Friday Fun: Bringing TV to the Big Screen   

Friday Fun!Both Jody and I loved the Sex and the City movie. It’s always great to be reunited with some of your favorite TV characters and even better to get to watch them frolicking on the big screen! And it’s just not Carrie Bradshaw making a splash at the movies. The X-Files Mulder and Scully are making an appearance too and who isn’t excited to see them again? That’s not counting things like Speed Racer and Get Smart which are adaptations of popular tv shows and, heck, there’s even the live-action version of the Smurfs coming soon to a theater near you!

Which got us to thinking… what show you’d love to see made into a big screen movie, what characters it would feature and what you would like to see happen?

Would it be a show you’re watching now? Or one that’s been gone a few years? If a movie studio dropped the $$$ in your lap and told you could bring any TV show to the big screen, which would you choose?

As for our picks, well…

Jody would bring THE 4400 to the big screen.Jody says she’d like to see Heroes on the big screen but she’d change her answer to The 4400 if she had to pick a show that’s off the air. Kudos to her for not going with the obvious… Buffy!


Rae wants to see Sydney Bristow in ALIAS at a theater near her.And me? Well, I know you think I’m going to say Veronica Mars but you’d be wrong. No Dawson’s Creek either since I’m not sure we need to see where their stories went even though I do miss Pacey and Joey something fierce. And, as much as I love Buffy, I liked where the show ended. No, I think I’d like to see Alias. I miss Sydney and having her back for an action-packed two hours would be just the thing to fill that void.


3 Responses to “Friday Fun: Bringing TV to the Big Screen”

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    Just Jody says:

    I did think of Buffy, but I too liked where it ended. Not to mention the fact that the comics have continued the story beautifully so I just don’t think we need a BtVS movie. I also briefly considered Gilmore Girls, but again, I like where they left it and don’t need to know more.

    But The 4400 was cancelled before the story was finished, and I would love to see what happens now that the P-positives have taken over Seattle. We’d have to have all the regulars back, plus Kevin, Tess and Marco. Aside from the fallout of all of Seattle going P-positive, I’d like to see Diana get back together with Ben and fulfill Mia’s prediction that they get married, I’d like to see Tom put his family back together, and I’d like to see how Tom & Diana handle having abilities.

    I know The 4400 will never make it to the big screen, but here’s hoping that we see a TV movie at least.

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    Rae says:

    I agree about the Buffy comic… and I think, for me, the choice is somewhat about not opening old wounds too. Like if I get to see the Scooby gang back together, it’s going to be even harder to let them go again. Two hours is just not enough for me.

    Hmm, I didn’t think of GG. I could maybe see that one but in a few more years when I’ll be wondering what they’ve been doing, etc. Not now when we’re so close to the events as they were left.

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    This is a trend that needs to stop and needs to stop before they start filming Ice Cube as B.A. Baracus, which is sadly in the pipeline.