In My Outbox: RE: BURN NOTICE Scooting Tonight   

Jeffrey Donovan plays Michael Westen on the BURN NOTICE season finale on USA at 10PM.Dear Michael,

Please don’t scoot. A little birdie just reminded me that you’ll be dropping off the grid for several months after tonight’s Burn Notice finale (10PM on USA). Is that really necessary? Sure, Thursday nights are about to get real crowded and you’ve never been a fan of group gatherings, but I feel like you just got back from driving into that tractor trailer last week and I haven’t had nearly enough time to hang out, eat yogurt, learn little spy tricks…

I see you’re about to have a close call with Carla (video included below, though you lived it so you probably don’t need to watch). That’s cool. I mean, I know she’s been out there watching you but she hasn’t been calling you up to chit-chat lately and I did like the chemistry between the two of you. Of course, I’d prefer you wise up and convince Fi that she’s not meant for an ambulance driver. Though he does come in handy and I’m betting she can fit a lot of guns into the back of that truck if she needs to move a big shipment.

I’ve gotten a little distracted. Let’s get back to why exactly you feel you need to take off few months. Is the therapy? I know your mother can be a bit much to take and learning that she’s the one who made it possible to leave all those many years ago had to have rocked your world a bit. But think of how she’ll feel if you just suddenly withdraw and go radio-silent again! I just can’t recommend this course of action.

Here’s hoping you’ll take this into consideration and come back soon. It’s the right thing to do. You can’t work your way into a girl’s heart and then just take off for months at a time. It’s cruel and you may be a dangerous man, Michael Westen, but you’re so very rarely cruel.

Much love,
Burn Notice Lover


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