Thursday Night TV: Looks, Brains, Wildcard   

As Seen By Rae: Supernatural, Burn Notice, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Look, I haven’t done this in a long time but I loved tonight’s TV so much that I am indulging my inner fangirl and posting my immediate knee-jerk reactions to tonight’s Supernatural, Burn Notice, and It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia. So. Fucking. Awesome. I need better adjectives but my brains are all over my living floor so I can’t really think of any…

First, Supernatural. What did I tell you?! Eric Kripke is the shit. He managed to pull off a season opener that took all my doubts and blew them out the window. I don’t really know how I feel about the Angel thing but I like that everybody is scared of them and that Dean is still the skeptic. So far fandom seems to be on board with this development and I’m so glad because I got no religious overtones to what we saw tonight. Hell, there was more of that in Burn Notice than here.

I adore that Sam is not the Sam we saw in “Mystery Spot” and of course he’s not. For one thing, he was that Sam already. Been there, done that. No, this time he went an entirely different route and I suspect it’s going to lead to one hell of a confrontation between Sam and Dean before this season is over. Tell me, would you have predicted back in season one that Dean would be the one being recruited by angels and Sam embracing his dark power? Yeah, didn’t think so… and that’s why I love this show.

Also, tell me I’m not the only one who thought it just looked more polished overall? I think they’ve found a groove and I can’t see what else they’ve got for us!

Moving on to Burn Notice. You guys! That ending, pardon the pun, blew me away!! Not the explosion itself although that did get a “oh no they aren’t” reaction out of me. Of course Michael’s going to be ok but I hate having to wait several months to see how it plays out!! Cruel, Matt Nix, just cruel.

But no, just the showdown with Carla and the chasing and the sliding. All TV goodness right there. Although I will note that at one point I asked the TV why Carla was bothering with the chase if it was pretty obvious that 1) she knows where he’s headed and 2) even if she doesn’t she could find out. Then she blew his place up and I realized she was keeping her game face on… if she had called off the chase Michael might have wondered what was going on before he got to his door.

SO. Michael’s loft!!!!! They blew up Michael’s loft!!! Damn them. And congrats to them for finding a reason for Michael to move and to put him in a new location with new story possibilities and to make it believable that he’d give up the perfect place. Sad that the loft is gone but happy I got to visit it in person before it went away.

BUT! BUT! Ummmm, does this mean that the Company no longer cares about keeping Michael alive? Because that can’t be good. As long as they were using him to do their dirty deeds, he may have been somewhat powerless but at least he was pretty safe. I’m guessing things are about to change in a major way…. did I mention not being crazy about having to wait months to find out what happens next?!

And, finally, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. First, a shout-out to Sonny Lee and Patrick Walsh who co-wrote the second episode in this hour block. It was fucking hilarious. I had heard that and I wasn’t sure at first… but then everything falls into place and I literally could not stop laughing for five full minutes.

Mac slamming into that guy’s car over and over again in the “rape” van?! I have no idea why it’s so funny but it’s such classic Sunny material that I had tears, tears!, running down my face. I think it’s partly because of how the rest of them just watched in dumbfounded amazement. HA. I’m laughing now posting about it.

It feels so good to genuinely laugh with a TV show again. Of course this show always makes me slightly ashamed of laughing with it. It’s like I know I shouldn’t find these things funny and yet I can’t help it.

OMG, you guys, Dee was planning to kill Frank and Dennis. Love it.

Somebody tell me how these guys manage to look repulsive shirtless? They’re all good-looking guys in person, how do they turn that off on-screen? Because I could do without any of them ever taking their shirts again. Ever.

Fireballs!!! “Wow. Ok, wow, I take back everything I just said. That was awesome!” As soon as I saw the duct tape and the towel, I knew they had to be setting up a terrorist joke. They waited long enough, though, that I’d been lulled into thinking they weren’t going to go there and that’s why it was so much funnier when the joke showed up.

Holy crikey, I’ve got way too much to say about a half-hour’s worth of TV. And yet I can’t stop myself… Charlie and his Texan accent. Frank and the waterboarding. (“Frank, does that waterboard really work?” “Oh, you bet your ass, I got Dee to admit to things she never did.”) Everybody in the van. (“Ok, Dee, you continue to be useless.”) The Ghostbusters theme playing in the background. Ahhh, so funny.

So tell me, are you the looks, brains, or the wildcard (or the muscle or the useless chick) in your gang?

8 Responses to “Thursday Night TV: Looks, Brains, Wildcard”

  1. 1
    Caraleigh says:

    I had tears at the exact same place. I was laughing so hard that I can’t believe I didn’t wake up Jordan, who was asleep on the couch. I just don’t know how the writers can come up with such stupid things that are so screaming hilarious.

    And yes I’m still awake, but am going to bed right now.

  2. 2
    Just Jody says:

    Loved Supernatural! Enough that I wished I had watched a bit of the end of last season so some things would make more sense.

    One Q. Is the girl that Sam was with new or have you met her before?

  3. 3
    Harper47 says:

    You were absolutely right in all your squeeing re Supernatural Rae. That was a fantastic episode. I was a little worried when I saw a lot of hype around the net that it couldn’t live up to my expectations but then it went and exceeded them. I love the epic nature of this and I adored almost everything. I’m not sold on the new Ruby but overall – what an episode.

    I think I was more confused by Burn Notice than thrilled. I loved Michael’s character of Drunk finds God but I just did not understand why Carla even exists and what the whole point of everything was. Nothing made sense. I think I wanted to know more of why Carla is keeping Michael around and I wanted to see more progress made by him in understanding why he got a burn notice in the first place.

    I’m going to miss all my cable shows so much – The Closer, Burn Notice -ack!

  4. 4
    Rae says:

    Me either, Cara, but I’m so glad that they do! I needed the laugh.

    Jo: The girl herself is new… as in, it’s a new actress. The demon inside the girl is the same demon who was in the blond girl from last year. So. New actress, same character (sort of).

  5. 5
    Rae says:

    Pixi: Yay! So glad you liked SPN. I did try not to over-squee about it because I didn’t want anyone to be disappointed but I could tell that it was really strong despite my obvious bias for the show. I didn’t love the new Ruby either so you’re not alone in that. Others seem to like her a lot more though so I guess it was a good move on their part to change her out?

    RE Burn Notice: If we knew why Carla and the Company were keeping Michael around, we’d know why he’d been burned. I think that’s why it’s kept so vague. I think they could have done a slightly stronger job at tying in that storyline this season and have to wonder if it’ll play heavily into the episodes that start airing in January because of what just happened. Carla is basically a glorified messagener. Or dog walker even, in the sense that she’s the one holding his leash and giving him commands to stop hiim from getting to the real people behind his burn notice. Story-wise she exists to that he can “defeat” her but still have a ways to go before he truly gets himself out of the burn notice and therefore out of the burn notice.

  6. 6
    Just Jody says:

    So, is her name still Ruby then? I could sworn he was calling her Libby last night.

    I guess I’m going to have to D/L the last few eps. of last season to get this all sorted out. :)

  7. 7
    Rae says:

    Yep, still Ruby. I think it was probably just the way he was saying it. Haha, probably just the season finale would work. Too bad I redeemed my digital copies from my DVD or I could have passed that along to you! Darn.

  8. 8
    ColoradoKila says:

    To quote Gossip Girl: “Oh My F’ing God!”
    SN was absolutely ah-mazing.
    Everything looks better this season, from the sets to the camera work.
    I seriously can’t stop “squeeing” over it today.