yet. I’ll catch up eventually!

2 Responses to “Monday Night: You deserve a triumphant night full of TV.”

  1. 1
    Just Jody says:

    Heroes – the “one of us, one of them” is just a member of the company, and someone with a power. It’s been said before, I think when Claude was HRG’s partner, and the Haitan would quailify as well. I think Sylar being evil is actually breaking the rule, because it’s probably only supposed to be good people w. powers.

    I’m pretty sure Level 5 is not a level of power, but the level of the basement with the holding cells… HRG was trapped in there and he has no powers. Neither does Ando.

    Here’s hoping Claire & Elle pair up! I couldn’t figure out where Claire would be going.

    A bunch of us were sitting around on Sunday trying to figure out why what fPeter has done to present Peter isn’t affecting him in any way? And that was the fanwank solution we came to as well – he probably has to return to the future to see what’s happened.

  2. 2
    Stella says:

    I’m laughing at the obvious transition of Sylar from bad guy to good guy. I bet the writers will have us rooting for him over Peter before the end of the season.

    I’m also hoping Mohinder turns into the Fly and eventually disintegrates. He’s more annoying than Maya this season…