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You guys! Have I mentioned that I love Privileged? Because I totally do. It’s got some rocky points but, damn, if I don’t care. It’s easily my new favorite show of the season so far. Fringe is taking a trailing second though I do still like everything that show promises to be so I won’t be surprised if it eventually moves up the list. I know there are other shows a-coming but I can’t seem them taking Privileged’s spot in my heart right now. Thought you should know. It’s only fair to warn you when I’m feeling so deeply, so fast because you know how that leads to serious fawning around these parts.

In other news, I’m terribly behind on TV this week already and we’re only up to Wednesday! And one of the reasons I’m behind on commenting and preparing premiere spotlights? I’ve been editing a podcast! Not just any podcast either. TVx3 Podcast, a new TV podcast found at tvtimesthree.comThe new TV podcast I’m doing with Amrie from My Take on TV and Jason the TVacholic.

Hopefully it’ll actually be a TV podcast that’ll be worth listening to… Our first two episodes are up now and I’ve got links below along with a link to subscribe via iTunes. I’ll take all blame for the not-so-great sound quality in these first two. It’s tricky doing a podcast when all three people live in different locations. Think of this first episode as a lesson learned. Or as a pilot that didn’t have the [time] budget to re-shoot entire scenes.

OK! Enough babbling, which you’ll get enough of in the podcast, here’s a link to the first two episodes where you can listen to the podcasts directly:

Alternatively, you can subscribe via iTunes: Subscribe to TVx3 on iTunes!

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