Excited Over Flipping Out’s Return   

FLIPPING OUT returns tonight at 10/9c on BRAVO.You guys! How the hell have I not commented on the return of Flipping Out tonight?!

It’s almost wrong just how excited I am about it. How I’ve missed crazy Jeff Lewis and his idiosyncratic ways!

I know almost nothing about this new season. Only what I’ve gleaned from the promos I’ve seen during Work Out and Top Chef. So, basically, that for some reason this season Jeff is working for some woman and he’s not too happy having to answer to someone else for a change. Jenni’s face when he comments about working for a nutcase cracks me up. I can’t wait to see the fireworks.

Oh, and I do know that Jeff’s got a new assistant working for him. And his name is even Chris! Ha. I love it. So I’m sure there’ll be plenty of humor there as we get to see the new Chris acclimating to life with Jeff Lewis (and his OCD).

Trust me, you gotta watch. Tonight: Flipping Out, 10/9c, BRAVO

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