SUPERNATURAL Season 3 DVD Details   

SUPERNATURAL Season 3 DVDs with Mini Metallicar available in limited quantities from Best Buy on 9/2.I kept hearing that the Supernatural Season 3 DVDs, coming out next Tuesday (9/2), were going to be packaged with a mini Metallicar. Kind of awesome, you must admit. Today someone over at [info]supernatural_tv linked to GreenLight Collectibles’ post about the Metallicar they had created for the DVDs.

Still… there was a distinct lack of information about whether this was something being packaged with ALL DVD sets and/or where you could get the set with the Metallicar. So, you know me, I’m nothing if not nosy when it comes to TV on DVD! I contacted a friend over at WB and got the skinny for me you. So, here’s the deal:

Exclusives for Supernatural S3 DVDs:

  • Best Buy has a die-cast ’67 Chevy Impala inspired by Supernatural that is packaged with the DVD.
  • Target has a full-color 2009 locker calendar featuring Jared and Jensen.

Both will be available on street date (9/2) at the respective retailers in limited quantities. All other retailers will have the regular DVD package.

Now you may plan your Season 3 DVD purchasing accordingly.

8 Responses to “SUPERNATURAL Season 3 DVD Details”

  1. 1
    Polter-Cow says:

    Thanks for the info, Rae! Some friends of mine were wondering about that.

    Best Buy’s price is three dollars more (plus tax) than Amazon’s. I wonder if the little toy car is worth three dollars. It does look pretty neat.

  2. 2
    Rae says:

    You’re most welcome!

    Well, $3 is less than most other special DVD sets are. I just paid $8 more for a Heroes collector’s DVD and all I got was a sketchbook and extra disc. (Actually, I’m sure the extra disc is probably what I paid for.)

  3. 3
    tiggy says:

    hmmm…pretty, pretty calendar with Jared and Jensen or a shiny Metallicar. decision, decisions…

  4. 4
    Just Jody says:

    That would be a tough choice… calendar/car? Calendar/car?

    Huh. No Heroes special set here. Bummer. What’s in the book? What’s on the DVD??

  5. 5
    Rae says:

    Jo: Well I think it’s a small calendar so I lean towards the car… plus I have Best Buy Rewards bucks burning a hole in my pocket. ;)

    The book is sketches from scenes in the show. So you see the sketch and then how it ended up onscreen, with some notes. The DVD is video from the World Tour last summer.

  6. 6

    OK but has anyone got pictures of the calender ????
    I ordered from amazon and I had better have the car when it arrives.

  7. 7
    Geoff says:

    @Katrin Vanhelsing:

    You won’t get the car if you ordered from Amazon. The car is available at Best Buy and the calendar is available at Target. That’s it.

  8. 8
    lisa says:

    Is this some type of a JOKE!?? The car is all WRONG!!!!!
    Metallicar is a 4 door. Why can’t these people ever get anything right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????