And We’re Off!   

Hold onto your remotes!Hold onto your remotes, my lovelies, things are about to get real bumpy for our DVRs and our sanity. I’m not sure when Monday became the new Thursday but, no use fighting it, just have to set things to record and hope we all make it to the other side.

Ok, enough of that. Seriously, tonight’s the start of one of the busiest nights in TV and, with the great timing for which I’m known, it’s the first day I don’t have the Premiere Spotlight pre-prepared nor will I have time to do it. Still, I can’t let this night pass without somehow noting which shows return/start tonight. Sorry for the lack of pretty title graphics, promo pics, and episode titles.

Quick ‘n Dirty List of Tonight’s Premieres:

  • The Big Bang Theory @ 8PM (CBS)
  • How I met Your Mother @ 8:30 PM (CBS)
  • Dancing with the Stars @ 8PM (ABC)
  • Heroes @ 9PM (NBC)
  • Two & a Half Men @9PM (CBS)
  • Worst Week @ 9:30PM (CBS)
  • CSI: Miami @ 10PM (CBS)
  • Boston Legal @ 10PM (ABC)

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