Previously On… Tuesday, May 13   

It’s Tuesday again and the barage of season finales continues. To help you get caught up, here’s your Previously On for Tuesday, May 13th.

NCIS, 5×17: “About Face” ***
Evidence is stolen at a crime scene and Jimmy Palmer tries to unsuccessfully stop the thief after getting shot at. Afterwards, Palmer is unable to give a good description of neither the passport nor the suspect who stole it. After hypnosis (where we find out he has a shoe fetish) and a self-defense lesson from Ziva, Palmer remembers the name on the passport and the team descends upon the suspect’s home. He surreptitiously follows along and ultimately helps the team catch the suspect by crashing his car into the suspect’s truck as he tries to flee. - G

Reaper, 1×17: “The Leak” ****
Sock, Andi, and Sam try to capture an escaped soul on REAPER.When an escaped soul that Sam has already captured and turned in keeps returning to Earth, the Devil wants Sam to find out who’s responsible for the leak in Hell. When Mike, who is all that is charming and seems like a great guy, refuses to give the information to Sam, he wonders what’s so wrong with letting him stick around. Until the Devil shows him exactly the kind of destruction Mike leaves behind. Trailing Mike, Sam, Sock, and Andi discover that it’s Gladys who is helping him. Long story short: Mike stabs Gladys, the guys try to bury her only to find out she’s alive and then the Devil shows up and Gladys’ has earned herself a one-ticket back to hell Tremors-style. Based on information from Gladys, the gang tracks Mike to a wedding and Sam finally captures him for good. When the Devil says he doesn’t know how he can thank Sam this time, Sam says he could let Gladys go. The Devil doesn’t seem to be all that willing at first but Sam’s “please” softens him and Gladys reappears. Meanwhile, Ben’s marriage has gone downhill fast. INS is on to them and the investigator lets them know he’s going to have Sarah deported and Ben thrown in jail. Sarah tells Ben that the investigator will take a bribe of $4000 but then she runs away with the $2000 he gives her and he’s left to face their trial alone. But that’s not all! There’s also something afoot with Tony. He’s got his lawyer friend, Kenneth, looking at Sam’s contract and they note that every page that refers to the identity of Sam’s father has been torn out. Because the Devil seems to favor Sam so much, they suspect he’s his father. Especially when they see the Devil return Gladys just because Sam asked. Uh oh, this can’t be good for Sam… - R

Work Out, 3×05: “No Pain, No Gain” **
Jackie forces Deenie to pick up the pace on WORK OUT.This episode was kinda snooze-worthy. After the previous week’s drama with Peeler, this was kind of anti-climatic. We did get a dinner with Peeler, Greg P, and Renessa at which Greg’s words of advice to Peeler impressed Renessa but other than that there was very little mention of Peeler. Oh! Except for the SkyLab client who had really connected with Peeler and was upset to lose him in the middle of her training. Other than that, you’d never know Peeler was gone. Not that I really blame the trainers. Who’s going to let themselves get caught on film bitching about their boss firing someone else? No one who has half a brain in their head, that’s for sure. The entire episode was pretty much about Jackie taking the SkyLab folks on a weekend away in Northern California. We quickly see that no one’s got much patience for Deenie and her million excuses. When one of the SkyLab guys confronts her, she threatens to leave but let’s them talk her out of it. Meanwhile, Renessa tells Rebecca that she’s got a bit of a crush on Greg P. and Rebecca tries to play cupid. Oh and now that Peeler’s out of the picture, Jackie bumps JD up to trainer status.
- R

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