Reporting from SDCC 08: Preview Night   

I’m a bit on the exhausted side. However, I wanted to do my first Comic Con check-in of the weekend. Especially since I disappeared from the blogosphere for a few days there.

So, as you may have guessed, I’m currently in delightful San Diego, CA. I heard someone complain about being hot today but, lemme tell ya, I stepped outside and couldn’t help the happy sigh that escaped. 71 degrees (with a breeze no less!) is pure heaven compared to the sauna that is Orlando these days.

Comic-Con 2008

Wednesday is Preview Night at Comic Con. Traditionally a fairly light day at the Con… HAHAHA. I think the days of that being true are LONG gone. The flood of people pouring into and out of the San Diego Convention Center tonight are just the beginning of a crowded weekend.

Before I got to the Convention Center, though, I enjoyed a nice pleasant dinner with Mr. Seat42F himself and My Take on TV’s Amrie. It was nice to sit around and bullshit about TV and the Con and life. And, honestly, it made the annoyances of later a little easier to handle. The lines I stood in weren’t quite as torturous as they would have been on an empty stomach.

You see, it didn’t matter what kind of badge you were picking up tonight, you were destined to stand in a long frakkin’ line. At least the general attendees line kept moving at a brisk pace. Not so with the press line. After over an hour in line, we’d barely moved far at all… while we watched a dozen or so other people cut in all the other lines (ok, probably in our line too). Finally they had opened up another line and then things sped up. Still, Amrie got her 4-Day Attendee badge LONG before I picked up my press badge. So it turns out being considered press? Not so glamorous.

And by the way? Dude blogging in line and constantly holding me up? No one is going to scoop you while you’re standing in the stupid line. Cut the cord to your laptop for ten freaking minutes and pay attention to the line. Thanks.

But back to the previewing part of the night. Armed with our badges, we entered the Exhibit Hall… or, as I like to call it, the Madness. The walkways along the edge of the floor are decieving. Hey, look, it’s not really that crowded in here! Ha. Then you move towards the middle of the floor and suddenly your gripping the strap of your bag and hoping that the river of people is going someplace good because it’s not that easy to get out of the current once you’ve ben swept up in it.

What we saw: The FOX booth was handing out their nifty poster tubes and doing a fun green screen photo op. You could get your self on various TV/Movie backgrounds. They had a Buffy background and I was tempted… but there were too many people waiting. The WB booth has a mini WB water tower this year and that’s pretty sweet. I think I liked the Pushing Daisies decorations from last year better but the water tower does kind of encompass all that they do. They’ve also got the Nerd Herd car that they’re giving away inside the booth. ABC Family’s got a nice little setup with comfy chairs and laptops. It wasn’t heavily populated when we walked by but it did look inviting. NBC’s got several shows represented with a side for The Office, 30 Rock, and Heroes. SCI FI is back with their weird looking alien/ship thing. BBC America is presented and they’ve got some Dr. Who, Torchwood, and Spaced swag for sale. Hmmm, what else? There’s tons more of course, these were just the ones that stood out to me tonight. Oh, Dark Horse has gone some great Buffy comic stuff up on their panels. Loving the Buffy/Faith panel facing the center walkway (see picture below).

Then there’s the California Browncoats booth, back in pretty much the same spot as last year and with lots of goodies on hand. Amrie and I both had to stop and get a Dr. Horrible t-shirt. I’m sad, though, because one of my t-shirts doesn’t fit. I’m hoping they’ll be nice enough to exchange it for me tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

The one thing I didn’t get to do tonight was attend the Fringe screening. I was a little bummed about that but it just wasn’t feasible and, as often happens at Comic Con, you don’t always feel like doing the things you swore you wouldn’t want to miss. Timing, it’s funny that way. Or maybe hearing it was a new “reality” show on FOX turned me off. (No joke, there was a girl handing out little Fringe cards with maps on them (for the Saturday night scavenger hunt) and saying, “Check out Fringe, a new reality show on FOX.” What?? Maybe FOX should prep the people they hire a little better, eh?) Either way, we didn’t really try too hard to get up to the room for the second screening. Here’s hoping I can catch one of the other screenings happening this weekend.

Ok, well, there’s lots more but I’m starting to drift so I should finish this up now. The few pictures I took from the day are below and I hope to have a little Comic Con sidebar area up tomorrow so you can check out my latest photos and twitters throughout the weekend!

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    Just Jody says:

    Aw. Sounds like good times already. Hope you had a good dinner with A & T. (Almost typed those initials in the reverse order!)

    Oh, I love, love, love those WB bags! Who knew they’d still be promoting those shows so long after their passing? Nice.

    Is the big Buffy/Faith poster done by Jo Chen? (Not like it matters, just curious)