Get Burned Tonight   

Watch BURN NOTICE tonight, at 10/9c on USA.You know what happens tonight on USA at 10/9c? An all-new Burn Notice! And you guys are gonna love it. I got an early look at it and it’s fabulous. Last week we only got a fleeting glimpse of Carla but tonight? We meet the woman behind the voice and she’s delish.

Also, there’s some great stuff between Michael and his mom. You really don’t want to miss that. Actually, now that I think about it, an awful lot happens in this episode. No wonder I’ve watched it numerous times already! If you thought last week’s season premiere was great, you’ll eat this episode up! Like Michael with some tasty yogurt.

Anyway, tonight. 10/9c. USA. Watch.

PS: you guys have burned your friends already, right? I took care of a little blogger named Ducky last week.

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