7 Things Jostling Around in My Head   

  1. One Tree Spill: Is it possible to satisify your inner spoiler demon with spoilers about a show you don’t care about? I’m trying. As much as I have zero interest in the new season of One Tree Hill, I would like to see how they resolve their “cliffhanger” from last season. I’m not sure why I care about that but I keep hoping that the spoiler sites out there will spill the secret so that I won’t have to waste my time watching. Is that wrong of me?
  2. One of the new GOSSIP GIRL posters.

  3. Golden Girl: I feel old just admitting this but the Gossip Girl marketing campaign offends me. I don’t care how effective it may (or may not) be, it comes across as tawdry and I’d have serious problems letting my teenager watch a show that advertises itself in that way. Also? It kinda pisses me off that it’s just fanning the PTC’s flames. Way to give their complaints validation, CW Marketing Team.
  4. Seasonal Blues: The new TV season is so close I can almost see it from here but I’m strangely unmoved by its approach. I miss my favorite shows and I will be happy to have them back. So why is it that I’m not more excited about the prospect of new TV? What’s going on and is it just me?
  5. Olympics Fever: I think I’m immune because I haven’t even caught the sniffles. I told a friend this weekend how strange it is the Olympics were such a huge part of my life when I lived overseas and yet I’ve never gotten as excited about them once I moved back to the States. Perhaps it was because there’s such a strong feeling of national pride when you live in a military community? Or it could just be that we didn’t have a lot of other things to watch on TV when the Olympics were on… Whatever it is these days, instead of seeking out the games, I mostly find myself wondering if everyone else really knew the names of these athletes three months ago.
  6. Drama Hills 90210: If the CW is purposely pitting the original 90210 cast against each other to drum up drama, I’ll take back what I said in #2 above. And, seriously, why else wouldn’t you pay any of the original cast the same amount to make an appperance if not because of the PR benefits the resulting drama could generate if you didn’t? (FWIW: I’m still not feeling this show at all. I wish I could be as excited about it as all of y’all but it hasn’t happened yet.)
  7. The new 90210 starts this fall, Sept 2, on the CW.

  8. Second Notice: As much as I love Burn Notice, I’ve noticed (heh!) that I have difficulty with the pacing and editing of episodes the first time I watch them. The second time through? Doesn’t bother me in the slightest. That can’t be normal, can it? Or do the editors intentionally want some of their cuts to be jarring?
  9. Spoiler Free Zone: I started with spoiler talk so I’ll end with it too. The OTH spoilers aside, this blog is a spoiler free zone. It’s getting harder and harder to avoid spoilers for the upcoming Fall season but I’m determined not to let anyone ruin storylines for me. I’ve decided that I’m ok with knowing about guest stars but the jury’s still out on pictures. For the most part, I haven’t cared too much about seeing episode promotional stills but every once in a while someone posts pictures for a show and I have a minor freak out attempting to avoid seeing them. If you walk by my office and I’ve got one hand up blocking the screen while I scroll with the other… well, you know I’m probably trying to avoid seeing any pictures for Supernatural or Heroes.

4 Responses to “7 Things Jostling Around in My Head”

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    Just Jody says:

    Personally, I think the salary issues with 90210 were just that Tori was openly asking to come back, while they had to chase and entice Jenny and Shannen. Of course that’s going to result in pay differences… it would at any job.

    Also, Donna is the least popular character out of the three, technically making her worth less. I don’t blame Tori for wanting equal pay, but I don’t blame the network for paying her less either.

  2. 2
    Rae says:

    You make a valid point, Jo, but they must have known it was going to be an issue in the press. I do agree about Donna being the least popular but I think she’s also an iconic part of the series so I can actually see why you’d want her. I guess I just get the feeling that the drama about it ends up being almost as good as having Tori on the show and therefore the cynic in me thinks that’s played a part in what’s going on… Your more logical thoughts are probably more correct. ;)

  3. 3
    Eolivet says:

    I’m feeling the same malaise about the start of the season as you are. None of the new shows really excite me (because I haven’t seen most of them?) I think it’s because maybe we’ve gone so long dealing with reruns that at least I’ve almost…gotten used to no new eps. :/ Plus, I don’t think any of my shows really ended with a crazy cliffhanger.

    Word about the Olympics, too. I don’t get it. And I don’t even have your excuse that I used to like it, and maybe have outgrown it. I’ve just…always been bored by the Summer Olympics. :x

  4. 4
    ColoradoKila says:

    I thought I was alone. Now I know I am not. Not feeling the new fall season yet at all. Maybe the weather is still to nice, maybe I was too wrapped up on the Olymics & now the stupid DNC & RNC, maybe the summer shows this year have been disappointing (hello Project Runway) maybe none of the new show promo’s have grabbed me yet? Ugh, I am so blah about TV right now. Is it hopeless or will things turn around soon?

    So TOTALLY trying to avoid Supernatural spoilers. Pains me that I already know about Dean…