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It’s summer time, there’s no excuse for constantly being a day behind on my TV viewing. It’s funny how that works. During the Fall I won’t let myself get behind because I know I won’t be able to catch up, but right now I tend to opt for an earlier bedtime and DVR-ing things. Which is to say, I haven’t watched last night’s In Plain Sight, Army Wives, or The Next Food Network Star yet.

Claudia Joy and Emmalin reconnect over a driving lesson on ARMY WIVES.That means I’ll have got to talk about today are last week’s shows. I enjoyed Army Wives. In fact, it made me cry — not a hard task really. I like this show but it’s one of those that I forget how much I like until I force myself to sit down and watch it. It’s not one I have to see immediately because I can’t wait for a new episode. I think some of that is because, well, there’s nothing happening on the show right now. I get that the show has always been more character-driven than plot-driven but it also means I’ve got no driving need to tune in and see what’s going on with these women this week. I kinda blame that on my two favorite characters, Roxy and Roland, not having much to do at the moment.

Mary helps Marshall on IN PLAIN SIGHT.Moving on, I liked this week’s In Plain Sight and I thought the reveal was pretty good. Plus, I liked the story centering on Marshall and Mary. The show still hasn’t reached the Psych and Burn Notice level of good for me but it’s slowly gaining ground. On the other hand, The Next Food Network Star is actually losing some ground. I’m just not impressed with the contestants this time around. They’ve been given some challenges that could have been interesting but they’re all so lackluster that I just can’t seem to get into the mood for this show. This week I actually fast-forwarded through anything that was the contestants talking about what they were going to cook or the judges critiquing the individual performances. I guess the problem is that I don’t get the sense that any of them are actually all that good at being cooks. Who wants a Food Network Star who can’t actually cook???

Zoila with her special birthday gift from Jeff on FLIPPING OUT.I think I’ve done enough talking about the dance shows lately but let me quickly touch on the other reality show I’m watching at the moment, Flipping Out. And I thought Jeff Lewis couldn’t get any crazier! The painting of the maid?? A birthday present?! It’s not even the painting itself, which I actually didn’t think was all that horrible, it’s that he would think it’d be such a great gift. People, it wasn’t even like it was a painting for her to take home and put up on her wall!! Who thinks getting themselves a painting of a person is a great gift for the other person? Oy, he kills me. Same goes for giving her a hard time about taking the day off. Don’t get me wrong, I tend to think he wasn’t really serious about that part but sometimes I can’t quite tell. He’s so egocentric that I wouldn’t be too surprised if he did want her to mold her schedule around his. The thing that makes Jeff tolerable, though, is that he does have a great eye for design. I love what he was doing with that couple’s house and I can see why the woman suddenly likes her house again. It’s costing a fortune but it seems like it’s going to be well worth it.

Hunter Parrish as Silas Botwin, Alexander Gould as Shane Botwin, and Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin on WEEDS.I wish I could say I’m enjoying Weeds as much as everyone else seems to be these days but, alas, I’m not. Sure, some of it’s because I liked Conrad and I miss him but it’s also because I don’t really like what Nancy’s doing at the moment. In the past, it’s always been about the survival of her family and maintaining their lifestyle for the sake of her boys. Now? She’s taking stupid risks and doing stupid things and I can’t really see a justification for it all. If you’re making a run for it, why wouldn’t you lay low and be careful? Granted, that doesn’t make for great TV but I can’t really be ok with Nancy smuggling drugs across the border either. I guess I need to understand where Nancy’s coming from these days before I’ll be able to accept the path she’s taking.

The Middleman and Wendy get the lowdown on the quick road to hell from Roxy Wasserman on THE MIDDLEMAN.Ok, I think that leaves me with The Middleman. Before I get into my thoughts on last week’s episode, I just want to remind everyone tonight’s show moves to its new time at 10PM. This is slightly annoying as I already have another show in that time-slot and I liked having something to sit down and watch at 8PM. No more. Oh well. I do wonder what prompted the time-slot change. Did they decide the show was a little much for the younger crowd? Is that even possible with what we get to see and hear talked about on Kyle XY and Greek?

As for last week’s episode, hmm, well I still feel like there’s something a little off. I can’t figure out what it is but I felt the same way about the pilot. I assumed it was just me needing to get used to the style and pace of the show but now I’m not so sure. I wish I could figure out what it is that bugs me. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the show. There’s just something that’s stopping me from loving it just yet.

Some of it may be that we’ve just been thrown into the story so I feel like I haven’t really connected with these characters yet. Wendy is probably the only character I feel close to at this point. Since I’ve found the weekly stories to be a little on the weak side so far, I’ve been left wanting at the end of these first two episodes. It’s fun to see what they’ll come up with each week and in which goof situation our heroes will find themselves but I want just a little more depth.

That said, I enjoyed the underlying storyline about Wendy’s Dad this week and her need to find out what happened to him. His mention in both episodes makes me think that’s going to be a running theme and I like how it gives us a glimpse at the Wendy who’s not quite so blasé about everything in life.

Roxy Wasserman, recovered succubus, opens the path to hell on THE MIDDLEMAN.What else? Oh, I liked the succubus Roxy Wasserman but there were definitely a few times when the actress went a little too far over the top with her line readings. In a show like this, it seems key that each character be as “real” as possible so that they always feel grounded even when the situation is unbelievable. The was true of the two who played the parents of the boy. Though I think some of my issue there was, again, the weekly storyline lacking depth. I know it was mostly there to explain why the boy isn’t who you’d expect to be the heir to the Qin Dynasty but, since it’s also used to establish a connection between the boy and Wendy and be the reason she’s suddenly consumed by thoughts of her father, I felt like it could have been done a little better.

Back to what I liked! I loved that we got to see a bit of the Lacey/Wendy friendship because you know I’m a sucker for good friendships in my shows. I also liked that Lacey found a more practical way to protest the use of fur. I like that Lacey better than the crazy activist one. I also thought the joke about hell looking like an office was well done. Plus, the guy who played the clerk was great. I kinda hope we get to see hell and the clerk again.

And I’ll leave you on a little preview of tonight’s Middleman: Wendy must save the day when the Middleman and Sensei Ping are kidnapped by a band of wrestlers.

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