Getting PSYCH-ed in Vancouver   

I’m so tired right now that I’m pretty sure this post is not gonna do this evening justice so I’ll just apologize ahead of time. You see, I’ve been up since 4:00 AM this morning and as it is right now… 1:40 AM on the East Coast, I’ve been up for almost 24 hours. Good thing I was too excited about this trip to notice that period around 16 hours when I get realllllll bitchy and moved right into 18 hour Mellow Rae. And this would be why I declined to ahve any liquor at dinner tonight. I might have fallen asleep at the table! (Alcohol makes me more sleepy than anything else.)

Ok, see, babbling here! So, why have I been up so long? Well, because this morning I jumped on a plane to Vancouver where tomorrow I will be visiting the set of Psych which, as more than a few of you know, is one of my favorite shows on TV right now.

Tim Meltreger is one of the writers on PSYCH.Actually, I think it sits in the #1 spot, hence the flying across the country for the chance to meet the stars and talk to the people who make the show happen. And that’s what I got to do tonight when we had dinner with Tim Meltreger, one of the show’s writers. Fans of the show who also frequent the USA website and the Psych blogs may recognize Tim’s name as he wrote a great many of the show’s blogs when the show began. Tim also wrote last year’s “Dis-Lodged” which means I can thank him for the hilarious The Terminal joke that makes me laugh every time. Plus, this line from Young!Gus that I’m not at all ashamed to admit I use on people all the time, “Fine! I don’t need you and your misplaced prepositions!”

What? Stop looking at me like that, like you don’t notice when people put prepositions at the end of sentences too.

So. Dinner. It was a much different affair than the Miami dinner with Matt Nix. This is neither good nor bad. The setting wasn’t quite as intimate as it was in Miami which just meant that we ended up having lots of little conversations rather than one big Q&A. I kinda liked that part. There were times when Tim was telling stories that the whole table was listening to but, more often than not, there were multiple conversations going on at one time.

We were also joined by two of the actresses — nay, derby queens! — from the episode that is currently filming, 3×06: “Talk Derby to Me” (you know you love that title!), which was penned by Tim. Gah! Horribly I can’t remember one of the girl’s names. She was great but she was also sitting at the other end of the table so I didn’t interact with her much. At our end of the table was Sydney Bennett who, by the way, actually a part of a derby league, Derby Dolls. Those in LA should totally look into attending a battle. Sydeny was regalling us with derby tales all evening and it sounds AWESOME. Don’t believe me? Check out this video on YouTube and tell me you don’t want to go watch that shit? (PS: That’s Sydney’s voice on the video.)

I bet you wanna know why I’m going on and on about derby stuff, eh? Because, if the title didn’t give it away, that’s what the episode is about and after listening to them talking about the filming of the derby scenes I’m a little bummed that they were ahead of schedule and we didn’t get to see any of them filmed. Tim spent a lot of time researching these derby bouts and even Sydney said the Vancouver league that was hired to be the derby skaters were very impressed with how he portrayed the sport in the show. But, more importantly, listening to Sydney talk about how she chased the camera around the rink and made it her goal not to let them outpace just made it sound cool. Both Tim and Sydney told us about how Maggie (Juliet) actually trained with a derby skater about two weeks ago so that she’d be able to convincingly play an undercover derby girl for the episode. Sydney seemed realy impressed with how into it Maggie got and how fast she picked it up. That? I can’t wait to see. I love it when Juliet gets to go undercover and play a completely different character. You know Shawn’s gonna love it too!!

Actualy, Tim did tease a little about the episode, promising that those who like the tension between Shawn and Juliet will get some satisifcation out of this episode. In fact, there may even be a couple skate ahead for these two! But you’ll have to tune in to watch…

Tim’s a funny guy. I already knew this from reading his blogs but he’s exactly the same in person. Which is good since that’s obviously comes out in the show. I get the feeling that all of the writers and actors on this show share this trait. We’ll see if I’m right tomorrow.

Tim did tell us that we’ll be getting a lot of different character stuff this season. Almost everyone gets a little something. They went into the season wanting 20% more laughs, 20% more action, and 20% more …. oops! Damn, I forgot the last one. Don’t worry, I’ll find out tomorrow. Although, from the sounds of it there’ll also be 20% more pineapple as well. And does anything else really matter?

The third season of PSYCH premieres July 18th at 10/9c on USA.

Well, there was lots more said and I want to share it all with you but my eyes are burning and my brain keeps shorting out. So, stay tuned. I’ll check in again tomorrow with another update. Definitely. Maybe. I think. If nothing else, you can follow me throughout the day on Twitter. I’m sure I’ll be full of insightful twitters like… “OMG, just met Dule Hill!” and “James Roday rocks!” So… stay tuned!

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    Y says:

    So very jealous & can’t wait to hear all the details! I actually drove past a Psych production sign a couple of weekends ago & attempted to find out where they were shooting, only to find that the sign was just a reminent of their shoot earlier during the week… a couple of blocks away from my parents’s place. ;)

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    [...] so freaking excited for this episode I can not tell you! First, ROLLER DERBY GIRLS! Having dinner with Sydney Bennett, who not only plays one of the derby girls in tonight’s episode but is an actual derby girl [...]