TV Update: Why My DVR Hates Me & Shows I’m Watching   

It’s been a long time since I’ve really talked about the TV I’m watching. Of course, that’s partly because I haven’t been watching much. You have no idea how much my DVR hates me right now. In fact, I so paranoid that things will start disappearing from my list that I literally check it every day. I need to just make some time to sit down and plow through the pile.

But the other problem is that I just haven’t had much to say. I swore off Big Brother this year and I can’t say that I’ve missed it one iota. I sorta watched every episode of So You Think You Can Dance but I didn’t find it nearly as enjoyable as last summer. Loved this summer’s season of Flipping Out but weirdly didn’t feel compelled to gab about Jeff Lewis’ craziness this time. NOT loving this summer’s season of Project Runway even though it still has time to grab me. I never really care about the PR contestants until about halfway through the season anyway. However, there is one reality show I still adore…

America’s Best Dance Crew
I’ve been too late to vote each week and, man, does that bum me out considering who’s been kicked off the past few weeks. The judges have been a little harsh about it too. Not in the who they kick off but in their disappointment about which crews keep ending up in the bottom two. I didn’t particularly like the Boogie Bots but I felt bad for them having to listen to the judges rag on them not being in the bottom two. There was no question that when they ended up there the week before last, they were goners.

Fanny Pak says goodbye to ABDC this week.That said, I gotta say JC was right this past week when he said that So Real Cru should’ve been going home this week. And I love me some So Real Cru!! I’m pretty sure that every week I voted, they were one of the crews that got some of my votes. It’s just that Fanny Pak hit it out of the park this week and they didn’t deserve to go home after the routines they did. I wasn’t as enthrall with them as the judges were all season but I loved the creativity that they brought to the stage week after week. They are performers 100%. I just hope, like taaffe who emailed me very upset about Fanny Pak’s elimination, their stint on the show has put them on someone’s radar and they get some work out of this whole thing. There’s no reason any of them should be living out of their cars!

Fanny Pak dances to Flashdance for their 80s movie challenge.Also, how fucking funny was the judges thing?! I literally fell off the couch when I saw it and I can’t tell you how many times I rewound to watch the very end when “Lil’ Mama” hits “JC” and he changes his comments. HAHAHA. Oh, I’m gonna miss you Fanny Pak.

Now we’re down to two and I’m not sure how excited I am about either crew, even after generally liking them all along. I can’t wait to see the dances and hope that we get some more group dances like we did last year but, honestly, I’m not on the edge of my seat about the results like I was last year. I’m torn. As much as I miss not being invested in any one crew, I don’t really miss worrying about my crew not winning. Ha.

PS: ABDC is doing the Tour thing! Now, like SYTYCD, you’ve got a chance to see these dancers up close. Check out the MTV Remote Control Blog to see if the ABDC Tour is coming to a city near you!

So, that’s where I stand with reality shows at the moment. I think. I’m sure you’ll yell at me if I forgot a show.

As for my scripted shows… I’m mostly behind on all of them. I haven’t watched Army Wives in weeks and I can’t seem to force myself to catch up. I like the show when I’m watching but it’s never been the type of show I can’t wait to see each week. I’m also behind on The Middleman though not for the same reason. I’m loving this silly crazy show and I hate that it’s not doing as well as they hoped. I’m only behind on it because of the move to 10PM. Since I’ve been going to bed early, I have been taping it but haven’t been able to keep up with it because each show is so full of goodies that I need time to give it my full attention and I just haven’t had that recently. I’m also behind on The Closer and that’s just because of the general backlog of shows on my DVR. I like the show just as much as ever but I never really feel the need to comment on it. The only other show that I am weeks behind on is In Plain Sight. I’m still liking it but it’s never reached the same heights as Burn Notice and Psych for me so it’s not the first thing I want to watch when I sit down. I keep hoping that’ll change but it hasn’t yet.

Burn Notice
Speaking of my other two USA shows, I’m loving Burn Notice but have been watching it just far enough behind everyone else my reaction posts would be outdated before I hit ‘Publish.’ There’s not much that needs analyzing but sometimes I do just want to say, “OMG, I love Fiona!!” I know others don’t care much for Madeline and I don’t get it. I love her to pieces. I love how much of who Michael is comes from his mother and how manipulative she is even though it’s clear she’s doing it because she loves her family.Gabrielle Anwar plays Fiona on BURN NOTICE. A lot is insinuated about how Michael’s history with his father shaped who he is but I feel like his mother has a hell of a lot more to do with it than his father.

Hmmm, I’ve also read that others don’t really care for Fi and Michael and to that I say… you’re crazy!! They’re hot! And not only are they hot, they crack me up. Fi throwing/spitting her sunflower seed shells out Michael’s window? That’s funny shit. Not to mention only giving him a five minute break. I could watch them do a whole episode of Fi and Michael on a stakeout. Then, later, Michael running his fingers over Fi’s freshly painted toenails so she’d just have to redo them? I died. Sigh. How can you not like these two? Ok, ok… I wasn’t even going to talk about Burn Notice! Guess you can see how much I liked this week’s show.

And that leads me to Psych who also had a great show this week. I’ve been liking this season so far but, Juliet and Lassiter face down both Spencers and Gus in the interrogation room on PSYCH.besides the premiere, none of the episodes have made me want to re-watch. Or, for that matter, have made me actually stop in the middle of watching the first time to rewind and re-watch a scene over again. Steven Weber was made to be Shawn’s Uncle Jack and I loved every minute of his guest appearance. But I also LOVED all of the scenes inside the interrogation room. It’s so rare that we see all of these characters interacting together in a scene but they kill it every time they do.

Of course, some of what I loved there was the whole POV/storytelling thing. You know I love it when a story is told from different points of view and, while I know we mostly got Shawn’s POV, just having the others interrupt when he wasn’t telling it as it happened worked to show that we couldn’t rely on his version. As if we didn’t already know that! My favorite part of all of that was when Shawn finally figures out what Gus meant when he claimed they impersonated priests. Hahaha. That was great, especially when Juliet wants to know what Shawn has figured out and he doesn’t tell her. It was a nicely done moment that gives the audience the chance to feel more in the know than some of the characters even though we’re just about as clueless as they are for the majority of the episode. It was a fresh approach to their style of storytelling and I loved it. Obviously.

Henry comes to pick Shawn up when his Uncle Jack is a no-show on PSYCH.I also thought this episode was off the rails in terms of humor. The jokes in the past few episodes have been hit or miss for me but this week every joke worked for me while still including some touching father/son moments for Shawn and Henry. The show has been letting Shawn’s revelation at the end of the premiere quietly sit in the background and, while it wasn’t addressed here either, we can see how Shawn’s eyes aren’t quite as clouded when it comes to his father and the past. The small moments we got between Shawn and Henry here made me want to hug them both.

Juliet yells at Shawn during the latest episode of PSYCH.I should note that this episode also had some tiny but great moments between Shawn and Juliet not to mention some classic Shawn and Gus stuff. I love me some great BFF interaction and I think we got that here. It was all very understated and you’d miss it if you weren’t paying attention but it’s those moments that work so well to sell me on their friendship and why it works. So, apparently all it takes for me to love an episode of Psych is lots of laughs, a little Henry/Shawn bonding, a hint of Shawn/Juliet, and some Shawn/Gus BFF moments. Steven Weber was just an added bonus.

And that’s my TV update. I’ve also been a little slow on the updates because of the amount of books I’ve been consuming lately but that’s a post for another day. How’s your summer been TV-wise? What shows have you been loving? Hating? Inquiring minds want to know.

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