Previously On… Thursday, May 15   

Even though the 2007-2008 TV Season officially ended last night, we’ve still got a few stragglers closing out their seasons tonight (and next week). Which means it’s time for we’ve got your Previously On for Thursday, May 15th to help remind you what happened last on…

Ugly Betty, 2×17: “The Kids Are Alright” ****
Betty fights her attraction to Gio on UGLY BETTY, Thursday, MAY 15 on the ABC Television Network.Wilhelmina makes her triumphant (and very PUBLIC!) return to MODE and Daniel finds himself struggling to prove himself capable when she always seems to be ten steps ahead of him and better prepared. And Betty’s not of much use to him as she’s got her own struggles to deal with, namely resisting her feelings for Gio. When the two end up thrown together while chaperoning a dance at Justin’s school, she finds it harder and harder to supress the attraction she’s feeling. Especially after he encourages her to take chances and live a little and the two free her Good Citizenship Award from the shadowy depths of the trophy cabinet and get caught by the principal. Later, as they walk home from the dance, Betty takes a leap and asks him out. Only he says no, that he doesn’t “want to be the rebound guy” he “wants to be THE guy.” Meanwhile, Hilda’s still got the hots for Coach Tony and since her cold kept her from chaperoning the dance, she’s got Justin keeping tabs on the coach for her. Finally he can’t take it anymore and asks Tony if he likes Hilda, because she likes him. Tony doesn’t answer Justin but he does leave the dance to go see Hilda and assures her she looks beautiful despite her cold. Because she really is disgustingly sick (I think she has my cold from two weeks ago), he doesn’t actually come inside the house but he does ask her if they can go out once she’s feeling better. Poor Hilda, she’s so sick she can’t even get through one happy dance without causing a coughing fit. - R

Grey’s Anatomy, 4×15: “Losing My Mind”
Meredith’s still in therapy, and is called out for being a quitter. But she surprises us, and sticks with the therapy. For the first time, a patient in the clinical trail survives! But she’s in a permanent coma, so not quite the success they were hoping for. But maybe they’ll get to open that champagne tonight? The chief’s mentor – and
one of the forefathers of cardiothoracic surgery – is in the hospital and he’s hoping for a dangerous operation while he’s there. Since she doesn’t want to be known as the woman who killed a surgical hero, Hahn refuses to perform the surgery and goes head to head with the Chief over it. The Chief wins, and Hahn saves Dr. Tapley’s life. Perhaps the Chief’s mentor will return to mentor at Seattle Grace in the future? Rebecca is crazier than we thought, and getting worse fast. Rather than get her the medical help she so clearly needs, Alex takes matters into his own hands and attempts to take care of her himself. Callie’s still trying to bop Sloan all over the hospital, but he decides that he wants to be loved for his brain as well as his body. This doesn’t go over with Callie, and in an attempt to bring back the old horn-dog Sloan, she makes out with Hahn in the elevator. This seems to be more OK with Hahn than it is with Callie. - JJ

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