Explore the Impossibilities of FRINGE at Comic Con   

Are you as excited about Fringe as I am? Are you going to Comic Con?

Explore the Impossibilities in San Diego, 7-26-08

Then you should go check out this website and/or keep your eyes open during the Fringe panel. At some point, you’ll receive the first of many clues that will lead you on a fun scavenger hunt (I am a sucker for scavenger hunts!) around San Diego and, if you stick out until the end, then you might just get to kick back and watch a little something…

And there’s more! Oh yeah, you’ll get the chance to win… well something very very cool. What? You didn’t think I was just going to tell you, did you? No, no, you’ll have make it to the end of the scavenger hunt to find out. But I will say this, if you win, you gotta promise to take me with ya. Mmm ‘kay?

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    [...] turned me off. (No joke, there was a girl handing out little Fringe cards with maps on them (for the Saturday night scavenger hunt) and saying, “Check out Fringe, a new reality show on FOX.” What?? Maybe FOX should [...]