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I don’t usually do “What’s On Tonight” posts (so many others do it better) but if I make a separate post for all of the things I want you to watch tonight, I’ll be posting all day! So, instead, I’m just going to round them all up here…

    Nancy Travis, Skyler Gisondo, Jennifer Lawrence, Graham Patrick Martin, Bill Engvall on THE BILL ENGVALL SHOW. Photo Credit: Danny Feld, Turner

  • TBS Comedies: Both The Bill Engvall Show and My Boys are back with their second episode of their new seasons tonight @ 9:00 and 9:30 respectively. I got an early look at both episodes and I can say they’re both worth checking out. The opening scene on The Bill Engvall Show is laugh out loud funny. I have the clip on my computer and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone back and watched it. Plus Bill gets upset because the kids always defer to Susan over him and there’s plenty of humor to be found when Susan agrees and he’s left having to make all the decisions. Then on My Boys PJ’s still on the lookout for Mr. Right so she throws a dinner party for singles which seems appropriate since GMMR is throwing a Hometown Viewing Party for Boston fans tonight! Hope all of the ones lucky enough to attend have lots of fun chatting it up with Jamie Kaler! Spads has met him and it sounds like he’s a hoot and a half!
  • Get Up & Dance! Oh, yes, we’ve got two dance shows tonight. Kind of works in my favor because I’m not a big fan of the SYTYCD results show but now I can find out who’s going home and who’s sticking around at 9PM on FOX and then flip over to MTV to watch the premiere of Best Dance Crew at 10PM! I like it. Plus, the video clips I’ve seen (below) of tonight’s Dance Crew have me watching the clock. Not only are we going to get some fabulous routines tonight, we’re clearly going to get some not so fabulous ones and a not very happy Shane Sparks as a result. I don’t like to watch people get embarrassed but I do like it when the judges don’t hold back their honest opinions and give constructive criticism to boot. Have a peek yourself:

  • Chuckles & Screams from NBC: As per usual with reality shows that feature audition episodes, I’ve just been reading the recaps from this season’s Last Comic Standing so far but I thought 30 Rock fans may like to know nthat Lonny Ross and Keith Powell are the guest judges for tonight’s Miami auditions. It starts at 8:30PM and I’ll probably watch it for that first hour since I’m familiar with some Florida-based comedians and it’ll be fun to see who shows up. Then, at 10PM is Fear Itself. I haven’t really talked much about this show but Ducky’s been covering it if you’re interested in the past episodes. We’ve basically been getting a new mini-horror movie each week. I liked the first week’s episode but didn’t like last week’s nearly as much even though I did like the actors and there bits and pieces that were creepy. However, this week’s episode is written by Dan Knauf who wrote an episode of Supernatural as well as several Carniv├ále episodes, so I’m hopeful that I’ll dig it.
  • Steve Carell on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! tonight at 12:05AM on ABC.

  • Steve Carell Live? And finally, for The Office and Steve Carell fans out there, Steve will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight at 12:05AM on ABC and he’ll be trading places with Jimmy. It should be very funny as Carell grills Kimmel on questions relating to his upcoming film Get Smart, as if Kimmel is Carell, and Kimmel gets tongue tied when Carell gets personal. (Plus, there’ll be an outdoor musical performance from Jewel.)

2 Responses to “TV Thursdays”

  1. 1
    Just Jody says:

    Oh I am so upset that TBS vacated Canada! I want my My Boys summer fix!! It was the one summer show we got at the same time as you guys, and I always looked forward to it. Guess I’ll have to look for it online.

  2. 2
    Rae says:

    Aww, I’m sorry! I forgot you liked My Boys! I’ll have to send you the disk I have with the first two episodes so at least you’ll have those.