Reality Poll: Summer Addictions   

First, an update on the spy poll, Sydney Bristow is currently winning with 38% of the votes but Michael Westen isn’t far behind with 31% and newcomer Chuck Bartowski is dominating the third place spot with 21%. Not bad. Those would be my top three.

Watching the BIG BROTHER live feeds 24/7 used to consume my life!Ok, now on to today’s poll, brought to you by my recent realization that I had no idea whether Big Brother would be on this summer. Those of you who’ve been with me for a while know just how unusual that is for me! I always know what’s going on with Big Brother. These are usually the days I spent eagerly anticipating the start of my 24/7 summer obsession, making sure I have the latest RealPlayer downloaded and determining when I can buy the live feeds so that I’ll have them right up to the finale. Oh yes, I’ve lost many a-summer’s night sleep to endurance competitions and watching the latest BB late night drama unfold.

No more. It appears these past two iterations of what was once my favorite reality show have finally killed the addiction for me. I found last summer’s contestants more than a little off-putting and the drama that erupted over them was enough to take away the pleasure I usually get from talking about BB online. And I didn’t even watch the most recent version because I just didn’t have the time to spare. Now I can’t imagine allowing BB to take over my life again.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t have my summer reality obsessions. No thanks to Pixi and Ducky, I allowed myself to be sucked into So You Think You Can Dance and I find it’s just as addictive as BB! And, hey, it’s definitely a healthier obsession at least. Plus, Project Runway starts up again in July and I can’t seem to tear myself away from the Next Food Network Star even though I’m not all that into this year’s contestants.

So, our poll today is about your summer reality addictions. What show can’t you tear yourself away from? Which one has you covering your years and singing when you miss an episode and don’t want to get spoiled about what happens? I know you must have at least one!

2 Responses to “Reality Poll: Summer Addictions”

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    TFB says:

    I know it’s not on your list but my *serious* addiction is Survivor. I know people either love it or hate it…. but I love it. It is hard waiting 5 months between each series. maybe I should just get addicted to a weekly serial, that way maybe my withdraw symptoms won’t be so bad…. Hmmmm, maybe “Last Comic Standing”….

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    [...] been a few weeks but So You Think You Can Dance was voted the best reality summer addiction by 61%. For some reason, possibly the amount of coverage SYTYCD gets online, I’m not at all [...]