Dance Dance Commentary!   

The Top 18 on SYTYCD perform a Shane Sparks routine and Phresh Select dance to Motown Philly on BEST DANCE CREW.

Watching both So You Think You Can Dance and Best Dance Crew in one night makes me want to drag out my DDR pad and dance the day away. Only I’m at work and I think my boss would frown upon that… Ok, so I’ve got commentary and probably some unpopular fandom opinions but that’s nothing new. No spoilers allowed though so you’ll have to follow the jump below to read more.

Loved, loved, loved the Shane’s opening routine. It’s possible the third “loved” is because I do have a bit of a crush on Shane. Still, I thought the dancers really came together and pulled it off beautifully. At no point was I noticing one dancer above the others and that’s how I prefer it in a group routine. Plus, Shane’s great about coordinating the moves to the music and I dig that. Loved that part there in the middle… you know the one I’m talking about.

Cat talks to eliminated dances Marquis Cunningham and Susie Garcia on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. (c) 2008 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Michael Becker/FOXBut, on to the eliminations, I’m going to have to say that I kind of agree with the judges’ choices. I know that’s not a popular opinion today and, at the risk of Pixi driving up here to beat me up, I have to say that I do not agree with those who think Marquis had the best solo of the night. I would’ve gotten rid of Chris before Marquis but that decision would have been based more on potential than the performances last night. Chris’ solo wasn’t anything outstanding but he actually seemed to have a focus and direction to it whereas I felt like Marquis was all over the place and sloppy. He was nervous and you could see it. The other two danced with their solos with an assurance that Marquis just didn’t have. I think Nigel is doing that thing I hate on these shows where the judges are not consistent in what they want to see from week to week. Next week he’ll probably tell the person that gets booted that he didn’t do enough “tricks” in his solo. Whatever. But in the end, even if Marquis and Susie were unlucky enough to get two hard routines in a row, they still under-performed both weeks and I can see why that combined with less than stellar solos would lead to them being eliminated. Excuse while I go run for cover…

As for Susie, errmm, I didn’t think she did that bad in her solo. I really wasn’t sure which of the girls the judges were going to cut because they all seemed equal to me. But, when it turned out to be Susie, I was 99.9% Marquis was going too. Probably on some mistaken belief that someone last year pointed out that they never split couples up this early on. That it always takes a few episodes before they will eliminate two different partners. So I wasn’t really surprised when Nigel gave Marquis the news and it didn’t look like Marquis was all that surprised either. I felt really bad for him. He looked like he was going to cry and, since I’d have been balling if I were in his place, I wouldn’t have blamed if he did! But, you know, the dancers who get this far always seem to end up in a better place than they were before so I’m sure Marquis will only benefit from this experience.

And I have to say, I thought Susie went out with a lot of grace. I think Mia may have actually gotten a little choked up when Susie said the best thing about the whole experience was getting to work with all the various and talented choreographers. Whether you like her or not, that was a classy move.

For the record, I should say that I don’t get why everyone seems to hate Nigel so but perhaps that’s because I haven’t been watching as long as most. He doesn’t bug me at all. Sure some of his comments are asinine but isn’t that always the case on these shows? And, really, is there ever going to be a judge we all agree with all of the time? In fact, it’s kind of funny because I dislike Mia more because I feel she doesn’t hide her favoritism as well as Mary and Nigel. I like that she gives constructive criticism but I’d prefer she do it with all of the dancers.

Funny how we all see things differently, eh? All of that said, I will admit that I found Nigel’s speech about the losers not being losers, etc. to be overkill. I’m assuming he only felt the need to say it because he knew he was about to eliminate a fan favorite. Why else would he bother, right? Still, I could have done without it. It’s a reality show, Nigel, not Juilliard.

Best Dance Crew
Then there was my other dance show which, weirdly, I like a lot more than SYTYCD. I think I just like group dances more than solos or duos. What’s that about?

Anyway, as this was the premiere, the crews had a lot of freedom in their routines for the week. Next week the assignments start but this week they still got to pick their own music and come up with their moves without any restrictions. This was both good and bad. Sass x7 performs on BEST DANCE CREW.As Shane noted while he was knocking Xtreme Dance Force down a few pegs, it’s when you only have a week to come up with and learn a new routine that we get to see how good you really are…

First of all, can someone tell me why the heck Sass x7 is still in this competition and Distorted X isn’t? No offense to the Sass girls but they are just not in the same league as these other crews. Lil’ Mama’s Lakers crack was spot on and, while these girls are more pep squad than traditional cheerleading, they’re still not in the same league as the rest of these dance crews. Hopefully, they’ll listen to what both Lil’ Mama and Shane had to say and work on taking their skills to the next level because heaven knows I’d love to see an all-female crew dominate.

Second, the judges had it right when they said the bottom crews this week were out-performing the top crews. Of course, this tends to be the way things work on this show and it’s one of the things I love about it. Unlike other reality shows, being on the bottom motivates these teams to own the stage and I love it. So, I think the judges were right in being hard on those first few teams to perform. Not that any of them did horrible, they just needed to step it up.

DistortedX and Fanny Pack exchange a hug aftering the elimination on BEST DANCE CREW.Related to that, and I know I’ve said this before so bear with me, but I love how the bottom two teams always have some of the best performances of the night. That’s the way it should be. They’re fighting to stay on the show and you can see it. Plus, it forces the judges to really consider their decision. That said, I was pretty sure Fanny Pack was safe. I kinda enjoyed the Distorted X dance more but they didn’t have the moves that Fanny Pack did so it made sense that they were the ones cut. Generally speaking, I’m not fond of the fanny pack gimmick but I did think them pulling the sunglasses out this week was a nice touch. Plus, their routine really illustrated their personality.

Hmmm, as for a favorite? Well, I’d have to agree with a friend of mine who liked Phresh Select’s routine and it was largely because of the music. I’ve had freakin’ BoysIIMen stuck in my head ALL DAY! I blame Phresh Select. I also liked SoRealCru and Super Cr3w’s routines too. I thought Supreme Soul did better than the judges gave them credit for but, compared to the others, they were definitely lacking what they brought to the casting special. I’m sure they’ll get it back because now they’ll be determined to prove that they’re good.

The BEST DANCE CREW judges.And before I finish this up, I just have to say how much I loved Shane and Lil’ Mama trying to one up each other with the slow-mo stuff at the end. Shane getting up to look at her list was freaking hysterical. The judges were on fire last night. Lil’ Mama wasn’t as critical as she usually is but Shane more than made up for it in when he called out Xtreme Dance Force (and, really, who picks one of the judges’ songs to dance to so early in the show?! that’s just setting yourself up for trouble). But I love the way these three joke around with each other. They always manage to crack me up at least once during the show.

So… did you watch? Which your routine did you like best and who’d you vote for?

3 Responses to “Dance Dance Commentary!”

  1. 1
    Eolivet says:

    I’ve never liked Nigel because I feel he’s an extremely manipulative control freak, and his agenda is extremely transparent. Personal bias: I believe he helped torpedo Idol S6′s most talented singer in favor of his 17 year-old darling, and then he did it again to more talented dancers on SYTYCD not three months later.

    I kind of get his antics for Idol, because he’s got a financial stake after the fact, but for SYTYCD, it’s ridiculous. It’s a SUMMER reality dance competition! Is the world really going to end if a girl didn’t win last year or an African-American male doesn’t win this year? Why can’t America be trusted to pick “America’s favorite dancer?” Why do the judges have to decide who goes home?

    I watch a decent amount of reality TV, and no show that’s purporting to find America’s “favorite” anything has a judge with as much power and control as Nigel (the head judge, [co?]-creator and Executive Producer). The only judges that come close are seeking to find the TOP person: America’s Next TOP Model, TOP Chef — even THE Apprentice. But they’re looking for the BEST, not the favorite. Even “Dancing with the Stars” gives the audience more control with their 50/50 judges/voting formula. On a show to find “America’s favorite dancer,” “America” has virtually NO say in the outcome: sure, they can vote, but if they put his Chosen One in the bottom 3, he can send them back to safety. Not even Simon Cowell can do that.

    To me, Nigel thinks viewers are idiots, who have to be TOLD how to respond and how to vote for their favorites(so, he has to tell you what your taste is?!) His control freak nature runs completely contrary to the element of surprise that’s such a fun part of reality shows. There’s a term for shows where the creators know what’s going to happen in advance: scripted programming. If Nigel wants to control every last little thing, maybe that’s the business he should be in.

  2. 2
    Rae says:

    Ahh, thanks for explaining. Like I said, I think it’s because I just started watching last year so I haven’t really gotten to see how manipulative and controlling he’s being. I do think it’s wrong that he’s the EP and also a judge. Because he’s not thinking of the dancers… he’s thinking of the show and what he thinks will get the most ratings. Understandable since he’s the EP but not fair to the people participating in the show.

  3. 3
    Harper says:

    Well I very much disagree but everyone is of course entitled to their own opinions. He was not nervous at all but Nigel never gave him a chance. He’s a magnificent dancer and Chris’ so called passion was in my opinion a whole bunch of nothing. Chris had so little technique in that solo it’s not funny.